The Heart Goes On

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For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9)

But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing (James 1:4 Amplified)

Slow Down And Don’t Stop Believing, I Am In Control

My child, slow down and know that I am in control. Stop hurrying around and expecting everything to be done right now!  My ways and thoughts are higher than yours (Isaiah55:7).  You may not understand for the most part why you must wait but the things…the dreams, visions and destiny I have for you are precious. Like aged wine they take time to become full bodied. Some will come to fullness before others; but, it is as it should be, for they in turn are building blocks for the next dream or vision. To not have the proper time or process will make your house like a house of cards on shifting sands. I know you do not want it to be that way. So, be patient with yourself as I am with you.

All things…all promises and all people must be allowed to go through proper process in order to be fully developed and have no handicap.  Only I know the perfect time and place for those precious things to be revealed and fulfilled!  For Me, time is never ending. I have a perfect work in progress which will bring complete fulfillment to your life. Let endurance and patience have their perfect work as I shape and mold you with utmost care (James 1:4).

Therefore, keep your focus on Me and you will be able to continue standing. After all, it is not the fulfillment of dreams and visions, though they are of great importance, that it the most important thing. Being with Me is most important above all. Communion, intimacy in relationship with Me is the ultimate fulfillment.

Beloved, it takes time. When you let Me, I will create a perfect blessing for you.  If you don’t let Me work and you try to RUSH things then my gift cannot completely develop to bless you beyond your hopes and dreams.  My child, I wish to give you everything, that’s why I am also preparing you a special room in My Father’s house!  Everything I have in Heaven is yours My child. Just seek, ask, and you shall receive!  As you do this, rest…slow down and don’t give up. Don’t stop believing for I am in control at all times. All I need or want is your cooperation. All I want is for you to believe I am good…believe you are good in My eyes and respond accordingly. Never fear, as we work together…as we co-labor together, all things will be fulfilled at just the right time.

Pray Without Ceasing, One Heartbeat At A Time

Beloved, My highest desire, above all else…above all you will ever do for Me in the natural, is to have an intimate relationship with you.  Nothing you do or can do, and I mean nothing, can ever be as important or valuable as those moments we commune and our hearts beat as one. One of those moments is worth a thousand other days to Me. If only you knew how much pleasure I have in them, you would stop all you are doing many times a day just to hear one beating of My heart. Did you know one recognized and received beat of My heart for you has the power to transform for a life time and affect all of eternity? My heart beats. You hear and respond. I act accordingly. Abundant life is released in only the few seconds it takes for a heart to beat. Let this penetrate your heart and stir your senses.

It is true everything takes time to prepare so, please do not put Me in a box of your own mindsets and religious ideas about who I am. To do so limits Me from doing all I desire to do for you.  Don’t limit what one heartbeat can do and its importance to the preparation of all things to come. Be willing to build one heartbeat at a time as you dwell in the secret place with Me.

You see, I know the desires of your heart before you even speak them, for I’ve known you before you were in your mother’s womb.  I know the prayers of your heart which long to be given a voice. I hear them beating a drumbeat within your being as they call out to be released. If all of creation groans with longing to see the sons of God be revealed…if the rocks can cry out and trees can clap their hands…how much more do you think the living Word and destiny inside of you desires to speak…to pray…to be released so you can traverse from glory to glory in this life…and the life to come.

Sometimes I know you wonder if it matters whether you pray because I know it all anyway. Though I know all your thoughts…though I know every unspoken prayer, I still love to hear you say them to Me. After all, I did ask you to pray without ceasing.

Many times in this life, others do not want to listen or they listen with half a heart. I never do. Never take your cues about Me in relation to whether others have wanted to listen or not. I am not like them. In fact, I am continually coaxing, wooing and calling to you in hopes you will share the depths of Your heart. I take such pleasure in hearing the good, the bad and the ugly. I hear all so I can answer all. Share your frustrations…tell Me when you’re angry or upset…tell Me when you feel offended or put out…express your thanksgiving and gratefulness and I will respond accordingly. This is one way of praying without ceasing. Don’t ever assume prayer is just asking or supplication. What is prayer? It is two way communications about many things and is not confined to just asking. To pray without ceasing is to share your life with Me one heartbeat at a time. (Selah, meditate or think on this).

