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Breath Of Life

Put Your Face Into The Wind

It is a new day and those with their faces set like flint and turned into the wind will hear the voice of Holy Spirit saying, “Turn right, turn left.” The nuances of My presence and diversity of gifts have become and will continue to become manifest (Isaiah 50:7). Without revelation you perish. Turn your face into My wind; I have set vision before you this day.

Frame Your World With God’s Word And Release The Light

Beloved, you have more control over your destiny, your future than you know through the words of your mouth. The principle…the law of sowing and reaping functions in the area of speech more so than any other place. The worlds were framed by My Words (Hebrews 11:3).

Food of Divine Inspiration

Have I not said you hold the thoughts and intents of My heart (1 Corinthians 2:16)? I have so much to say and you are willing to listen. Because of this I share things with you no one else hears. However, if they would listen, they would hear. I am always talking, but most are not listening. Beloved, I must admit, I take full advantage of a good listener. Never stop listening and I will never stop talking or sharing My ideas and thoughts with you.

I Turn Your Rocky Places Into Pools And Fountains Of Water

Beloved, they may even be side issues relating to many big matters at hand or a past which seems to be catching up to you. The past is the past and all you can do is repent and speak My Word of restoration and deliverance over it. Do not revisit the past. Press on to higher more stable ground. I will lead you to a large place where you can prevail if only you believe Me. This is where trust comes in.

See, Marvel, and Fear Not

Come into a place of quiet rest in My presence and I will deposit My very essence into the empty places of your heart, into the empty places of lost desire and hope. My hope will never disappoint and I will give you My very self in a real and tangible way.

You Are a Significant Representation of My Heart

Though life sometimes seems so very far from the many declarations of love which flow from My heart, I want you to know I still feel the same—still feel the same as I did from the beginning of all time. Nothing has changed and it never will. What you have done or failed to do matters not in reference to My great love for you. You are still the same joy of My heart and always will be. Though circumstances of suffering and travail may have afflicted your soul causing you to act in ways grievous to your heart, I am still very much in love with you.

Transform The Darkness

Beloved, I am here to tell you many, many words of love in hopes that you won’t worry, fret or struggle so—in hopes you will experience the fullness of My delight as I interact in and through your life. You are indeed a light in the world and shall not be hidden.

It Is Finished

I know it is the tendency of human nature to focus on the negative and not the positive…to forget the good things I have accomplished in and for you. When you forget it is most important to remember that I have accomplished all things necessary and now sit at the right hand of the Father to ever intercede on your behalf (Romans 8:34). I am your great intercessor and even now as you read this I am interceding on your behalf. Selah.

Choosing to Forget The Past One Act At A Time

Beloved, there are more acts to come, so don’t leave the play by walking in doubt and unbelief regardless of what scene is taking place in front of you. Leave the past behind where it belongs, and, don’t leave the play before the curtain opens on the next scene (Philippians 3:11-14).