Arise With Eagles Wings And Be Renewed With Strength, Expectation And Hope

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But those who wait for the lord (who expect, look for, and hope in him) shall change and renew their strength and power: they shall lift their wings and mount up (close to God) as eagles (mount up to the sun): they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint or become tired. (Isaiah 40:31 Amplified)

Authored by Wendy Thomas, Co-authored by Brenda Craig

Strength And Power Come When You Wait On Him


My beloved are you willing to wait for Me no matter the cost? You see, I am never in a hurry, for a thousand days are as one day to Me. Time itself is in My hands and I am from everlasting to everlasting.

I know it seems like a long time sometimes while waiting for My promises to come to pass. However, do not fret for every word I have spoken about your life will come to pass as My Word never returns to Me void but accomplishes that for which I sent it.

Concentrate and focus on My faithfulness. I am and will be true to all I have ever promised. I am true to My Word and you can rely on Me completely. All My promises are yes in my Son, Jesus. They will come to pass. All I really want is for you to simply agree with Me…to agree with what I say for there is power when two or more or more come into agreement. How wonderful this is when the two who come into agreement is you and I.

I know the plans I have for you. They are for good and not evil…to give you a hope and a future. Rest in this assurance. Although sometimes what we experience doesn’t seem so hopeful; it really is. Why? Because hope is not based on the situation. Hope is based on who I am…the Great I AM.

Therefore, will you follow My plans or do you want to seek your own way? Other ways can seem easier or more exciting but narrow is the way which leads to eternal life. The narrow way is the BEST way and well worth the effort of following.

Follow Me at all times and I will keep you in perfect peace…keep you in perfect safety even in the midst of turmoil. I will continuously uphold you with My right hand. I will not let you slip or fall but will watch over you as a mother watches over her young. Your joy will be complete as you see each of My promises being fulfilled in your life one by one. Therefore, be joyfully expectant and look to see My Word come to pass in your life. Wait patiently for Me and you will see all you have been hoping for come to be in My time.

Eagle’s Wings And A Ceaseless Supply Of Oil


Beloved, what does it mean to rise on eagles wings? It means to soar along effortlessly on the wind of My Holy Spirit. Eagles migrate long distances by gliding from one thermal (a current of warm air) to another to conserve energy in order to travel long distances. Be like the eagle and consent to being carried along by the wind of the Holy Spirit allowing Me to take you where I will. This is how you press on in your high calling while resting. Soaring with Me is the opposite of doing things in your own might and power (Zechariah 4:6).

Let Me bring you up higher to where you are already seated with Christ in the heavenly places. Come up so high on the thermal winds of MY Spirit that I may bring you to My very throne room where your whole perspective will be altered as you look from My point of view…as you look at your life and circumstances from where I am seated on My heavenly throne.

Problems will appear and be  so much less…so much less threatening and intimidating when you see them from My perspective. When you come up and see as I see, you will understand why the Psalms say I laugh at My enemies…that I laugh at the wicked (Psalms 37:13). They are so small compared to Me and so are your enemies regardless of what or who they may be.

Beloved, I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; but, I Am also your Abba, your daddy, your heavenly father who contends with those who contend with you (Isaiah 49:25 NKJ). All your battles are mine and I will fight them on your behalf. Stand and see the victory I will win for you as your trust is placed in Me and Me alone. Laugh at your enemies as you dwell under the shadow of My wings. Your victory is assured!

Come; soar on wings like an eagle. Rest and enjoy the ride as I carry you as a mother eagle carries her chicks on her wings until they learn to fly. Just as an eagle holds onto her young and will not let them fall to the ground, so I will do the same and more for you. I will ensure that you do not fall or come to harm. Learn to fly with Me… learn to see from My perspective and your life will be changed for the better. Learn to rest and relax and see what I will do on your behalf. You are My precious child and I will be all that you need. So, enjoy your day and let Me be in control. Rest, wait and fly. Come up high and see what happens!

Bands Of Love And Everlasting Kindness


Beloved, I ask once more, are you willing to wait on Me in all circumstances both good and bad? Do you know what it means to really wait on Me? Wait means to linger…to be available…to hang around…to remain in a certain place or to spend your time in one position while expecting something to happen. When you wait on and in Me you can surely expect something good to happen. Expectation builds faith and energizes hope.

It means to linger patiently while listening intently for My slightest whisper with the willingness to act on what I say immediately. To do so requires time just simply being in My Presence. It means putting aside other things just to spend time with Me. Can you do this? Do you want to? I hope so, for I love spending time with you. I take great enjoyment and delight in each and every moment I am with you. Will you do likewise with Me?