Abundant Life, The Drumbeat Of A Communing Heart

Beloved, I have always been with you since the beginning and I will never leave you.  I know exactly how many heartbeats you will have in this life. I, for one, do not want one of them to be wasted in any way. I don’t want you to ever feel or think even one of them is not of value to Me. I cherish each one throughout and until the culmination of your life. After that, you are with Me in a whole new way.

Remember this, when your physical flesh passes away, your heart…your spirit goes on.  All those moments we spent together…all the heartbeats of communion go on and on. Therefore, feed your spirit through worship, the Word, and have communion with the body of Christ, but most of all, be with Me.

Be with Me and take dominion over all those things your flesh wants to convince you of and have you participate in with regards to how I value you. These things will not last but they do rob from the quality of life in Me, for they have no lasting value. They are liars, thieves and robbers. They will perish and have no eternal value. Sow to eternal things and forsake temporal things.

Beloved, do not be bound or limited by time and space. Time only seems limited to you because you can only comprehend what you can see.  If you continually look in the past then you will miss what I have for the now and in the future.  When death has come to the body and life is over there is a much greater life to come. The fruit born out of our communion in the secret place shall be seen.

Therefore, do not wonder about the value of your life or wonder what point it might serve. Take My Word for granted. Put My Word in the bank of your heart and expect a return on your investment…expect it to multiply. And when you are in need, make as many withdrawals as necessary. There will always be enough, for My Word grows with great interest (Colossians 1:6). The more you deposit, the more you have and life abundant will be the drum beat of everything you do. Know the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come to you with abundant life (John 10:10).

Remember this My child. I have a great reward for you in Heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy (Matthew 6:20).  I have conquered death in every arena so you may live eternally with Me now and in the ages to come. So, don’t give up at any cost!  There is still so much more I have for you.  The things you do right now are already timeless and have power that is rippling down through eternity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be ever so aware of what you are releasing. Let it be the good fruit of righteous words and deeds which flow from resting in the finished work of the Cross. Let all you do come out of relationship, not law or religion.

As you walk in a deeper intimacy with Me, the people who have known you will be touched by the relationship we have and the confidence you have in Me.  You will even touch the lives of strangers who you may never see again.  Their lives will be impacted by how you overcome in every situation as you hold on to Me with confidence in My sustaining power.  They will remember the assurance you have in Me and will believe for I am no respecter of persons. The lives I will touch through you will go on and on. Then, they in turn will go on to touch others all because you were obedient to Me…all because I abide in you and You abide in Me.

The Unending, Unchanging, Timeless Power Of The Word

Beloved, in death, whether it be physical or spiritual in nature, whether it be the death of a dream or vision…there is always an opportunity for resurrection and transformation. I have indeed conquered death in all its forms and in every arena. Therefore, you should never give up for resurrection could be just a heartbeat away.

Sometimes dreams need to go through a process, for if you tried to accomplish them according to what you see at the moment, they will have a tendency to not be fully formed. It is so important to wait and rest but all the while proceed with the clear call of the Gospel to heal the sick and set anyone who is captive free. You can do both. It is not one or the other…your dream or the call all men need to be given over to with their whole heart is Me first and foremost. The rest will follow. I was with My father first, then I was about My father’s business and He was about Mine. It is the same with you.

When you one day pass the bonds of time and are here with Me, I will show you all that I have done through you!  Never believe in any way, shape or form that your life is a waste.  Don’t ever be discouraged when you think no one sees or cares about what you do. I do and will reward you in ways yet indiscernible to you. Sometimes, people can look at your life…look at your struggles and wonder if there is any blessing your life. When they do this, many times they look for the sin…the reason that all things are not peachy keen. What they do not understand or see is the true riches you have. Your reward is in Me. All comes from Me and ends up in Me.

However, there are many who recognize you are different and precious in so many ways.  They see Me in you and the realization that you are MY Beloved One who will stay with them. When they least expect it and just when they need to be encouraged to have faith, I will bring you and all I have done for you back to their remembrance.  The faith they remember in you will be ascribed to Me and in turn they will have faith. Faith is contagious and spreads with great intensity to open and seeking hearts.

