Safe Harbors, Uncharted Waters And The Chief Cornerstone

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And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place beside Me, and you shall stand upon the rock, (Exodus 33:21 Amplified)

And I tell you, you are Peter [Greek, Petros–a large piece of rock], and on this rock [Greek, petra–a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it]. (Matthew 16:18 Amplified)

He is like a man building a house, who dug and went down deep and laid a foundation upon the rock; and when a flood arose, the torrent broke against that house and could not shake or move it, because it had been securely built or founded on a rock. (Luke 6:48 Amplified)

[Now] we have this [hope] as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whoever steps out upon it–a hope] that reaches farther and enters into [the very certainty of the Presence] within the veil, (Hebrews 6:19 Amplified)

Storms, Anchors and Rocks

Beloved, come and live in a place where consistency is the rule of the day. Come live where constancy, steadiness, reliability and stability are the foundations for all things including spontaneity and flexibility. I am calling you on this very day to come and stand in a whole new way…to stand on a large plane…a large place….to stand on a large rock which never moves even though the rivers of life move and swirl around it…even though the rapids of this day lash against the shores of all you know to be familiar and at one time steady (2 Samuel 22:20; Exodus 33:21).

You are living in a day of uncertainty such as has never been. Therefore, it is imperative for you to find a foothold in the Rock of My being like never before. In doing so, you will move as I move…stand as I stand and not be swayed to the right or the left. After all, I have already been where you are going. Let this truth steady your heart and remember I am the one who laughs at the wicked. They think they will prevail or get by with what they do. Not so!

In Me nothing changes or stays the same. Pause and think about what this really means when it comes to the storms and challenges of life. I am your safe harbor of consistent hope and endless love. Invite Me into the deepest parts of you and I will anchor you to a place where all things work together for good. . Crawl up into the ship of My heart and let Me show you how I see things in this troubled day.

Every ship has treasure of some kind and I am no different. The ship of My heart is filled with treasure…filled with thoughts of you which are more valuable than the greatest pearl, the finest cut diamond or any other priceless treasure man could possibly find or conceive of. After all, I made them all and placed them in the earth to beautify it as a habitation for you. Treasures for My treasured one; you.

So, as we traverse the seas of life in a time of trouble and turmoil do not focus on the evil at hand or possible evil to come. Rest and be anchored in the Rock of My heart…an anchor which cannot slip (Matthew 16:18; Luke 6:48). Focus on Me and you will stay afloat.

Beloved, do not be distressed by any capsizing boats you see in the world around you and enter into fear. Know this,all boats of worry such as, hopelessness, not enough, sickness and so on need to capsize and make way for the release of truth…to make way for the My manifest power which destroys the works of the evil one. Embrace the truth for I am your provision. I am your supply which never runs dry.

When all things are depleted I simply create…I make a way where there is no way. How I want you to grasp and understand the fullness of all I am. So, take MY hand. Close your eyes and by faith see yourself taking My hand. See yourself climbing high on the Rock and being elevated above the storm to a place where you can forever remain. Come up here with Me and be anchored forever more.

Lockets, Love And A Ravished Heart

Beloved, it is most imperative in this day and hour to have a greater focus on Me and the ship of your life will stay afloat. This is no time to hide away in some lower cabin…the ship of life. You are no deckhand…no lower class passenger.

You are My favorite one whom I call a king and priest (Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10). Since when have you ever seen a king or priest riding in the bottom holds of a ship unless they are held captive. Don’t ever think you are a captive. You are an overcomer…one who overcomes evil and with good (Romans 12:21). I have made it so (John 16:33). All you have to do is get in agreement with Me and come up higher.

Therefore, today I am calling you to come to the wheel house of the ship and sit with Me. I want to show you how much I love you and how I adorn Myself with you. Adorn Myself…yes adorn myself!

You are My radiant, stunning one and I adorn myself with you just like one who wears a locket around their neck containing a picture of the one they love in it so as to always be in remembrance…to always have their loved one’s face before them. You are My royal diadem (Isaiah 62:3). Your captivated heart adorns Me, bejewels Me, and I am honored to wear your heart of love in order to show the world you are My favorite one.

