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Called In The Desert

Like Moses, you have been called out of the wilderness, for you know who your Father in Heaven is. I am the Lord God of Israel —the great I AM that I AM. I called you from birth, from conception. I knit you together for a purpose beyond your comprehension to be fulfilled in the here and now (Psalms 139:13-28). Destiny in life is lived moment by moment, day by day.

Inhaling The Sweetness Of The Lord

Beloved, My instructions for you this day are this; INHALE MY SWEETNESS! Inhale the very essence of who I am. To do so will take only a few moments of time with Me…a few moments away from the busyness of your life. Make the sacrifice. I promise you it will be worthwhile. I know sometimes you need a little help…a few inspirational ideas so; I have chosen to give you some examples in order to stir your heart.

Arise With Eagles Wings And Be Renewed With Strength, Expectation And Hope

Beloved, do you want supernatural strength and energy? I hope so, for it is what I have already given you and long for you to appropriate. As My child, you are called to walk in the supernatural for your citizenship is in heaven not here on earth. You are no longer of the earth. You are a whole new being…one who is loved and seated with Me already.

Safe Harbors, Uncharted Waters And The Chief Cornerstone

Beloved, you are free to explore without the fear of condemnation for you are hidden in Me (Romans 8:1). Come be a pioneer and discover lands as the unmoving Rock of My heart takes you on a journey; yet, keeps you safe and secure in My immovable love. After all, you are already perfect in Me.

My Love Endures Forever

I am ever present with you, no matter what you may be experiencing or feeling. I am present in all your trouble (Psalms 46:1) I am not bound by your emotions or situations. I am Your ever adoring and loving Father who delights in you every moment of your life (1 John 3:1). I particularly enjoy your times of quiet rest. Your times of respite are very precious to Me and enable Me to speak in ways I otherwise could not.

The Heart Goes On

My child, slow down and know that I am in control. Stop hurrying around and expecting everything to be done right now! My ways and thoughts are higher than yours (Isaiah55:7). You may not understand for the most part why you must wait but the things…the dreams, visions and destiny I have for you are precious. Like aged wine they take time to become full bodied. Some will come to fullness before others; but, it is as it should be, for they in turn are building blocks for the next dream or vision. To not have the proper time or process will make your house like a house of cards on shifting sands. I know you do not want it to be that way. So, be patient with yourself as I am with you.

More Than a Conqueror, Part Two

Comparing oneself to another in any way—good or bad—is detrimental. Comparison will always lead to a critical spirit which stops everyone concerned in their tracks. Don’t even compare your present state with your past…

Dare To Dream, Dare To Walk In The Visions Of Your Heart – Part Two

Beloved, each person is fashioned with an ability to dream and create and you are no exception. Each person is fashioned for and fit for good purpose and good works. To prove it, you have been given the Holy Spirit as a guarantee. He will lead you, guide you and bring you into all revelation and truth. Holy Spirit will stir up the thoughts and desires of My heart already in you. For you do contain the thoughts and intents of My heart.

There is no difference between you or any other individually unique person who has done both the great and the small. I say small because men often grade on a scale I never use. I look at your heart and when it is obedient to do as it is prompted a smile can be as grand…as great as the building of Solomon’s temple. I know it is hard to grasp, but never the less, it is true.

Dare To Dream – Dare To Walk In The Visions Of Your Heart, Part One

Beloved, dreams are often birthed in the darkest of hours or times of intimacy often unseen by others. Therefore, be encouraged this day. Put your ears to My heart and listen to what my Spirit is saying. Do not give up when pressure exerts itself against you. Do not give in to the tactics, lies and deceitful persuasions of the enemy. Be of good courage and dream with an understanding that I am with you to fulfill the visions of your heart.

More Than a Conqueror, Part One

The time has come for you to walk on water. You are My water walker and this is what you must meditate on above all you see, feel or hear from any other source. Hear Me, believe Me, and proclaim only what I say and your crack in the sky shall become an open heaven.