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Stars or Bars, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

Such was the case with the man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5. The reason Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well was because the man had apparently made a friend of his sickness. Sympathy will do strange things to you.

Stale Bread and Spoiled Bologna, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

The first point is to never under estimate the youth of the next generation because they will usually turn out fine even if it appears that ‚Äúthe lights are on and nobody is at home.‚ÄĚ

His Eye Is On the Sparrow, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

The thing that really bothers me is when I look on the faces of people in a crowded church and see that same look of being unwanted and insignificant. After all…we are supposed to be the ones with the answers to such problems.