Therefore, rest in My steadfast, ravished heart of love for you. I have given you everything; I have given you Myself which in turn gives you all I have. I am steady…steadfast…immovable; yet, I am ever moving…ever moving on your behalf…ever pursuing you…ever calling you to come up higher and assume the position I have given you through My life, death and resurrection. Come up and look at how I have adorned Myself with your beauty and how I long to adorn the lives of others with what I have put in you.

Mirrors, Reflections Diamond Rings And Transforming Light

Beloved, In this day…in this hour and all hours to come, I cannot hold My love back from you. I must display how much I love you to others. I do this best when you let the reflection of My love for you shine like light bouncing off a mirror held up to the sun. Yes, once you sat in darkness but now the Light has dawned in your heart and is ready to shine forth in new and profound ways (Matthew 4:16).

Reflections of every facet of who I am in you bounce out in rays of spiritual light to transform all darkness, first in your own life, as you are bathed in My light. With each transformation of your own soul, reflections of who I am in you travel in waves of anointing to those around you. A constant stream of transforming light is the result of looking into the mirror of My Word…from coming up higher to see what I see and by believing you are a royal diadem in My hand.

You see, your success and your honor of others is a reflection of My love and honor of you. I pour into you and you pour into others the very reflection of My ravished heart. Therefore, keep looking in the mirror of My heart…in the mirror of My Word for it is truly who you are.

Beloved, come and see. Come, see and reject all other reflections created by the words of men, your own words or the accusations of the enemy. There are many reflections at any given time which would desire to call you rejected, abandoned, not cared for, unloved, not good enough, not smart enough, not equipped enough, not wealthy enough, or simply lacking what it takes to get the job done just to mention a few. They are insidious lies that often hide in not so obvious ways but have at their root; fear.

Remember, perfect love cast out all fear which does not belong. Fear cannot exist in the wheel house of My heart…cannot exist in the Rock of My habitation. Choose the truth…mirror the truth and the light of My presence will dismantle and destroy all wrong reflections. When you do this, there is more of Me and less of the soulish you…the fleshy you. I don’t want there to be less of the personality and gifted person I created. I don’t want there to be less of the true you who has embraced and mirrored the Truth. If I didn’t want to see your personality reflect My beauty and life in a unique way I would have made all people the same. Ice cream is ice cream regardless of how many flavors it might be made in. How I love all the different flavors, including yours. You are, after all, My favorite oneJ.

Therefore, discard all fleshy ways born of unforgiveness, wrong teaching, wrong words, and wrong confessions. Why? Because, you are the fairest of ten-thousand to Me. Indeed you are the fairest and so much more.

Beloved, I see you like a new bride would see the diamond on her finger as she marvels in how it reflects the sun. Every beam of reflected light represents to her the beauty of love…represents to her the beating of her heart song as it contemplates and anticipates a lifetime of hopes, dreams and shared intimacy with the one who loves her. Her ring is like a mirror just as My Word is a mirror to look in and see who you really are. Come look long…look deep and see until all you hear, see, know and feel about yourself lines up with the Truth and is transformed by the Light.

Uncharted Waters Of Freedom Await You

Beloved, the increased knowledge and wisdom in the world today has not accomplished all it promised. Instead, the entire world has espoused an ungodly philosophy about beauty and worth according to its own depraved standards. This has created false assumptions about what true value and loveliness really are. If I were to declare beauty as being white the world would say it is black. If I were to say all beauty is black the world would say it is white.

The world is always in direct opposition to the truth and has tried from the day you were conceived to convince you otherwise using ungodly actions and words of others. And when you were old enough to comprehend, the enemy accused you and fed you lies based on your negative experiences until you began to agree with him according to the negative thoughts not taken captive to the Truth ( 2 Corinthians 10:5)

However, I say enough is enough. Time is up and I am serving an eviction notice to the enemy of your soul…to the enemy of all that is good and true in your life. No ball and chain are going to keep you held down in the rapids of life in any area be it large or small. And, don’t forget the small things. Like a gnat on a summer day, they can cause much discomfort, enough to make you unkind or distract you and keep you from standing on the Rock and receiving the best I have to offer.

I am breaking you free from all anchors to anything keeping you in the old places where the tendency is to forsake grace and mercy in lieu of self-condemnation. I am indeed anchoring you in previously uncharted waters of freedom and new hope. I am giving you permission to explore to your heart’s content and to do so with grace…to do so with an expectation of mercy as you experience new areas of growth and lands unknown…as you move outside your comfort zone. Won’t you agree?

