The Shedding, Lessons From A Snake by Kathy Schorpp

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During some time of personal contemplation I was asking the Lord what He was doing with me right at the very moment. I was interested in the here and now. To my surprise, He gave me a vision of a snake shedding its skin and told me to look the process up on the Internet. So, I did and found some very interesting correlation between the habits of snakes and how that coincides with the Christian walk.

The word shedding means growth. For example, sometimes when we go through times of shedding, our old thought patterns or struggles to surrender our will can take place. When that happens, that is part of growth. We let go of old ways and make way for the new to emerge.

Snakes shed from four to eight times a year. They are in a continual state of growth … a continual state of letting go and becoming new. As Christians, we at the very least go through as many processes of shedding as a snake. At least it feels like it anyway.


The frequency of shedding depends on many factors, such as:

  • How often it feeds correlates with how often we read the Word, listen to teachings, spend time in prayer and quality time with our Father.
  • How much it feeds also correlates to how much time we spend reading, listening, praying and spending time with our Father.
  • The activity level of a snake compares with how much time we are involved with the body of Christ.

These three factors help us shed the unwanted things in our lives. So, do them often, much and with a high level of activity.

Another interesting tidbit I found out is that young snakes shed more than older ones. Newer Christians have (in theory) more areas of their old life to remove in order to make way for their new life in Christ. Older believers, since (in theory) they have been walking with God longer should have all this pretty much dealt with.

Snakes scrape across things like rocks and tree bark to help peel off the irritating film of unshed skin. Likewise, we are assisted by situations, such as conflicts, pride and ego issues in order to let go of our old ways to hold new wine.

During the shedding process a snake’s vision is impaired and a milky film covers their eyes. I know when I, like the snake, have gone through one of these encounters, one of my personal times of shedding I don’t see too clearly. I miss insights and truths. Many times I miss what God wants me to see. This is where faith in God’s love, mercy, grace and goodness comes in.

In the process of shedding, the snake’s behavior becomes quite aggressive and unpredictable. Can anyone relate to this? I can, when confronted with a part of me I don’t want to easily give up and is in need of being removed.

When the snake has completed its shedding, it consumes large amounts of water. When we have passed through our own time of changing and rearranging, we also can feel the urge to seek water … living water. We want to be refreshed and renewed with His Word.

I know most of us have a very dim view of snakes, which originates from the Garden of Eden. However, there is something to be learned from all God’s creatures, the snake included. I am grateful, for God has shown me in a unique way how snakes and people both know what transition feels like. As for me, I embrace the lesson of the snake and choose to see the shedding of old ways as a gift of growth.

About Kathy Schorpp

Kathy Schorpp lives in Davenport, Iowa with her husband, Doug, who is a reporter for a local newspaper. She has three grown daughters and one granddaughter.

Kathy has known the Lord since 1983. She has been involved in a number of ministries, including prayer and deliverance. She has led a group called Inspired Women made up of women from various churches in the area.

Kathy’s vision is to see women fully trained in the destiny God has planned for them. She also has a passion to see people come to know who they are in Christ and to understand how much their heavenly Father loves them unconditionally.

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