My Significant One

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Considering the Worlds My Hands Have Made

Beloved, most loved and precious treasure of Mine, there is nothing in all of creation seen or unseen having the ability to compare to you in My eyes (2 Corinthians 4:7). When I consider all the worlds My hands have made they do not in any way or fashion compare to the beauty of who you are (Jeremiah 10:12). Even the exotic realms of the earth and beyond were created to delight the eye with pleasure and to invoke praise to flow from your heart like a sonnet of many colors.

Majestic mountains declare My strength while the sounds of waterfalls demonstrate the power of My singing heart as they echo My voice through the atmosphere. Yes, Beloved, I have a singing heart and it sings over you many songs of the ages. My heart sings songs of ancient days when you existed in the depths of My eternal heart waiting to manifest in the natural.  I have carried you forever and ever in the depths of My being in a cradle of love and anticipation. Not only have I carried you in my heart, but I have loved you always from the beginning of all that has ever been or ever will be. I hovered upon the very conceptions of your being with a heart of anticipation over the things I called you to do, things I called you to be.  I hovered with delight upon the joys you would experience and smiled before you ever knew to experience joy, before you ever knew how significant you would be to Me.

Your birth was of momentous importance to Me in every respect. To see you in the natural—to see you in the flesh was an exhilaration of pure pleasure My heart could hardly contain. Yes, to see a piece of My heart and all its potential born in the flesh, with all its promises of communion and relationship, filled Me to such overflowing all the angels of Heaven rejoiced.

Not only did I always feel this way about you. I still do. You captured My heart then and you capture it now. You are truly My beloved and I am opening up the depths of the ancient places in My heart to show you the ponderings of love stored within. This day I am wooing you with My great love. Let it flow over you, Beloved, and be renewed in relationship with Me.

You Are a Significant Representation of My Heart

Though life sometimes seems so very far from the many declarations of love which flow from My heart, I want you to know I still feel the same—still feel the same as I did from the beginning of all time. Nothing has changed and it never will. What you have done or failed to do matters not in reference to My great love for you. You are still the same joy of My heart and always will be. Though circumstances of suffering and travail may have afflicted your soul causing you to act in ways grievous to your heart, I am still very much in love with you.

Though the enemy of your soul has lied in various ways about how I may or may not feel about you, I still love you as much as I loved you from the very conception of your being with My essence. Beloved you are part of My essence—My core and I so want you to have a revelation of this truth. No one ever created or ever to be created can have your unmatched, unique place of significance. You are truly a one of a kind intricately formed representation of Me. To put it simply; you are a visible representation of a piece of My heart never to be expressed ever again by anyone or anything (Romans 8:29).  

Beloved, My relationship with you will be like no one else’s. I don’t want you to look at the relationship others have with Me and feel you have to emulate theirs in order to be where you need to be with Me. Remember I made you uniquely and how we commune will be distinctive in every way. Yes, the principals of relationship taught in My Word are true to all My beloved ones and yet they will be expressed in varied ways.

Principals are always worth following but the methods in which they are carried out are as varied as the creations of My heart. Many of My beloved ones have not had good examples of love and relationship and must at times observe others to learn. If you struggle, there is nothing wrong with observing others, learning from others. At times it is OK to emulate until you quite naturally fall into your own way of being with Me.

Today is the day to experience all I have said about you in a real and tangible way. A beautiful pattern or method of relating with Me is unfolding before your very eyes, before your heart today. Come up higher, Beloved. Come up to the place of faith where I am

You are a Vital Piece of the Puzzle

Like a well formed puzzle piece, I have designed and planned you to fit with Me perfectly.  There is a niche in My heart you are meant to fit within—meant to connect to.  You are an intricate and much needed part of the puzzle of eternity—the completion of the puzzle of the Kingdom. Have you ever seen a puzzle with one piece missing? Many aspects of the revealed picture are clear but the one missing piece keeps it from being complete and the eye is drawn toward the hole—the missing piece.

As a visible manifestation of My affections and love, you are a piece necessary to the completion and fulfillment of My heart, My Kingdom in the earth. No one else will ever be able to fill your place, your slot, so to speak. Imagine a heart puzzle filled with millions of pieces and one might think that one tiny piece might not be such a big deal. After all, how could one notice such a tiny piece in such a large sea of pieces? This would be an earthly way of looking at things, not a heavenly perspective. There is always collateral damage, if I can use that term without sounding hard.