Beloved, you are free to explore without the fear of condemnation for you are hidden in Me (Romans 8:1). Come be a pioneer and discover lands as the unmoving Rock of My heart takes you on a journey; yet, keeps you safe and secure in My immovable love. After all, you are already perfect in Me.

As you discover new lands and freedom, totally impervious to the storms of life around you, you will become one who is like Joseph. Joseph lost coats along the way but in the end he became a coat and covered a nation. It is the same with you in your measure of rule…in your sphere of influence. All disadvantage, lies and deceits of man have no place in your new measure of rule for you will be My provision to many. Many who have not honored you will do so as they see your forgiving spirit and kind heart which are true reflections of My glory. Arise and shine. Let others see who you really are—My favorite, beautiful, one full of the greatest treasure of all time; Me.

Choosing to Forget The Past One Act At A Time

Beloved, as you explore uncharted waters and pioneer in new areas out of your comfort zone, don’t look back to old ways of thinking and doing. Don’t be tempted to get into boats founded out of fear for they are destined to capsize in the unrelenting rapids of life.

I know there have been good times and moments in the past when you thought you had turned the corner in reference to specific concerns in your life only to find yourself in the same old quagmire…to find yourself back in the land of the unchanged.

When you find yourself in an old place condemnation comes and causes you to not see any progress you might have made. Not only does the enemy want you condemned, he doesn’t want you to acknowledge any progress either. This might help create a grateful heart and he can’t have that.

Therefore, be very aware and don’t make mountains out of mole hills. Besides, the way back is quick and easy. It is called receiving forgiveness and remembering My mercy triumphs over judgment. Holding on to any past thing in lieu of moving forward keeps you in a narrow place full of sinking sand and not on the Rock. Remember, I am unchanging but ever moving. I am the Rock. I am the chief Cornerstone, and if you trust in Me…believe in Me, you will never be disappointed (1 Peter 2:5-7).

It will help you to remember that there are many acts in a play and your life is not a one act play. I have given you the Script and I am the author of every syllable. I wrote the Script and fulfilled the covenant on which it stands. Just as I wrote the Script I have also written one for your life. I will change what needs to be changed and nothing above or below can stop Me.

Beloved, there are more acts to come, so don’t leave the play by walking in doubt and unbelief regardless of what scene is taking place in front of you. Leave the past behind where it belongs, and, don’t leave the play before the curtain opens on the next scene (Philippians 3:11-14). No matter how many scenes you have sat through, there is always hope because of Me. I always have the last word. All actors, set hands, chorographers, and such will bow their knee and submit to Me.

Come into agreement with Me and you will indeed see as I see. Come up high on the Rock and look from a heavenly high place perspective. Resist passivity and dare to go beyond where you have journeyed before. Embraced uncharted waters of freedom, Rocks of provision, and reflections of glory for you are a precious jewel…a royal diadem…a cherished treasure and one I love to adorn Myself with.


Lord, help me to remember Your an unchanging God who is faithful and consistent in everything You do. There is a purpose and plan for my life which has been specially designed by You for me as a gift. Please forgive me when I lack confidence in my everyday life and loose site of the things You have already given me in lieu of my own negative ways of thinking or doing. You are the only one that I should have confidence in or rely on.

Help me to remember Your hand is always on me in the good times as well as in the bad. Your Word says what the enemy has meant for evil You will turn around for my good! Be ever so diligent to remind me that You are my hiding place, a shelter in the storms of life

Lord, You are my rock, my shelter, protector, and my ever present help in time of trouble. Forgive me when I don’t come to you immediately when situations occur. I’m sorry that sometimes I go to my friends looking for answers and help even though I know You are the only one who can take care of any and all things which comes my way. Bring to remembrance all the times You have been right beside me in every storm. The storms of life come to strengthen me and cause me to stand strong and stable. I bind any and all fear from the unknown and release myself to walk in faith.

Let Your Word be rooted deep within my heart so that I will have confidence in You and not myself or the world. I pray for my heart to grow in passion as I seek You on a moment by moment basis. Fill my very being with Your love, grace, and the confidence of Your Word flowing in and through my life.

Lord it is my desire to constantly seek you! Come and stir up a passion and urgency in my heart to stay close to You all through each and every moment until my whole life is surrendered to You. Let me not forget who I am in You according to all You have already established through Your death and resurrection. When I walk in the truth, the enemy can’t take away my identity unless I submit to his captivity by believing a lie. I choose to submit to God…resist the devil and the devil will flee.

