Father Abraham Meditations By Apostle John Dean

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For though you have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for I have begotten you in Christ Jesus through the gospel. 1 Cor 4:15

It has been said that no one in the bible depicts the role of a father more than Abraham. However, as we examine that principle more closely we discover that it isn’t Abraham who deserves the father credit, but God himself.

Abraham’s biggest asset was that he had a heart that was willing to serve God unconditionally. Because of his obedience, he will not only be remembered as a covenant friend of God, but also as a father of nations. The fact that Abraham carried the title of “father of nations” doesn’t necessarily mean that he also carried the tile of “Father of the Year,” particularly in regards to his own son?

Let’s examine the history of Abraham in order to discover some of the father pearls he’s known for.

The first obvious father pearl we discover is Abram’s faith. He had enough faith in God to leave his own country, home, family and friends in order to follow God unconditionally.

In spite of the flaws in Abram’s life, God saw a father potential in him that could be used as an example to all nations. After all, faith is the foundation for everything spiritual.

The second obvious father pearl is unselfishness. Abraham was willing to give the best available land to his nephew Lot because of his love for Lot. Unselfishness has to be one of the major qualifications for being a spiritual father. Mankind was born selfish and in all likelihood will die selfish unless redeemed by God.

The third obvious father pearl is that Abraham was a protector. Even when Lot was in trouble, Abraham was willing to risk his own life and people in order to rescue Lot.

Abraham met all the requirements important to God for fathering. These requirements must also be met by every man today who aspires to be a good father example.

· Abraham was an example of faith.

· Abraham was unselfish.

· Abraham was a protector.

Meeting the qualifications of faith along with giving and protecting…no doubt made Abraham a candidate for father of the year. Meeting those same qualifications will also make you a candidate for father of the year as well.


Thank you for choosing me to be a father example to those who follow me as those who followed Abraham. Help me to leave a legacy of faith, giving and protection that will encourage others to also want to be a father example to their generation.


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