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Songs Of Love Bring Hope And Overcomes Fear

Do you not know I bend over you to catch your slightest whisper? I love to hear you speak to Me and won’t let any tear, word or sigh be wasted. You are indeed the apple of My eye and I delight to do you good

Victorious Faith Which Overcomes

I warm your heart with the sunshine in the morning to wake you up. I serenade you with a morning song each time your heart speaks a letter of love to Me. I love your smile whenever you are delighte

The Inherent Power Of My Word

Reach up through the crack in the sky and grasp the hem of My garment. Out of it flows—healing, passion, power, anointing, faith, hope and love. Reach up through the crack in the sky with a faith-filled grateful, forgiving heart, and experience the…

The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength

Joy says to you this morning, “I am your strength. I am the joy of your salvation, so don’t focus on your lack (Psalms 95:1; Psalms 118:15). Focus with a grateful heart on all the Lord has done in bygone days. Focus on the promises He has given you with a heart of faith.

Long-suffering And Tender-hearted Mercy

In the deep recesses of your soul, My Word has left an indelible mark. I contain the stamp of those promises. You savor and relish them in the silence of your heart. Always hoping, waiting, anticipating and believing, you are My compassionate, faithful one.

The Truth Will Set You Free

You are My friend and My great love. This is the truth and truth will set you free, so embrace it. Embrace My forgiveness, My freedom, and My rest. Those I set free are free indeed (John 8:35-36).

You Are My Plan For Such A Time As This

It is My desire to position you…to provide divine appointments and part any seas of resistance in order to advance My Kingdom in this day and hour. Minute by minute I work. Hour by hour I work. Day by day I work and I want to display My goodness and mercy through you in such increments until your whole life is swallowed up in the movement and timing of My heart.

I Have Raised You From Among The Dead While You Are Yet Living

All the pain and rejection of this life…all you have suffered and endured will be worth it all. For the nails driven deep into My flesh prepared the way for your salvation and for your call. Who you are and the dreams of your heart are non-negotiable as far as I am concerned. They are written on the walls of destiny with My blood.
The enemy has been after what is within you. Why? He still longs to bring defeat to Me and counts it a joy to use you in the process. This is nothing new. One thing He seems to forget. I have already won and so have you. Cling to Me…hide in Me and be resurrected from the dead while you are yet living. I am here to make it so.

Let Your Speech Be Good And Beneficial To Others

Therefore, let no talk or language come out of your mouth unless it is edifying (Ephesians 4:29). If you think on whatever is lovely and upright, your speech will reflect it. You are what you…

You Shall Flourish In The Days Of My Favor

I declare to you My Beloved, “You shall flourish in the days of My favor and spring up…you shall grow up in a stately, upright, useful and fruitful way.” You are growing and shall continue to grow in majestic, stable, durable and incorruptible ways.