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Fog by George Parlor Music slide show of unique approaching fog banks like I’ve never seen in the twenty years of working offshore. While no amount of pictures can take the place of witnessing this phenomenon in person, I hope you get a glimpse of the awe and wonder we felt beholding God’s beauty in […]

Let Hope Arise

Let Hope Arise By Tiffany Ann Lewis of Dancing With The Flame Ministries To all of you who are barely holding on, we pray that you are touched by the Spirit of God as He stirs deep within you in order to “let Hope arise.” Amen.

Dare To Dream, Dare To Walk In The Visions Of Your Heart – Part Two

Beloved, each person is fashioned with an ability to dream and create and you are no exception. Each person is fashioned for and fit for good purpose and good works. To prove it, you have been given the Holy Spirit as a guarantee. He will lead you, guide you and bring you into all revelation and truth. Holy Spirit will stir up the thoughts and desires of My heart already in you. For you do contain the thoughts and intents of My heart.

There is no difference between you or any other individually unique person who has done both the great and the small. I say small because men often grade on a scale I never use. I look at your heart and when it is obedient to do as it is prompted a smile can be as grand…as great as the building of Solomon’s temple. I know it is hard to grasp, but never the less, it is true.

Power Of God

Power Of God Art by Angela Gill 8.5 X 11 on 110lb. Acid Free Matte Finish Paper Cost:  $17.00 Includes shipping Please add 8.25% tax in Texas  

Dare To Dream – Dare To Walk In The Visions Of Your Heart, Part One

Beloved, dreams are often birthed in the darkest of hours or times of intimacy often unseen by others. Therefore, be encouraged this day. Put your ears to My heart and listen to what my Spirit is saying. Do not give up when pressure exerts itself against you. Do not give in to the tactics, lies and deceitful persuasions of the enemy. Be of good courage and dream with an understanding that I am with you to fulfill the visions of your heart.

More Than a Conqueror, Part One

The time has come for you to walk on water. You are My water walker and this is what you must meditate on above all you see, feel or hear from any other source. Hear Me, believe Me, and proclaim only what I say and your crack in the sky shall become an open heaven.

Father Abraham Meditations By Apostle John Dean

Abraham’s biggest asset was that he had a heart that was willing to serve God unconditionally. Because of his obedience, he will not only be remembered as a covenant friend of God, but also as a father of nations. The fact that Abraham carried the title of “father of nations” doesn’t necessarily mean that he also carried the tile of “Father of the Year,” particularly in regards to his own son?

My Significant One

Majestic mountains declare My strength while the sounds of waterfalls demonstrate the power of My singing heart as they echo My voice through the atmosphere. Yes, Beloved, I have a singing heart and it sings over you many songs of the ages. My heart sings songs of ancient days when you existed in the depths of My eternal heart waiting to manifest in the natural. I have carried you forever and ever in the depths of My being in a cradle of love and anticipation. Not only have I carried you in my heart, but I have loved you always from the beginning of all that has ever been or ever will be.

The Lion Judah And The Fresh Bread Of Heaven

I am the Lion of Judah and I am inviting you to ride with Me…for only in riding with Me will you be safe. There are many things ahead you cannot see or even begin to contemplate. There are caves and open fields. There are deserts and lush gardens. All landscapes…all circumstances, regardless of how lush or barren they may be have predators that look for unattended ones to come by their way.

Ants In My Coffee

The flecks in my cup looked like ants; therefore, they must be ants. In fact, I almost poured the cream out before I decided to take a closer look. If I had done so, I would have wasted some good cream and delayed my first drink (which is always the best) by having to start the process one more time.