Yes, you are My child… My beloved and my glory will shine forth through you.  My glory will never leave you now or after your flesh has passed away. Stay in awareness of My presence within you every moment and time will not confine you for you have been promised an eternity with Me…and it begins afresh and anew right now. Eternity is bound up or placed in your heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Beloved, when you doubt, remember that I cannot lie and My word does not return void, for I am the same yesterday, today and for ever more.  My child, I love you so much and do not want you to in any way let time, struggles or circumstances confine your life or My blessings for you.  My word is timeless and precious and so are you.

Therefore, speak to Me. Speak My Word back to Me and remind Me of all I have promised (Isaiah 43:26).  When you do this you will see the power and blessings contained in My Word.  It is as powerful today as it was when I walked the earth It is unchanging, never-ending and timeless.

Think Outside The Box And Live

Beloved, I am the Word; therefore, the Word is alive as I am alive (John 1:1)!  Take My Word and answer the call to set things in motion by releasing it as I have told you to do. Release the logos and the rhema Word. Release them into every area of your life starting with those things which try and persuade you to believe contrary to what I say. When you hear contrary thoughts or experience negative damaging emotions not in agreement with My Word ask Me to show you the root and I will. Once I have shown you what you need to know, renounce, repent and then declare what I have said. In doing this you tear down old pathways of thinking and make new ones which make way for new actions birthed from new ways of thinking according to the Truth. Do it often and every time you experience the negative and your mind will be renewed. It takes time and persistence. Be persistent and do not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9; Hebrews 12:3; Revelation 2:3).

Be courageous and say what I say to your own doubt and unbelief. When you do you will see the very foundations of your thinking change and become launching pads to release overwhelming, overcoming and timeless victory to every needed place in your life. As a result, others will once again be affected and transformed. Nothing you do is static in any way. Everything you do whether it is the thoughts you think…the words you speak or the actions you do has the power to release life or death. Choose life and speak well…think well and do well.

Beloved, I urge you once again; do not confine Me or My Word. They say time is in a bottle. This is not a good way to see time. Consider how small the bottle might be in comparison to who I am.  Never consider your life to be like a small bottle of time thrown out into the ocean of life with just one note. Your life is not small and it contains many notes…many heartbeats. It is as big as eternity itself, for I the Eternal One, live in you. This truth changes every dynamic…changes every possibility…this changes everything. I am in You and You are in Me. Eternity is bound up in your heart…your spirit. Meditate on this and let your heart rejoice…let your heart ponder the depth of such a thing.

Reflect on this and realize your life and time is so much more.   I have an abundance to give you; but, if you relegate yourself to being like one small bottle so much will be missed by your own limited thinking. There is a saying which encourages one to think out of the box. I say, “Think and live outside the bottle of time for you are eternal!”

Beloved, you must remember that time is endless, for I have conquered death in all areas and abundant life is the new rule of the day. Will you choose abundant life?

I conquered hell, stripping it of all power and it must subject itself to the rule and authority of Heaven. Will you choose to have battles with men according to the flesh or will you believe My Word which says you do now fight against flesh and blood? Use the measure of rule I have given you against the enemy and not people. Be grace to others as I am grace to you.

I conquered the grave through submission to the Father and became the Resurrection unto to new life which I now give to all who believe. My resurrection is not just for the life to come but for this life (Philippians 3:10-11). Like Me, resurrection is timeless and ongoing. It is for every aspect of life and is not to be saved or anticipated as being just for the life to come. I died and rose again that you might have life abundant in every area. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy everything; therefore, resurrection is needed in everything. Abundant life pours forth from resurrection pure and simple.

The Heart Goes One Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, forgive me for all the times I have been in a rush in my life with the expectation of things to happen quickly. Fill me with the confidence and knowledge of Your wisdom for You always know what is best for me in every situation of my life. Help me to be patient when I don’t understand why things happen the way they do. Your Word says that Your ways and thoughts are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:7). Holy Spirit, please remind me of this Scripture when I get confused and don’t understand.

