OLD ORDER/NEW ORDER Meditations By Apostle John Dean

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Love the LORD, all you his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride. Psalm 31:23 ESV

Several years ago the term old order became popular among the up and coming ‚Äėstars‚Äô of the kingdom. If someone wanted to do things the way they had done them in the past they were considered to be old order. Even though no one really said it, everybody knew that the old order people should be put into a spiritual nursing home for their own safety. Otherwise, they could get run over by the new order people.

The term new order usually meant those who were much younger and less likely to get out of line with what God is doing today. They also preached a fiery coming-out sort of message. Their hair was a bit longer, their cars were more expensive and the words that poured from their mouths were smoother than fresh churned butter.

In many cases the thought of them actually praying for the needs of people hinged on being absurd. That was a job for the old order people and certainly not for the set men of the new wave.

Whether those allegations were completely true is not the issue. The fact is there are many of the past generation who served God faithfully for years who now feel unequipped to minister effectively along side the new powerful ‚Äúgenerals‚ÄĚ of today?

After all how can singing hymns that are hundreds of years old compare with singing choruses that are only a few hours old. How can meeting in a red brick building with a steeple on top compare with the excitement of meeting in the local shopping center? How can dressing up to go to church and wearing a suit and tie compare with dressing down and wearing shorts and sandals

Regardless of how abrupt it may feel this present move is of God. There is always a cost when changing the guard and it must be paid for the sake of the kingdom.

One generation is not preferred over the other. As a matter of fact we should seek out the faithful leaders of the past and incorporate them into what God is doing today. This present generation has a desperate need for fathers which can only be filled with what is commonly known as the old order.

In my opinion the thought of a wise man of God retiring and for all practical purposes being put in a spiritual nursing home is deplorable.

Perhaps we need to empty those spiritual nursing homes and start digging for the treasures of revelation that can only be found in the generals of the past.


Help me to see the value in those who are ahead of me as well as those who are following me. My desire Lord is to be a perpetual learner. I also desire to be a spiritual depository for others to make withdrawals from the wisdom you have deposited in my life.


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