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The Principles Of Multiplication, Reaping And Sowing

Beloved, I am the God of multiplication. I am your God of multiplication in every way and in everything. Simply put, I multiply you and all I have put in you. I multiply all you have and all you need. Because of this, come to love the seed (The Word or Words) I give you…love the wisdom I give you for every situation and circumstance.

Sacrifice To Me With A Voice Of Thanksgiving

It is never My desire for you to get to the place of fainting. When there is nothing left to do but stand, you must stand (Ephesians 6:13-14). To be able to do this is the result of peace birthed from a thankful heart. When you refuse to be thankful or even if you simply ignore opportunities to do so, depression and hopelessness can come in.

Greater Is He Who Is In You

Beloved, you are never separated from Me. In order for separation to happen, I would have to leave…to come and go depending on your actions or attitudes. I would have to be only a fair-weather friend. That would not be much to die for now would it? Where would your security be if I were only a fair-weather friend? How could I set you in a large place or be your strong tower (2 Samuel 22:20)? I am unchanging, immovable and invincible to the very end (Isaiah 41:4).

Power In The Blood Of Jesus

Speak My name. Whisper My name. Close your eyes, and see your family, your concerns, held within the shelter of My name. Speak My name. Speak My name. There is power in the blood, power in My Name. Though you were far off, you are now brought near (Ephesians 2:12-13)

Rattle Your Cage, I Think Not

It is for this purpose I have come to destroy the works of the evil one and have sent the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth (cf. John 16:13; John 14:25-27)). It is only when you obstinately refuse My help, under the guise of self-righteousness or fear, that I am grieved. It is not your stones that bother Me.

Between The Rock And The Hard Place Into The Secret Place

What am I asking right now? I am asking, “Will you believe in the faithfulness of the Rock and not surrender to the lies the enemy tells you in the hard places when he endeavors to smear My name. Be willing to “Go this way” regardless. The reward is great within the secret place of the Rock.

My Child, My Friend

Yes it is true that I love all My sons and daughters the same. However, I love them in individual unique ways according to how I fashioned them. It is the same with you who are fearfully and wonderfully made in an exceptional way.

The Mind of Christ

Ah . . . knowing all things work for good for those who believe and are called according to My purpose is the answer, the anchor to steady your trust in the middle of any quest (Romans 8:28). Your mind is sharp and attentive My leading and is increasing day by day. I pour out graces upon graces to you, enabling you to grasp the height, breadth and depth of My love in new ways (Ephesians 3:18).

A Time For New Choices

The time has come for you, My beloved one, to make some choices and let go of things that are lawful but not profitable (1 Corn. 6:12). There is a time and season for everything. A new season is here and you cannot hold on to those things any longer. They are not sin in and of their selves. It is the effect they have on your…

Master Of The Dance

Like Me, the instructor sees your effort and rewards you with words of praise and gentle instruction. His confidence in you allows you to give way to the beauty of the music and move your whole being in sync with the ‘Master of the Dance.’