Lord, You have been since before the beginning of time and know everything that will ever happen. You are the beginning, the end and all in between. I pray for Your peace, mercy, and love in the times of my life when it seems that everything is going so fast but nothing seems to be getting done. I pray for the strength to go through my trials and have confidence in Your ability to mold me and make me stronger each time. I thank You for the image of the potter and the clay…for how my life relates to it. How awesome to be held and shaped by Your kind and gentle hands. It takes time for loving hands to mold and shape the clay into a beautiful creation! Teach me to be patient as You are patient…to not concentrate on the left over pieces of days gone by but on the beauty of what is being formed by Your hand.

Help me to understand that my time will go on, that it won’t end like everything belonging to this world. I am an eternal being and all I am in You will continue to be. I thank you for the new aspect of eternity awaiting me when my body has passed away. I pray for Your wisdom when I begin to think of time as being so short. Forgive me for putting You in a box and forgetting time is endless for You. Actually there is not time in You. You simply are past, present and future. When I begin to think I’m running out of time and become impatient, please remind me lovingly to wait on You. Sometimes it is so hard to wait; but, I remind myself that even the world knows the best things in life come to those who wait! I pray for the strength to stand firm and focus on You every day of my life. I thank you Lord for being patient with me…for taking the time to know my heart. I now choose to live as an eternally minded person who is not bound by time but, is transformed by glory.

Lord, stir the passion inside of me to spend every moment with You, for You are indeed my Beloved. Remind me of the depth of Your passion which is so, so much more than what any mortal man could ever give. Help me to know with all my knowing how the love You have for me is so much stronger than what a mother’s love could ever be for her baby. When I close my eyes to savor the beauty of who You are, let Your love engulf me. Saturate me with sweet peace and joy in the midst of Your every-abiding presence.

Lord, You have given my life meaning. You’re my very breath. You know my every heartbeat and I’m so grateful for how You desire and want my love. In my own self, I’m not worthy of your great love for only through the blood of Jesus am I made worthy. Jesus is the greatest love You could have ever given me.

Therefore, when my heart gets caught up in the things of this life, Holy Spirit remind me of the pleasure I received when my Loved One looked at me and my heart skipped a beat…when He showered me with love and His attention. Remind me of when I only had eyes for Him. Let me not forget the pleasure You receive when I give You my time…the pleasure You receive when I honor and worship You. Keep me always from falling into the mindsets of religion. Don’t let me think You won’t accept me because I’m not good enough or because Your Word says I am saved by faith through grace…says I am covered not by how I act or what I think.

Lord, bring to my remembrance at all times how you’re always waiting with open arms even when I make mistakes. Your grace covers me. As I honor You we become one as You and the Father are one. Nothing I can ever do or not do will make You love me anymore. Just to know someone loves me just as I am is so awesome. There are no amount of words able to express the depth of my heart; but, I pledge to always try.

Lord, sometimes there is such a deep, deep yearning to be closer to You…a yearning I cannot even understand. It is so deep that sometimes I get impatient when I can’t feel You even though I know You are there. Your word says, “You will never forsake us nor leave us”. I cling to Your word. Help me to have patience to remember Your timing is perfect. Just as we wish to give our children the best, You make sure we have the best when we wait upon You. Father, I know these things but sometimes it’s hard to wait. Please help me and comfort me during these times. Remind me how my prayers are like sweet aromas lifting up to You. My voice is like a gentle breeze caressing your cheek, for You take great delight in the whispers of My heart even while I sleep. While I rest…while I sleep, You bless me.

Thank you for Your reassuring Word and answered prayers. The knowledge that You hear all my words, all my fears, and all the pain in my heart brings rest to my soul. You don’t hear only part of it; You hear everything because every word is of great value to You. I believe with all I am that You want to hear me say whatever is on my heart both good and bad…to hear all of my joys, fears, pains and the burdens of my heart I have for all of Your people. I declare myself to be one who has faith in You and Your ability to take care of all things concerning me because You have such a great love and compassion for Your people. Lord, let me never lose sight of Your great compassion for me and for others. May I continue to seek You more and let our hearts unite as one.