Sometimes when you are with Me, you may not hear Me speak for a while. Don’t interpret My silence as distance. It is not anything like that. It’s just that you take My breath away, for you are so beautiful to Me. It is a time when I am savouring each moment spent with you…a time when I am gazing on you with a deep abiding love in My eyes.

Do you want to gaze on Me also and drink deeply of My love for you? Do you want to be satisfied with My overwhelming love for you and to know in a more profound way that you are My treasured possession? If so, come near and I will tell you all you need to know in order to come into a complete understanding of who you are to Me.

There are great rewards for spending time with Me and drawing close to My heart. When you draw close to Me, I draw close to you. I cannot resist you and the love in your heart for Me. Resisting the pull of Your love for Me is not within My capability. You come to Me and I run to you.

Beloved, the very thought of knowing how you long to hear My voice compels Me to speak to you…to whisper words of love in your ear…to declare before all that you are My highly favoured one.

I want to be your first love. I want you to long to be with Me the same as I long to be with you. You will love Me only as you know how much I love you. I am drawing you with cords of loving kindness until we are interwoven as tight as a three-stranded cord which cannot be broken. In doing this, you will be able to love others as you are loved. You can only give away what you have.

Remember, it is in My Presence where all the cares of the world fall away and you are made complete in My love. You will realize you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is simply be. I created you and watched you cell by cell being formed in your mother’s womb. Every day of your life I have looked on you with love while watching over you. You may not have been aware of Me at all times; nevertheless, I have always been there and I will forever be. Come right now and let’s spend some time together…just you and I as father and child and you will rise up form our encounter refreshed and renewed from being with Me…from waiting on Me.


Acting Nobly, Doing Right & Appointed Seasons Of Reaping


Beloved, I see how tired you sometimes get and how everything can seem too much for you; but, I have you covered. In fact, I have strength to spare, for I do not grow weary. I do indeed have enough strength to go around. Come, you need to learn to rest in Me in a whole new way. It doesn’t mean you have to sit still and not do anything.

It doesn’t mean feeling weak equals being weak. It just means you need to be like David and encourage yourself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6). Encourage yourself in Me and rest by letting Me work through you. Sometimes you equate waiting with weakness or inability to do. This should not be. Waiting is a gift which in the long run protects you from unseen dangers and prepares you with wisdom in the meantime.

Resting and waiting means being able to say as Jesus said, “I only do what I see My father doing and only say what I hear My father saying.” This is true rest…true waiting. This is the secret of how one can run and not grow weary. It is only when you wait on Me that you can see with your spirit and not the flesh…that you can hear with your spiritual ears what I am saying. If you don’t hear what I am saying, how you can say the same as Me? Likewise if you don’t see what I am doing, how can you do the same? It is only when you do and say exactly what I am doing and saying that you can rest and regain your strength.

Rather than try to please man and do as they want, just be still and do what I ask of you. I will not overburden you for My yoke is light and easy. I will not will not stress or strain you. If you are stressed and strained…if you are overburdened, you are not in rest. Even good things can be stressful or burdensome.

There are many good things you could be doing; but, they are not necessarily what I want you to do. You will only know what I want you to do or not to do when you take time to talk with Me and listen to Me. I know the plans I have for you and they aren’t burdensome loaded with heaviness. Surely it makes sense to ask Me what My plans are and then do them and them only. In doing this, you will not become tired, and in fact, you will be energized by knowing you are walking in My plan for your life and doing what I want. Things will go so much more smoothly for you, for I will make straight the path ahead of you. In light of all I have spoken to you, will you take the time to be with Me and see what I am doing and saying? You can you know. You just have to be still and know that I am God. The rest will come easy, no pun intended. See, I have a sense of humor too.

Higher Thoughts, Higher Ways, Renewed Strength And A Renewed Mind


Beloved, do you want supernatural strength and energy? I hope so, for it is what I have already given you and long for you to appropriate. As My child, you are called to walk in the supernatural for your citizenship is in heaven not here on earth. You are no longer of the earth. You are a whole new being…one who is loved and seated with Me already.

Yes, My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts; therefore, you need to learn of Me…need to be with Me in order to know and walk in My way of thinking (Isaiah 55:9). You can only do this by spending time with Me…by renewing your mind. Isn’t that a delightful plan? Not only do we get to enjoy being together but you develop a renewed mind…you are endued with strength from on high at the same time! Two birds with one stone.

