Feeding My Enemy, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

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“…if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” (Romans 12:20)


Thank God this does not happen often…but once in a while you meet someone who just does not like you. You do everything you can to be a good godly example to them, but they still do not like you. When that happens it is very disconcerting. About the only thing left to do is to apply the above scripture. Of course, the question is, what does this scripture really mean and how can it be applied in a practical way?

I went to a church one time and met a wonderful Christian lady. Her husband was backslidden and did not like Christians in general and me in particular. He worked in a service station (back in the days when they filled up your car) and that was the station where I bought all my gas. Every time I would drive into the station to get gas, he would be extremely rude never missing an opportunity to show his dislike for me.

I prayed for him continually—however his attitude seemed to get worse. After a few months of praying for him I was ready to give up on him…when the Lord told me to apply our text. The Lord told me to give this man all the money that I had saved up and tell him how much God loves him.

This was a real sacrifice on my part because I needed money as badly as he did. Nevertheless I swallowed my pride and got all my money and drove by the service station. He came out as usual with his guns loaded and ready to mow me down. Before he could say anything I handed him the money and told him how much God loves him and that He had sent me there to meet his needs. The man was in total shock and could not speak a word. His eyes softened and when he was able to speak he spoke with such gentleness. It was as if he saw the love of our Heavenly Father in action for the first time. He was aware that he did not deserve any good thing from God, and yet the Lord was kind to him and met his needs.

Feeding your enemy is not a ministry most folks would desire. However, that day at the service station heaven came down and the glory of God was manifested in a practical way to a rebellious sheep that had gone astray.

I learned that day that there was a lot more to ministry than standing in a pulpit and preaching a sermon. Perhaps we should first preach our messages in a practical way throughout the week before we attempt to preach them on Sunday. It is one thing to feed the sheep and another thing to feed your enemy.

Because of the experience at the service station I understood that that man’s life was changed. He also became a new husband and father as he began to see his Heavenly Father in a brand new light.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a miracle that day at the service station. I now know Lord that miracles are probably happening all around us that we are not aware of. It amazes me Lord that Your ministry is so vast and yet we only see small parts of it. Help me Father to expand my outreach to others by being Your hand extended. I thank you Father for allowing me to be a vessel from which you can pour Your love out to others.


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