Lord, the more of You I allow to be poured into me, the closer to You I begin to feel. Your word is so powerful and strong. You speak to me through it with great delight. The joy I feel when I dance and worship You is so amazing. Truly spending time with You revives my soul and brings forth such a joyous and rewarding life from within. When I become oppressed, start to feel so unworthy, lonely, or depressed, please remind me that You breathe life into me whenever I need it. Bring to my remembrance what Your word says about me and I will agree.

I declare that I am the head (something to be lifted up) and not the tail (something drug around and never receiving the best). I have a future and a hope in You; therefore, I will not be dismayed, for I am never forsaken.

Help me never believe what the world has to say about me. Forgive me when I bring up the past. I pray for your healing to help me let go of the past and all lies which lure me there. I know from personal experience sometimes the past can consume me and I have no room to think about my future or even my present. Remove this bondage from my life so that I may move forward…so I may have room for more of You and Your blessings in my life. I thank You so much for Your mercy and the time that You spend with me simply because You love me. What an awesome thing to be loved by You. There is no greater gift…no greater love.

The intimate, quality times that I spend with You always fill me with such life! You come close to me as I draw near to You and Your Word revives me… brings refreshing life to my being. I thank you, Lord that the more time we spend together the closer we become and the more You reveal to me. I thank You for providing strength and peace for me to draw upon when I am in need. You have an everlasting supply to meet my every need and I receive all You have to offer right now. The more time I spend with You the more of who You are in all Your glory is enabled to flow out of me like streams of living water. I am not a fountain dried up but, an ever flowing stream of Your abundant life. In all that I do, give me grace and help me to be a Godly example to others. I pray others will see Your love, peace, and joy flow out of my life in both simple and profound ways. Lord I want to become one with You so that my life glorifies You in everything I do. Amen

Lord, I pray and declare myself to be one who remembers You as the Creator of all life…the restorer of all life which includes all emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Every aspect of my life is being created anew in the natural realm. What is done in the spirit already is becoming manifest on a physical and natural plain.

How could it not be so? How can my dreams, my desires, even my own life not be revived, restored and resurrected by You. After all, You conquered the greatest enemy; death. You conquered death and created life by Your spoken Word. All you have to do to resurrect anything to life is speak the Word. You speak the Word and it is done. I am thankful for You have created me in Your image and I am like You. What I speak is most important and has the power to alter and have great effect both for good and evil. I choose good…good words, good thoughts and a good heart.

I am so grateful for Your willingness to reveal to me how You can create anything from nothing just as You created man from the dust! If dust can form the complex nature of a man, then I can only imagine what else You can do. I need not worry or be anxious for nothing is impossible with You. Therefore, remind me to rest in You and help me to remember how you take care of everything in my life.

Lord, I declare You’re my Provider, my Strength, my Peace, and my Counselor who guides me along the way. Help me to follow the path you’ve set before me, for when I stumble or veer off you become distant or feel out of reach. This I do not want. I want to remain ever close to the beating of Your heart. Help me to be aware of and receive the strength and endurance You have already given to me through the work of the Cross…to go through what You have for me knowing that there is a great reward at the end…knowing your love will never leave me even in physical death because you have risen and prepared a mansion for me.

Help me Lord, to follow the path you have placed before me with a steadfast spirit. May I will always be a willing vessel for You to use to reach the lost and to glorify the Father. May my life become an example of one filled with compassion and power in order to touch others so they in turn are drawn close to You as ones who glorify Your name. Use me Lord. Work through me for Your glory! I’ve always wondered why people have said or thought I am different or strange. I thought something was wrong with me at times early on but You’ve shown me that I’m different because I don’t belong to this world. My home is in Heaven with You. Thank You for showing me I’m not a misfit and that there’s nothing wrong with me. Thank you for calling me the apple of your eye and the delight of Your heart. I choose to agree and as a result I will walk through this life as a manifest delight of Your Heart.

