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However, in the meantime I wanted you to know we have updated SWAP with a lot of new features. You may now listen via the SWAP PLAYER, by GENRE, by CD or by using our preselected FAVORITES. We will be adding new artist and new favorites in the weeks to come.

Out Of The Office Summer News Letter

Carvings In His Palm is currently being recorded in audio with background music. Please pray for Gary Ellis who is doing the audio portion. Cathy Mart (who has two of the top four most popular songs on SWAP so make sure you go and check her out…her CDs are available for purchase at CD BABY ) is supplying the music. We are going to make the book available with and without music…in individual chapters and letters as well as provide individual devotions for YouTube in order to spread the Good News of the Father’s Heart to all who need it. Please pray for a seamless, anointed time in doing this.