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My Significant One

Majestic mountains declare My strength while the sounds of waterfalls demonstrate the power of My singing heart as they echo My voice through the atmosphere. Yes, Beloved, I have a singing heart and it sings over you many songs of the ages. My heart sings songs of ancient days when you existed in the depths of My eternal heart waiting to manifest in the natural. I have carried you forever and ever in the depths of My being in a cradle of love and anticipation. Not only have I carried you in my heart, but I have loved you always from the beginning of all that has ever been or ever will be.

The Lion Judah And The Fresh Bread Of Heaven

I am the Lion of Judah and I am inviting you to ride with Me…for only in riding with Me will you be safe. There are many things ahead you cannot see or even begin to contemplate. There are caves and open fields. There are deserts and lush gardens. All landscapes…all circumstances, regardless of how lush or barren they may be have predators that look for unattended ones to come by their way.

From Acorn To Oaks, From Ashes To Beauty, The Planting Of The Lord

I look at you and My heart beats with joy and I rejoice over you. In fact, I am so happy I can’t help but sing songs of love over you (Zephaniah 3:17). Listen to the song I am singing and you will know how much I love you. You will know without a doubt how precious you are to Me.

Help Comes From The Lord

Come sit under the apple tree with Me…come and savor the sweet crisp taste of My Presence. Did you know apples help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and have been considered the “King of Fruits.” The juice of apples can even regulate heart burn. Do you feel the pressure of the times and circumstances? Do you have spiritual heart burn? Like apples in the natural heal on a natural level, time in My Presence heals both the natural and the spiritual. Selah (Meditate)

Children Play Hide And Seek, Sons And Daughters Come Face To Face

Little children cover their eyes to hide for many reasons such as: for fun, hide and seek, out of fear, excitement, or because they feel like they have done something wrong. When they hide their eyes because they feel like they have done something wrong, it is often because they are not sure what will happen to them. Life or people have taught them to be wary. Grace was absent on an experiential level. This is about to change for them and for you.

Separating The Darkness Part Two

The power of God to separate any and all darkness from or in our lives just as He separated the day and night just as He did in Genesis 1. I so loved the world—the—cosmos…so loved the original intended order I set up in the Garden that I gave My Son. I gave My Son in order to possess what the devil took by adverse possession…by squatting on unattended or forgotten land. I so loved the world and all it contains, which includes you and everyone else, for I desire none to perish (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).

Separating The Darkness Part One

Beloved, restoration is your portion from Me. I restore your soul; you’re your heart and every other part of your life (Psalms 23:3). I delight in restoring everything, even down to the cellular level, to the most intrinsic fiber of your being and thinking. There is always a battle to prevent this, a battle between light and darkness. It started at creation. I won then and I am still winning. Transference From Darkness To Light Separating The Darkness, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

He Has Already Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time

What you do with and in the time given you is eternal and goes on forever. You could say the true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time. He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time. Truly, I have made you beautiful before time, in time and for all time to come.

Sweet Nectar, Butterfly Of God’s Heart

There are beauties of My glory, yet untapped and I am going to show them to you. I am opening them up before your very eyes, enabling sight into a realm not seen before. I am drawing you to drink deeply from My sweet nectar—to drink deeply from My presence. I am wooing you with love. I am drawing you with kindness and I am washing you with the water of My Word.

A Promise Given, A Promise Kept – God, The Original & Ultimate Promise Keeper

Beloved, I am not excusing the practice of breaking promises or not living up to covenant; but, I am saying that men are men and just like you they fail…they miss the mark. This is where grace and a true understanding of provision come in to save the day. This is where knowing one’s value to the King of Kings can make or break the day…can determine if it is filled with joy and trust or if it is filled with anxiety, self-doubt or even worse…having a heart filled with offense, bitterness and resentment at the one who failed to keep their promise…who failed to keep their covenant.