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Jesus Sweet Whispers Of Love

“My child, My Beloved, come. Come … Yes, come and taste the clear waters of My unfailing love, and you will be refreshed. Forget the troubles of the world. Be drenched with My love now poured out (Romans 5:5).

Taste And See That The Lord Is Good

Beloved, I am here. You haven’t far to look. Just reach out right now and you’ll touch the hem of My garment (Luke 8:44). I can fulfill the impossible. My love for you can and will always conquer the impossible. Do not fret about anything that seems impossible to you for there is no such word in My vocabulary! Rest in Me and I’ll fill you with unimaginable peace and joy. Taste, see and be filled with joy. Breathe and be filled with refreshing peace. Do these things and let Me direct your paths, so I may fulfill your heart’s ever desire! Breathe, taste, and be fulfilled with My glory.

I Listen To You My Well-Pleasing One

Be encouraged My beloved ones. I am right now honoring your confession and obedience to My request. My canopy…My overshadowing of light and love is increasing over you. I am freeing you to walk as one who is created in My image…to walk as one in whom I am well pleased (Matthew 17:5).

He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time Including You

Yes, your actions and attitudes may have been most sinful, and probably were since all have sinned and fallen short of My Glory; but, you are now justified and have been made upright in Me (Romans 3:23).

God Is Not A Respecter Of Persons, All Can Fly

Those who do not believe I show partiality …those who do not believe the freedom to ascend beyond the natural into the supernatural is for everyone else but they will mount up with eagle’s wings (Acts 10:34; Isaiah 40:31; 1 Corinthians 10:4). When the belief is that someone else will do it or is more qualified and so on, there is a perpetual “someone else” and nothing gets done. Do not go there…do not say it is for someone else…do not use any other thing you most commonly use as an excuse that has negative power and does not magnify the who I say you are or who you have already been called to be.

I Mindful Of Dust And Bruised Reeds

Beloved, I am mindful that you are dust and at the same time mindful of your Sonship (Psalms103:11-14; 1 John2:2 KJV). I can embrace the two with great delight. I love the process of your life and am never dismayed or discouraged. I love the transformation process of seeing dust turn to glory. You are no exception. I am not one who breaks the bruised reeds of your life. I do not blow out or quench smoldering wicks just because they have not become a flaming fire. I heal bruised reeds and breathe life into smoldering fires till justice and victory comes (Matthew 12:20)

The Awakening Of Love

I have sent winter on its way and it is responding to the Word of My mouth. The Son is rising. Rain is coming. Ground is being softened in preparation to bring forth flowers of the Spirit from which you shall feel and gain strength.

Worship Me In Spirit and Truth

Come into My presence and worship Me in Spirit and Truth?come into My presence first and then you will have something to…

When You Have Done All To Stand, Stand

Remember this My cherished one, every Word I have sent to you…every promise I have made is in some stage of fulfillment. From conception to manifestation, you must believe in Me who cannot lie. Every Word I send is full of sound and light capable of framing your world just as My Word framed the worlds (Hebrews 11:13).

Abiding, Agreement, Thanksgiving, Declaration And Praise

Word of the Day Beloved, things have not changed since the beginning of all time when it comes to the birthing of My Word and the manifestation of all intended at its release. From the very foundation of the earth all has been done with the spoken word in conjunction with a heart of abiding, […]