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Ants In My Coffee

The flecks in my cup looked like ants; therefore, they must be ants. In fact, I almost poured the cream out before I decided to take a closer look. If I had done so, I would have wasted some good cream and delayed my first drink (which is always the best) by having to start the process one more time.

Communion – Broken Bread & Poured Out Wine, A Place Of Healing, Intercession And Grace

Consider the verse in John 20:23 and take Him at His Word. Will you stand in the gap for the forgiveness and the release of another’s sin? Will you be one who comes boldly before the throne of grace to receive mercy in time of need for yourself and others? Will you be one who dares to go outside the confines of religious communion and enter into spiritual communion where the wine and bread multiply when it is put in the hands of a repentant giving heart? Will you be broken bread and poured out wine in the life of another. Will you be one who takes communion with such a heart as to become communion in a dying world?

Journals Of The Heart, A Dream Come True

In The Beginning My journey to where I am now began somewhere in 2004, not discounting a whole life of preparation. Although I have written poetry since childhood, never wrote articles compiled my thoughts into any other form until around this time. Spurred on by a series of trials which left us without a church […]

My Journey Of Personal Transformation

In The Beginning There are some things, some areas in my life which are in need of healing, things from the time of my conception. I have discovered certain tendencies in my life which do not give glory to Him, nor serve or benefit my own growth or the growth of my family. I have […]