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Come Journey With Me

What you so often struggle with are mere reflections of what you believe about yourself and what you believe about Me. I want to take you on a journey of intimate pursuit. I want to speak ever so kindly to you and bring you to a greater place of intimacy with Me. Come for you are indeed My passionate quest. I am reaching down. Take My hand and come up here…

Faint With Love

My heart aches as I see the abundance of My table and yet there are empty chairs. Every empty chair is an aborted plan, an aborted destiny, a missing piece of My heart. So many lose the simple truth of what it is all about. It is about love flowing like honey from the Rock, from My heart. It is all about love…all about love….all about love. O’ may I remind you, it is all about love? Yes, it gives Me pleasure to say you are one I can remind, for it is your desire too.

Winds Of Wisdom and Revelation

Vision rides on the wings of My wind. You shall not perish nor falter in the days ahead. I am taking My fingertips and inserting them into the recesses of your heart in order to open the eyes of your understanding. With each sharp as steel, yet brush-like movement I am cutting away, all …

A Strangers Voice You Shall Not Follow

Beloved, you are the sheep of My hand and the apple of My eye. I am absolutely one-hundred percent in love with you. I gave My very own life and laid it down for My sheep…for you (John 10:19). My heart is a heart moved with compassion at the distresses and ignorance of the heart, for I long for all to know Me as the Good Shepherd…as the door (Mark 6:34).

My Help Comes From The Lord

Unbelief becomes faith. Worry becomes peace. Sadness becomes joy. Death becomes life. Bitterness becomes forgiveness. Defeat becomes victory and so on and so on. There is no end to the transforming power of My Word. Embrace truth and disappointment, discontentment, assumption and speculation will flee. All the little foxes will know and understand there is no place for them in the midst of your forgiving, merciful, trusting and faithful heart.

You Are The Light In The World

Beloved, in light of the life within you…in light of who lives in you, don’t be so eager to speak the negative things you see and feel. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and negative talk, no matter how innocent it seems, can rain on even the greatest Fourth of July parade (Proverbs 18:20-21).

All Things New

Yes, I turn evil for good and take the mistakes you make and turn them into lessons. I use them to polish your life to reflect My beauty. I am the Master of restoration and working all things together for good (Romans 8:27-29). Therefore, do not walk in deliberate and willful sin and make the enemy’s job easier.

New Wine

My Beloved, are you truly willing to let all things go in order to receive more of Me? Count it all joy to leave behind anything and everything I ask you to let go of. Who knows, like Abraham and Isaac, it may not have to be.

Dare To Believe!

Questions and doubts aside, I came to Abram in the twilight hours of his life and spoke to the dream in his heart. Yes, I spoke to a dream buried so deep he was only aware of it enough to plan and give all he had to his servant. Did he remember his dream of a son every time he looked at his servant? Did he still long in his heart? Yes!

Three-Stranded Cord

Your soft heart full of compassion and genuine care for others is very pleasing to my eyes. I can’t help smiling at the very thought you have for the needy, the lonely, the broken. Yes, you love and long for restoration of all things in the lives of the downcast. This is My heart and yours as well (Isaiah 61).