Lord, You are the Word and the Word is alive to do Your perfect will…to grow and prosper in my heart and life…to help me to overcome and be renewed at the deepest levels…to enable me to walk in grace and not law…to transform in the natural what I already am in the spiritual. Worry, anxiety, fear, doubt and unbelief have no power to rule over my submitted heart. The Word of God I speak into my life and over those I love is shaking any foundation built on sinking sand. I say the wrong foundations will crumble and sink as the righteous foundations in Christ arise to create launching pads for the glory of the Lord. I choose life. I choose love. I choose to be an instrument of love in order to release life and not death in a continuous flow which cuts off all death.

My life is not confined like an old note captured in a bottle and put out to sea in hopes someone will find it. You always know where I am and are acquainted with the joys…the grief and desires of my heart. My thoughts and dreams are ever before You. Every note…every heartbeat is captured and cared for by You; therefore, I will not fear or be dismayed. I am an eternal being and eternity is bound up in my heart for the Lord…the Eternal One…lives in me.

I declare I am one who lives outside the bottle of limited time…outside the box of status quos and worldly wisdom. I open my heart and mind to the wisdom of the Lord and declare times and seasons will not dictate whether I succeed or fail. I am a success at all times no matter what because I am in Christ and He is in me. I am faithful and true. My spirit is born again; therefore, it is perfect as He is perfect and my soul man…my mind, will and emotions are coming into alignment with my spirit. All of hell has been conquered…all of death, hell and the grave have been defeated. Abundant life rules the hours and days of my life. Resurrection power is my portion in all I do as I submit my heart to the Lover of my soul. My spirit is new and my soul is loved. I am amazed for sometimes I look at my soul and think how could anyone love it; but, You do. Thank you.

Today is a new day of pouring forth new life…new hope and new dreams…a new day of old dreams being resurrected to bring forth provision and sustenance in all areas of life. All things killed, stolen and destroyed are being returned for I am blessed of the Lord because He is in me and I am in Him. Today I have abundant life in every area. Abundant life is pouring forth pure and simple. Amen.