Christ within me has made me an overcomer. I am part of a royal priesthood. I am a child of God whose name is inscribed in His hand

Lord, thank you for your love and taking care of my every need. You have made my life a testimony to others as you demonstrate your love in my life by the way You take care of me no matter what my situation may be. I desire for Your love to shine forth through the peace and joy that you’ve placed in my life.

Help me to remember how You have been closer than a brother even when I did not realize it. My needs are truly met in You. The desires of my heart are fulfilled in You. I declare Your greatness in my life as You overflow out of me like an underground spring. I cling to the beauty of Your name for you are loving, merciful and kind. I am grateful for Your Word, for it lives and breathes life into me every time I partake.

Lord, remind me that all reflections I perceive about myself are not the truth. The enemy wants me to see myself according to his definition, distorting the real me like a “house of mirrors” in a carnival. I choose to believe the Word, and in the process, will act like the Word. I choose to believe I am found in You and that You and You alone are the definer of who I am. Your Word states who and what I am.

May my daily walk reveal the truth of who I am in You with each passing moment. Help me to not be fearful of what I think I see about myself and fall into unbelief. Help me to see myself and others through Your eyes. Remind me that true beauty flows from the inside out. Regardless of what the enemy has tried to persuade me of I choose to rejoice for Your love and grace that covers me inside and out.

Lord, the world is and always has been filled with lies and deception aimed at belittling and destroying the truth in the heart of believers…in my heart. Adam and Eve were deceived about who they really were to You. They believe for some reason You had withheld something from them which would cause them to know more. This is the philosophy of the world…the lie of the enemy. Everything You call true the enemy calls a lie and vice versa.

I can remember how the enemy took even good things when I was growing up and perverted them until my perceptions became truth to me. I agree with you and declare enough is enough. It is time for me to walk in fullness as I eat from the tree of life and not the knowledge of good and evil. I agree with You and declare the enemy of my soul and all good things promised to me is evicted from my life in profound ways both big and small.

I am breaking free from all anchors, lies and negative thinking…all anxiety or fear of things to come. I break free from those irritating gnats of doubt and unbelief which try and infiltrate my thinking. I will not be distracted from my purpose by accusations of the enemy or from my own self. I am breaking free today from all anchors tied to old places birthed out of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I reject the lie and anchor myself to the truth…to the Rock who never moves or shifts. I release myself to explore the depths of God’s love and marvelous plan for my life. I will not limit His plan or work to my current situation or abilities. He is more than enough for in Him I am strong. I rise and stand on a large, even plane where the deceits and words of man have no power. I arise to shine for I am the Lord’s favorite one. I am His greatest treasure of all time.

Lord, I am so excited to explore the destiny and purpose of my life…to pioneer through uncharted waters already laid out for me. I choose to dismiss any boat of fear which passes near my heart and encourages me to believe in a lie. I abandon fear at all cost. Many times I have been on the right track only to be derailed by some circumstance of life. The beautiful thing about that is how You worked even those to my good, making me strong and resilient for this day and time.

Therefore Lord, I declare myself to be one who does not get bound up in self-criticism or condemnation. You have set me free and I am free indeed. I choose to walk according to the truth and will not allow the enemy to have my grateful heart. My life is more than a one act play and will continue to unfold one scene at a time with You as the Master Script Writer of the play called; My Life. I will not walk out. I will not give up. The best is yet to come for the Lord always has the last Word and my life is no exception.

Lord, I come up high on the Rock and choose to look at all things from heavenly places where I am seated in You. I embrace change and the uncharted waters of my destiny as it unfolds one moment at a t time. I am truly Your royal diadem, Your favorite one, Your cherished treasure and most of all; I am a reflection of your glory by which the world will know of Your great freedom, love and power. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. Have you taken a step back from your life to remember who truly is in control?

2. Do you have scriptures for your storm, for your fears, for your successes in order to have courage or stay humble? There is always a word of encouragement from God written in His Word.

3. Do you daily invite God into your life to abide with Him in good and bad times?

4. Contemplate the ship of the Lord’s heart being full of treasure for you. When the natural treasures of life are depleted He can simply create what you need. Pause awhile and think on this. Take His hand and dare to go where no man has gone before. Sail into whole new territory and see what the Lord can and will do.

