He Took My Place, Meditations By Apostle John Dean

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Then delivered He Him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led Him away. (John 19:16)

There is no doubt that one second after death each of Jesus’ accusers knew that He was truly the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is difficult for the natural mind to comprehend why the creator of the entire universe would submit Himself to His own creation to be crucified for the sake of lost humanity. Who has the ability to understand such an act of God except God Himself?

In other words I could say that…He left His place to come to my place to take my place so He could take me back to His place. That statement may seem simple, yet it is profound enough to show the face of true love.

Going out on my own as a young kid of twelve years old I was to experience many extraordinary things over the years that followed. I was to experience many faces of so called love that sometimes confused me as to what true love looked like. Some of these experiences were obviously misleading while other were heartwarmingly genuine. The story I am about to tell is certainly one of those heartwarming genuine experiences that helped shape my life.

In those first carefree years I lived with many wonderful families who were willing to share their home and hearts with me. One particular experience seemed to fit our text a little more than the other wonderful stories.

When I was fifteen years old I decided I needed to expand my horizon. I left the home where I was living without telling anyone. I hitchhiked to a much larger town than our little “no stop light town” and went to the Navy recruiting office. I proudly walked in and lied to the Navy recruiter, telling him I was eighteen years old and I was ready to serve my country.

I started filling out the application, but before I finished I got the surprise of my life. To this day I am not sure how he knew where I was, but the man of the family with whom I lived walked into the Navy recruiter’s office and simply said, “John, let’s go home. Aunt Ola is crying for you.” This lady was not my real Aunt, but she was known to everyone in our little town as Aunt Ola.

On the forty-five minute drive back home the man told me one story after another of bad things that had happened to young boys who went into the Navy. I did not believe a word he was saying, but I appreciated the love and passion in which he told the stories.

It has been sixty years since those adventurous days. From time to time I still think about this story and how love found a way of finding me. Perhaps in some small way that experience was a prophetic picture of my future life. The Lord always knows where I am. I am happy that He does because I only want to be where He wants me to be. It was because of His unexplainable love that,..He left His place to come to my place to take my place so He could take me back to His place.



The mind cannot comprehend the kind of love that You have for your runaway children. As a father, I too desire to share such love with those who feel like running away as I did. Thank you for sending love to find me and to bring me back home.



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