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Serene, Soaking Music by Raymond Robinson

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The Bible has much to say about the human heart. It is from where who we really are comes from. If we could look into a persons heart we would truly see who they are. It is also where true worship comes from. In this piece I have offered a little of my heart song.


As someone who plays, listens to and enjoys music every day I also enjoy silence. This is a track which has a very gentle melody with an Irish flavour to it. I like listening to it and enjoying a moment of silence after. I pray it is a blessing to you. In the Bible, Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 says “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” I pray you bring peace today.


The Psalms are one of my favourite books of the Bible. As a musician I am naturally drawn to them. They have great depth and encouragement. They also have great honesty. Often David, who wrote a great deal of the Psalms, spoke honestly to God about how he felt. He was often in the wilderness physically and spiritually alone with God. This melody represents the voice of David, seemingly alone with God, but really not alone because of God. I hope it conveys emotion and encourages you to speak honestly to God. I purposely left the flute on its own to represent its vulnerability.


We spend so much time worrying today. Sometimes we worry that we worry. I hope this melody gives you a little space to be at peace.


The inspiration of this track is taken from a verse in the Bible. Matthew chapter 5 verse 4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”. The repeating pattern of the guitar on the track represents the mourning (when people mourn they cannot think about tomorrow…it seems endless… just like the repeating pattern). I then put a peaceful melody over this, which at points joins the guitar. When we mourn we always have people around us to support and love us whether they are friends or family…. they are a blessing.


I am a great fan of oriental music. Having played Chinese Dizi flutes for a few years now, I took an existing sample track and added some additional instruments to it. I call it Celebration because that is what it sounds like to me. However you may have other descriptions. I hope you enjoy it.


The pictures of Eagles in the Bible are favourite verses of mine. The eagle is such a wonderful and amazing bird. In this piece, using my Native American Indian flute I have tried to create musically the sound of two eagles flying together in harmony…..having fun.


I love to walk in valleys and listen to the sounds created in them. All of us at times in our lives, walk through valleys. These can often be lonely places. As a Christian, I try to look up to God when I experience these valleys and learn from the experience. This piece is a reflection of my looking up. The low consistent music in the piece represents the valley experience and the Native American Flute being played is my heart as I look up from the valley.


The inspiration of track come from Psalm 51 in the Bible.

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