5. What in your life has become a distraction from the truth of who you are in Christ and what He is capable of doing for and in you regardless of what is happening around you personally, politically, environmentally and so on?

6. Do think the King of Kings is confined to some bottom hold in the ship of your life. Only if you put Him there by not accepting all He has done or will do. He is not captive to anyone or anything but His Word which is always true. Get into agreement with His Word for your life and come up higher where He already is.

7. Imagine the Lord adoring Himself with the beauty of your life as you fulfill His purposes in and through you. Contemplate being His royal diadem…His treasure…His great love.

8. Reflect on the Lord pursuing you even when you are not where you should be? What do you think compels this endless pursuit?

9. Can you see God’s love working in your life? Take a moment and reflect on the things God has done for you in your life. Write them down…the specific things which have meant the most to you…even the little things. Doing this will build faith for the next round.

10. What are the most profound ways in which your eyes have been opened since meeting Christ? Where there is light the darkness must flee.

11. Has God revealed to you who you really are in Him? Write out in your own words about who you are in Christ.

12. Have you seen other lives transformed by seeing God’s glory and grace flowing from your own life?

13. When you’ve been worshiping and relating with God has anyone ever told you that you glowed with such joy and beauty?

14. Have you accepted the negative things said about you by relatives or friends? If so, now is the time to let them go…to break agreement and receive the truth.

15. Have you accepted what God has said about you? Since He cannot tell lies shouldn’t we accept His words to us as truth which supersedes all other negative voices?

16. Where and in what ways have you bought into the ways of the world? Do you look at the current economic or political circumstance and speak what you see. Or do you speak what the Word says? Do you believe the Lord is sovereign in all that is happening, fully capable of taking care of you?

17. Ask Holy Spirit to show you one lie you believed from your past…all the way back, maybe from childhood that influences any tendency you have to walk in doubt and unbelief today as you observe your life and the world around you? Once you have discovered this, find the truth, renounce the lie and repent for aligning yourself with it, then replace it with the truth you discovered. Do this until it becomes engrained in your belief system.

18. Lies from the past tend to make us become critical of others and ourselves. Where have you been self-accusatory or self-condemning in any way? Repentance is your friend and breaks the back of the enemy. Be quick to repent, not necessarily from what you might most commonly relate to as sin, but from anxious or fearful thoughts, vain imaginations about what might be or not be, attitudes and other little foxes that like to slip in unnoticed and irritate you like a gnat on a summer afternoon. Take some time to ask Holy Spirit, once again, to examine your heart.

19. What does it mean to you personally to be anchored in the waters of freedom and have a carte blanche invitation to explore the depths of God with great liberty?

20. Have you been like Joseph and lost a few coats along the way? Look how it turned out for him and rejoice. You are loved just the same. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you anyone you have forgotten who has taken a coat away from you for one reason or another? Forgive them and release them. Who knows if one day you will be the hand that feeds them?

21. What does it mean to you to be the Lord’s favorite one who adorns Him?

22. What do you do when the Lord calls you out of your comfort zone? Do you fear or get anxious but plow on through or do you retreat out of fear of failure? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all do and we all will. So, realize this and take a hold of forgiveness in such a way that you become unstoppable and unafraid.

23. When you have made a mistake, do you negate the progress you have made? It would be kind of like a person on a diet who eats what they shouldn’t and then says, “Well, I messed up so I might as well eat what I want.” We can do this in subtle and profound ways. It is best to say, “I messed up but am starting over right this minute.” After all, the Lord does not remember your sin…your mistake…as you repent they are separated as far as East from West.

Contemplate your life being like a play with many acts all unfolding at the Masters hand. Knowing this should make you more willing to go along with the Script. Realize one bad act doesn’t determine the outcome of the play…only your choice to live in the scene does.

Take some time to meditate…see yourself standing on a high and solid rock on a tall and lofty mountain. How far can you see? How far from the danger below are you? This is on a natural plane and the view seems to be forever. Imagine coming up quite a bit higher to the Rock Himself…to the heavenly place where you have already been seated in Christ. What is your perspective now? How far is trouble in this place? It is not that you do or don’t have trouble. It is how you see it and the sovereignty of God in all things. Either He is the great I AM or He isn’t. What do you say…who do you say He is to you?

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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