If your piece is not in communion and relationship with Me there are other pieces that will not have the opportunity to be affected by the reflective beauty of our union (1 Corinthians 12:12). All joined or knit together for one common purpose working properly causes all to grow in maturity and love (Ephesians 4:16).

  Therefore; it behooves Me to go to great lengths in order to bring about the revelation of My great love for you within the depths of your being—to set you free from any issues, factors, or misconceptions about who and what I have called you to be and do.

Therefore, I am smoothing out the edges to make you fit with ease into the niche prepared for you and you alone. Beloved, it is imperative that I set you completely free to love and be loved— to enable you to do without doing.  All flows from this place of intimacy—Selah

I Set Before You an Open Gate

I have set before you this day an open gate into an enclosed garden (Isaiah 58:11). Its walls are strong and sturdy having heights unable to be scaled by outside forces. Its gate, like intricately wrought iron work, is inscribed with My Word of Truth. The land where you stand is barren compared to what awaits you inside the gate—compared to what awaits you inside My heart. The threshold is a thin line called choice and I am at the door. I am the door, swung wide open before you.

Choice is a thin line, yet it runs deep and has two voices—the voice of Egypt and the voice of promise. The voice of Egypt often speaks louder than the promise and demands you reconsider crossing the line. It often tells you how many times you have crossed this way before—how many times you have longed for the food of Egypt.

 The promise declares My goodness and mercy. It reaches out with My shepherd heart and woos you—pulls you in with the crook of My shepherd’s staff. It pulls you into the enclosed garden of My heart where I guard and protect you in the presence of your enemies (Psalms 23). There is no barren land in me. Even though you might stand in presence of the enemy in a desolate place, My table—My garden is a place of revealed beauty able to be experienced with joy born from the smiles of My heart over you while you were yet nestled in the core of my essence. 

Therefore, don’t focus on what you might lose or what you feel cannot be overcome. You see, when you step across the line, you step into Me. In Me, there are rivers running deeper than the threshold you crossed, deeper than things you let go of to embrace the many true affections of My heart and its song over you.

It is in Me where songs of deliverance enclose you within the embrace of My arms. It is in Me where waters flow from My heart to any parched lands and desolations of the past or present. Deep to deep shall My waters flow within the enclosed garden of My heart.—You.

I Am the Lifter of Your Head

As you stand in Me, consumed by Me, our union will radiate out a song which encircles us. This song, formed by communion, will be released into the atmosphere and charge it with life giving essence which has power to change. All the while you will be so captivated by Me that there I will have to draw your eyes to what was once barren ground.

There will soon come a time—a day in which I lift your head, lift your eyes to see—that you might observe the good repercussions of our union within the enclosed garden of My being. And behold, all things will have been made new while you were lost in Me (Psalms 3:2-4). You will be amazed at all you have done…all you have accomplished without a conscious realization of doing  so for there was no struggle…there was no strife. This is the beauty of living, moving and having your being in Me.

You will find to your great delight that your focus changed when you dared to cross the line of choice, when you dared to heed the Voice of Promise. The heavy yoke having disappeared while beholding Me will no longer have power to weigh you down. You can carry out vision and purpose in a relaxed state while reclining at My table.

Yes Beloved, most loved and precious treasure of Mine, there is nothing in all of creation seen or unseen having the ability to compare to you in My eyes. When I consider all the worlds My hands have made they do not in any way or fashion compare to the beauty of who you are.

You are indeed My significant one full of beauty and grace. Arise and cross the line of choice. Arise and come into Me. I am the gate. I am your enclosed Garden. Together we will come together in intimate communion. You will behold Me and I will behold you as we are encircled in living music surrounded by rainbows of promise which represent the many colors of My covenant. Arise, come into Me My significant one and I will close the gate behind you and no one will enter in for I am the door and the garden. Therefore; come.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I love You with all my heart. Your Word melts away all hardness of heart and waters me like the sweet spring rain…how lovely You are…how very lovely You are. My eyes have seen so many beautiful aspects of Your creation and marveled at their beauty. The night sky filled with the brilliance of luminous stars has caused my heart to swell with wonder and drawn my thoughts toward the majesty of who You are. What a wonder You are and yet You are captivated by me. O to imagine how You have carried me in Your heart forever…how You have hovered over me since the ancient days before I was ever a twinkle in my daddy’s eye…how You have loved me.