Reflect and Journal

  1. Do you find yourself in a hurry or feeling dismayed over the time it is taking for promises and such to come to pass in your life?
  2. When you feel dismayed, how do you react? Do you blame God or become so introspective as to look at all the possible reasons it is not happening because of something you have or have not done? Sometimes what we do or think can have an effect on the progress of what we are waiting on and sometimes it just isn’t the right time. Take some time do discern which it is in your life all the while remembering Holy Spirit convicts and brings things to the surface we need to deal with. We don’t have to dig. He is more than willing to show us while operating with loving grace. Be patient with yourself as He is patient with you.
  3. A child in the womb not allowed to fully develop can have handicaps. So can the dreams of our heart…the longings of our soul to see those we love come into the fullness of grace? The best way to deal with waiting is to be in love with the Lord and spend time with Him so He can reveal all we need to know step by step. This eliminates fear and anxiety while building unparallel intimacy.
  4. Have you been trying to hurry anything along according to your own plans and desires? Have you being playing the blame game…with yourself, others or God. If so, repent and come into grace?
  5. What have you, in any way, shape or form given up on…who have you given up on? What do you need to do in reference to having given up in relation to this devotion?
  6. Is your highest desire the same as the Lord’s? His is to have intimacy and communion with you …and as a result have the dreams and desires of your heart flow from this place of intimate communion. To do so any other way is getting the cart before the horse.
  7. How have you run ahead of Him by pushing your cart? It is much easier when your cart is pulled by a horse.
  8. What religious mindsets or traditions of men do you need to let go of in order to embrace the fullness of who God is?
  9. Reflect on God knowing all the thoughts you would ever have as He watched you nestling in your mother’s womb. Let the reality of this knowledge become revelation in reference to the beauty of belonging to Abba Father…Abba Daddy. Imagine Him as He really was then and is now…watching with intense delight all aspects of your person.
  10. Remember all the times others have not listened to you…when you have had to say someone’s name many times before they ever responded. Remember how it feels to have someone you love ignore you sometimes. Well, it is not the same with Him. He never ignores you. You are His son and heir to the Kingdom. How could He ignore you? You are part of Him….part of His Kingdom. Christ is in you and you are in Him. The possibly of being ignored is impossible. You are connected in a most amazing way. Therefore, know He hears you…never ignores you. Take time to speak to Him right now about the concerns and desires of your heart with the full understanding He is listening and loves to do so. What do you want to say? Say it. Share your life and be one who prays without ceasing.
  11. Imagine God knowing exactly how many heartbeats you will ever have. He knows each one intimately and does not desire they be wasted in any way. He wants each one to fulfill His purpose for your life. When you die, your heart/spirit goes on with Him for all eternity. It is the same for all men, saved and unsaved. The heart of all men goes on. Only the destination is different depending on what they did with Christ. Take some time right now or when you can to be quiet before the Lord and listen for your heartbeat and see Him delighting over it. It is not about whether you have been good, bad or anything in between. It is about you being in Him and He in you. Tell Him out loud, “I give You every beat of my heart from this moment throughout the rest of my life and beyond. I give You every beat of my heart and surrender them to the fulfillment of the purpose I have been given. I surrender them to the purpose of loving You and being with You in intimate communion all the days of my life.” After you have said these words to the Lover of your heart and soul, take time to listen. He has some love words to say to you…love words meant for only you.
  12. In what area of your life do you need to have a deeper revelation of how He has conquered death, Hell and the grave in said area…where He has made a way where there is no way. Where do you most need to embrace life? Name it and then embrace the Lifegiver until you hear the beating heart of resurrection life. Do not let go and do not give up.
  13. Let the truth of how everything you do and say has an effect in this life…an effect that goes on and on. What do you need to put a stop to and what do you need to release in its place? Speak death to the wrong word seeds and deeds you have participated in and move into a place of releasing life where death once had authority.
  14. What area in your life, family, job or any other thing needs to experience resurrection life in a practical way and in natural places with supernatural power?
  15. Have you in any way tried to be about your business…even the business or calling you have received from the Lord without being all about Him first and foremost. How has this looked in natural sense in your life? What have you been doing naturally to pursue the call before or more than the Call Giver?
  16. Have you been discouraged in any way because you feel others do not see, know or recognize what you do? Personally, I cannot even count the countless hours I have spent in my snuggly pajamas writing, answering emails and so on that no one knows about; yet, the Lord knows and will show me the results when I pass from this life into a new dimension of eternity. The question is this– is it enough for Him to know and say well done…is it enough to know eternal things are being accomplished though we do not see them in the natural? Ask yourself the question. Ask yourself, “Is it enough?”
  17. Reflect on the Lord, love on Him and then remind Him of all the promises He has personally spoken to your heart. Take time to write them down so the vision is plain to see.
  18. What have you been doing on a personal and consentient level to renew your mind to line up with the Truth?
  19. Ponder how repenting, renouncing and then filling vacated places with Truth is like walking through a field of weeds over and over until the weeds are worn away making the path easy and smooth. What are you hearing on a personal level when you contemplate this scenario?
  20. Take a deep breath and breathe in the freedom and forgiveness of the Lord and exhale doubt and unbelief. Break covenant with it in all aspects and situations. Pick one in particular you struggle with and repent, renounce and speak His truth in the situation or struggle. Do this over and over. Do it each time the negative creeps into your conscious thinking. As you do this, your subconscious and unconscious mind will eventually be affected and line up with the Truth you are speaking and believing.
  21. In what ways have you confined God to the limited aspects of time as you know it?
  22. Reflect on your life being eternal right now. How does this change your perspective about what you do or involve yourself in?
  23. Take some time to think outside the bottle of time which is your life and let your heart join with the Lord’s to dream beyond the confines of what you are experiencing. Dare to dream and dream big. Invite the Lord to ignite the dreams of your heart put there by Him. You have the thoughts and intents of His heart. Ask for His thoughts to come to the surface as you dream beyond the confines you find yourself in. What is He stirring up in your heart? Do you long to write, to sing, to play an instrument, to counsel, to help the sick and homeless just to mention a few possibilities? When you begin to hear…begin to be stirred, don’t slough His thoughts off by thinking it is too big. There are always small ways to start. For instance, a book begins with a paragraph, a paragraph begins with a sentence, a sentence begins with a word, a word begins with a letter and a letter begins with an idea or dream. So dream and start somewhere so you can grow in your dream precept upon precept and line upon line to display glory upon glory. Who you? Yes you!

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