Humans in the natural become tired when they walk a long way or when they run; but, with Me, you can both walk and run without becoming tired or weary for I will renew your strength. Ponder some of the meanings of renew. To renew is to extend something past its original state, to begin again, to give someone new energy, strength or enthusiasm, to repair, restore, mend, replenish, regenerate, rekindle, refresh, recharge, or revive (c.f. MSW Encarta Dictionary). Do you need any of these things? Do you need to be replenished, or revived? Do you need new enthusiasm? Selah (stop and think or meditate)

Beloved, have you noticed how when you walk with a friend the distance…the time seems to go much quicker as you talk and enjoy fellowship together? It is the same as when you walk through life sharing with Me along the way all the concerns and joys of your heart. Doing so makes life easier and the difficult times seem to pass much quicker as we talk together, you and me. All the while, you are learning more about Me and having fun at the same time.

Know this with great certainty, I love you and I hate to see you struggle, especially when I have already given you so much…when I have given you all you need for the here and now if only you will avail yourself of it. Turn to Me today in a whole new way and I will turn all your defeats into victories. This should give you great incentive to spend time with Me every day of your life. Will you? I hope so, for I have so much to show you and tell you. I love you so much. I love you with an everlasting love and I want you to share your life with Me. As we walk hand in hand, you will have all you need and be able to appropriate all I have already given you. Come. Give Me your hand and we will walk…we will fly.

Listen To Ben Hughes Let The Wind Blow

Ben Hughes


Father, I thank You with all my heart, for Your plans for me are for good and not evil. I can always rely on Your plans to come about. Please help me to be patient and to wait for Your timing. I desire to wait with an attitude of rest knowing all the while You are faithful. Help me to have complete trust in the power of Your name. I choose to spend time listening to You so that I may know when to act and when to be still. Your way is the best possible way so please help me to be obedient and follow You with a surrendered heart.

Draw me into the secret place and cause me to thirst for more time with You. It is in the secret place where I get to know You and Your ways so I can become more like You…so I can stand in the middle of any storm with confidence and at the same time pull others out of sinking sand. I wait on You.

I want to fly on eagle’s wings and be carried by the wind of the Holy Spirit. I am willing to go wherever You want me. I am more than willing to let You have full control of my life. Please show me how my life and situations look from Your perspective. Please bring me to Your throne room where I can see from Your viewpoint.

Thank You for having the burning desire to fight my battles for me. Only in You is victory assured. Help me to relax in the knowledge of being hidden in You in such a way that I simply trust You for a wonderful outcome in all things. Thank You for loving me and caring for me as a mother does for her child. Father, I come this day as a child seeking his/her father knowing that I am safe and secure with You; the one who loves me most.

Father, I am sorry for not always wanting to put you first…for letting my time with You get crowded out by other things. The desire of my heart is to be in Your presence and hear what You have to say to me in order to truly live…in order to truly walk out an abundant life. Please tell me of Your love for me and how precious I am to You. Help me to believe how much I am adored by You deep in my heart in such a powerful way that I am affected in my everyday life. In Your Presence, the cares of this world fall away. They fade in the in the presence of Your glory and grace.

Lord, how I love You. How I want to live to spend time with You…to have You at the center of all I am and do. Therefore, help me to put You first and foremost above everyone and everything. Renew me with fresh vigour and strength for the task ahead. I am Your highly favoured one, and even this moment, Your eyes are on this child whom You love.

Father, please help me to do only what You are doing and say only what You are saying. Draw me close as I draw near to you and my eyes will be fixed on You. Let my heart be captivated and ravished by Your great love and increase my desire to spend more time with You.

I declare that I am one who is learning to rest in You. I am one who is doing things in Your strength only and not in my own strength or according to what I think. Your Word is supreme and has precedence over my own thoughts. My thoughts are focused on whatever is pure, lovely and upright. My mouth speaks only that which edifies me and others to bring spiritual enlightenment according to the Word by the Holy Spirit.

Thank You that Your yoke is indeed easy…is indeed light; therefore, I choose to not be yoked to anything or anyone You don’t want me to. I trust that if I do become yoked in anyway You will tell me and I will respond with an obedient trusting heart. This I know, You only want the best for me and know exactly how much I can bear…how much I can take. A bruised and bended reed You do not break. You never overload me with more than I can handle. Thank You for Your love and for taking such great care of me as I rest in the secret place of Your heart…in the palm of Your hand.

Father, please teach me what it means to be a citizen of heaven and to live a supernatural lifestyle regardless of what I face or experience. Open the eyes of my heart to see how You have already positioned me and placed Your own thoughts within me. The Word says I have the thoughts and intents of the Lord’s heart. Therefore, today I ask and pray for Your thoughts to come to the surface of my thinking resulting in my mouth speaking words that are acceptable in Your sight.