Sometimes life does seem to be the direct opposite of all Your declarations about who I am. Sometimes I look at circumstances and can’t seem to balance them with all You have proclaimed over my life. Therefore; I choose to take You at Your Word. I choose to confess and believe to the very core of my being that I am loved with such a great magnitude by You. Your love surrounds me with revelation and truth. I surrender the lies of the enemy and refuse to hold on to them in light of Your Word. You are the stronghold of my life and I will not fear or believe the enemy as he casts doubts about Your nature and character.

Lord, like a piece of an intricate puzzle, I am made to fit with You in a precise and necessary way. You have made me to fill a vital place in the Kingdom. Many times I have not seen this and devalued who I am and who you called me to be. I have at times been gloomy or depressed about where my life is going or what affect it is having on those around me. Cause joy to overflow the bounds of time and circumstance. You are the garden of My heart and I come into You and bask in the rivers of love flowing from Your heart. Enclose me within the deep places of Your heart, within the garden of Your heart. Amen

Lord, surround me with Your song, with Your living music. Encircle me and encompass me roundabout with songs of joy and deliverance. Let the light of our communions and intimacy be released into the atmosphere of my life and into the lives of all those I come in contact with. As I behold You my eyes will not give credence to the barren land of Egypt which seeks to have my attention, which seeks to speak louder than the promises of Your heart.

Teach me to rest in You. The struggle to do in my own flesh will dissipate in the beauty of liberty and freedom to live, to move and to have my being in You. All yokes of heaviness will disappear and I will act out of being in You. True liberty of purpose and vision is to do only what I see you doing and to say only what I hear you saying, regardless of the fear or demands of man. I am Your significant one, your garden, your object of affection and adoration—I am Your great love surrounded by rainbows of covenant. As You behold me I behold You. I come. Amen

Reflect And Journal

  1. Reflect on all the things His hand has made and take time to see yourself as He sees you—more precious than anything He has or ever will make…let this settle down in your heart in a time of meditative worship.
  2. Imagine Him hovering over you as you meditate on His beauty and use your words to come into agreement with Him about what He has said.
  3. Now, take time to listen and see what ponderings stored up in His heart since the ancient of days He wishes to share with you…write a love note to Him and listen for Him to speak to you and please write it down. What He gives you will be manna and it will be your daily bread as He continues to speak fresh revelation to in the days to come.
  4. Have you let your failings, lack of doing, circumstances or wrong self-assessments get in the way of receiving such a great outpouring of His unchangeable love in your daily life?
  5. Reflect on: You are a visible representation of a piece of My heart never to be expressed ever again by anyone or anything.  
  6. In what ways have you found yourself trying to follow someone else’s method used to walk out His principals instead of finding or adapting them according to how He made you.
  7. Take time to reflect and seek Him about the new way or method of relating to Him He wishes to reveal to you. Write down what He speaks to you.
  8. Have you looked at your life in any way and figured if your piece of the puzzle didn’t seem to fit it would be Ok because He would just use someone else?
  9. Have you been viewing your life from a heavenly or earthly perspective? Take some time to write out your earthly perspective and then find His heavenly perspective in the Word. Reject the earthly perspective and embrace the heavenly one with words and deeds.
  10. Take some time to be with Him…time to receive this great love which changes all things and makes them new. Ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you to see in order to facilitate a deeper level of intimacy with Him and write them down and do them until He says otherwise.
  11. Reflect on the voice of promise and the voice of Egypt.   Which speaks out of bareness?
  12. Which one have you been listening to?
  13. Reflect on how in Jesus, a garden can exist in the midst of desolation, in the midst of your enemies. Now take time to picture yourself in Him in the midst of your current circumstance or struggle.
  14. What things in your life wish to speak louder than the promise and remind you of past failed attempts or lies? What things have you thought you might lose in order to advance in Him?
  15. Take some time to let Him speak or sing a song of deliverance over you. Write it down for it is part of the rivers flowing from His heart.
  16. When you are in communion with Him it changes the atmosphere around you. What atmosphere do you need changed?
  17. Reflect on being in Him to the point the bareness (or barrenness?), the environment of Egypt, the circumstances are irrelevant in the light of His encompassing presence.
  18. What is the Voice of Promise Speaking to You as you reflect on these Words?
  19. Write a love note to Him about being His significant one and record His response to the words written out of the uniqueness of your heart.
  20. Reflect on Him closing the gate behind and Him being the door which all must pass through to get to you.


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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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