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Fathers & Instructors, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

After many years I came to the conclusion that there is a father’s anointing that God Himself puts on us as He would any other anointing. Any man can be fatherly, but that does not necessarily constitute a father’s anointing. Being around one who is fatherly may be a great comfort when you are in need. However being around one with a father’s anointing could effectively change your life as did my friend’s influence changed my life.

Don’t Strike the Rock, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

God has given us the power and authority by the spoken word to do great things, yet far too often we use our authority (the rod) to strike the rock. You may wonder how it is possible to strike the rock in today’s world. We may not carry a rod in our hand as Moses did, but we do have a tongue in our mouth that is far more destructive. We no longer strike with a rod, but with the tongue a critical word.

Don’t Eat the Apple, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

Eating the apple seemed to be a good idea in order to take man to that next level, so he ate the apple. Mankind was of course deceived by Satan. The root of impatience is to attain something without paying the price. Consequently mankind is prone to fall for the old ‘apple’ trick.

What You Are Called Will Not Matter, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

Back in the days when I started ministering I was often asked, “What are you?” What they meant was, “Are you a pastor, evangelist or missionary?” Even though folks could clearly see what I was doing they still asked the question because I apparently did not fit the customary mold. Answering such a question was hard for me since I had been doing some of all three. As a matter of fact I had a passion for all three. I really wanted to answer their question but felt guilty because I didn’t have the answer. This agonizing question was on my mind far too much in the first five years of my ministry.