Please teach me how to be Your child and learn of You, my heavenly Father, in intimate and profoundly life changing ways. Help me to turn to You for everything and not my own wisdom as you liberally supply all my needs. Help me to take every thought captive and to let You renew my mind with the power of Your Word as I eat it. When I do this, Your thoughts become my thoughts and I do not sin against you or others. Create in me a clean heart desirous of Your Word every day…every moment. May I hear what You are saying to me through Your Word as it speaks louder than things of the world or my own thinking.

I declare to you, Lord, that I am one who delights in spending time with You. I am one who walks with you not as a servant but as a friend…a friend You chose first. In Your Presence, I am revived, refreshed, strengthened and made new on a moment by moment basis. I am Yours and You are mine. I hold out my hand and take Yours. I hold out my hand and I walk with You. I fly with You. All is well. Amen

Reflect and Journal


  1. Are there words God has spoken over your life or promises that he has spoken that haven’t come to pass as yet? If so bring them to mind and claim them and ask God to bring them to pass in His time
  2. Can you wait patiently for Gods timing? If not ask him to help you do so and give you the faith that all His promises will be fulfilled in your life.
  3. How different would your life be if you were looking down on your situation rather than letting it loom over you and overwhelm you?
  4. How does God see your situations? Ask God to show you your situation as He sees it.
  5. What would it mean to you to relax and let God be in control?
  6. Do you want to fly on eagles wings? Let him lift you higher and carry you. Ask him to show you how to fly on eagles wings.
  7. Do you spend time with the Lord each day just enjoying His Presence? If not, what are your main distractions? Name them. It will help. Why not start today learning to receive His gaze in a whole new way All it takes is time.
  8. Do you realize how much God loves you and how He longs to spend time with you? Ask Him to tell you how much and listen to what He says. What is He saying? Remember, one syllable spoken from His heart to yours is more than enough to change anything and everything. Therefore, don’t despise even the smallest of impressions He shares with you. Even the intake of His breath can fill one with delight for it expresses the rapturous desires of His heart for you. Selah (stop and think or meditate)
  9. Are you tired and weary in any way? Why not spend some time right now with your heavenly Father and let Him take your burden. See yourself giving it to Him. It doesn’t have to be major. Maybe you didn’t sleep well last night or have a headache. Maybe you do have major burdens which have made you weary. He handles them all from the large to the small. All you experience is important to Him. Remember the sparrow and let go, for He cares for you.
  10. Can you say that you only do what you see Father doing and say what you hear Father saying? If not what can you do to make this be truer in your life?
  11. Do you still try and please people rather than God? If so, in what manner do you find yourself succumbing to the whims of man most easily and why? Perhaps you fear not being loved or disappointing someone. Perhaps fear is the underlying motive of your intent to please people. The Lord tells us to fear not for if He is for us who can be against us. Please God first and He will take care of the rest. Ask Him to help you stop doing this and to put him first.
  12. What practical things can you do to walk more in the supernatural than the natural in your everyday life?
  13. Take time to reflect on an encouraging Word the Lord has given you…a thought of His He has spoken to you. Write the Word down on paper and then write the opposing things the enemy has tried to persuade you of instead. Recognize the enemy’s words as lies and renounce them. Repent for believing them and walking in them. Replace the lie with the encouraging Word. This is one way of walking in the higher thoughts and words of Father.
  14. Do you spend every day of your life walking with God the way you want to? Most don’t and the enemy uses this to separate us from Father who loves us regardless. Do not walk in condemnation for the Lord does not condemn you. Instead, turn your frustration into desire…see it as a clarion call to press in more realizing His love for you does not change based on the amount of time you spend. Doing this will free you to spend more time and do so without doing it out of obligation or duty. You will be able to turn frustration into desire by choosing to let go of any self-condemnation in this area and any others.Pick one of the words for renew and look it up in the dictionary to get a deeper insight in its meaning. Pick the one the Holy Spirit highlights to you in some way. Is it refreshment, strength, revive, or any of the other choices. Find the meanings and declare them over yourself. You can say, “Revive Me Lord.” However, if you do, go then to thanksgiving and confession by saying, “I am revived, refreshed and renewed in the Lord.” Keep saying it till you get it and continue on to another declaration of faith.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. Thank you for this special message I discovered only now as I went into a 40 day renewal season….by doing this I have now also discovered the website and it is speaking to my heart. God is good! and may He continue to bless your writings. WK From South Africa

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