Love Lifted Me Meditations By Apostle John Dean

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I extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.  Psalm 30:1

¬†The very thought of being lifted up is intriguing enough that I decided to go to the Strong‚Äôs Hebrew and Greek dictionary and see what it had to say. Strong‚Äôs uses the example of ‚Äú‚Ķbeing dangled. That is to let down a bucket (for drawing water); figuratively for deliverance.‚ÄĚ

There is a lot of typology that could be used in Strong’s explanation which is scripturally supported and would make a wonderful Bible study. However, the thing that captivates me most is how I personally was lifted up and delivered in such a way. It was the love of the Lord that reached His bucket down and lifted me above my sinful life. I don’t know, maybe that bucket should be called the God bucket of love and deliverance.

I remember when I first came to know the Lord and heard the old hymn, ‚ÄúLove lifted me.‚ÄĚ I seemed to know that hymn without having ever heard it. I think it was because I had just experienced that bucket delivering love of the Lord. I remember loving to sing that old hymn‚Ķand could not wait for the next time the music director would announce that we were going to sing it again. Every time we sang it I would hold my head back and sing it at the top of my voice. I would particularly put emphasis on the part that says ‚ÄúJesus completely saves.‚ÄĚ I am sure the sounds of my voice would still be resonating in that small wood frame church building if it was still standing. Even though this hymn was very old, I always felt it was written just for me.

As strange as it may seem, it was through that old hymn that I first began to get some theology on the love of God. I was always excited and blessed to hear a good message on love, but it was through the singing about His love that made it more real to me.

I have sung that song many times through the years. Each time I would sing it my mind would always go back to the freshness of the very first time I sang it.

Many of the old hymns were written as singing messages with good basic doctrine embedded in them. Each time you sang one of them, you were feeding your faith with the Word of God.

Many of the past generation may have appeared shallow in Bible knowledge because they could not always quote chapter and verse of the Bible as others do today. However, many of that generation had a spiritual depth that could not be shaken, and a faith strong enough to take them through all the hard times that life threw at them. It is not what you know in your head that counts, but what you are able to walk out in your spirit.

Many of the little homespun preachers of that day did not have much theology, but the hymns they sang did.

It has been a while since I have sung the old hymn, ‚ÄúLove Lifted Me.‚ÄĚ But its message continues to have a deep impact on my life. As a matter of fact I am not sure I could sing the old hymn ‚ÄúLove Lifted Me‚ÄĚ and do it justice unless I throw my head back and sing it at top of my voice as I once did.



I thank You for all the wonderful things You are doing in the kingdom today. I also thank You Lord for allowing me to be part of the past generation. I experienced Your move through fiery country preachers who also taught me the value of the message written in the old hymns. Father, I pray that the song writers of today will pen songs with a good theological base that will have the same affect on others as the old hymns did on me.



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