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Kingdom Of God

The manifestation of My glory and the Kingdom of God within you will transfigure the kingdoms of your own life and the kingdoms of this world. All transfiguration of the heart is continual and always results in sharing what you been given. It is not a place of permanent altars but a place of commission (Matthew 17:1-5).

I Am the Lifter of Your Head

There will soon come a time—a day in which I lift your head, lift your eyes to see—that you might observe the good repercussions of our union within the enclosed garden of My being. And behold, all things will have been made new while you were lost in Me. You will be amazed that you have doing yet there was no realization of doing for there was no struggle, no strife. (rewrite sentence. Unclear) You will find to your great delight that your focus changed when you dared to cross the line of choice, when you dared to heed the Voice of Promise. The heavy yoke having disappeared while beholding Me will no longer have power to weigh you down. You can carry out vision and purpose in a relaxed state while reclining at My table.

Considering the Worlds My Hands Have Made

Beloved, most loved and precious treasure of Mine, there is nothing in all of creation seen or unseen having the ability to compare to you in My eyes. When I consider all the worlds My hands have made they do not in any way or fashion compare to the beauty of who you are. Even the exotic realms of the earth and beyond were created to delight the eye with pleasure and to invoke praise to flow from your heart like a sonnet of many colors.

Becoming The A Joseph’s Coat And The Dreams Of Your Heart

Joseph was a dreamer, Brenda explains how you can dream and watch it grows. This is an introductory teaching to her revelation on how to become a Joseph’s Coat.


Fog by George Parlor Music slide show of unique approaching fog banks like I’ve never seen in the twenty years of working offshore. While no amount of pictures can take the place of witnessing this phenomenon in person, I hope you get a glimpse of the awe and wonder we felt beholding God’s beauty in […]

Let Hope Arise

Let Hope Arise By Tiffany Ann Lewis of Dancing With The Flame Ministries To all of you who are barely holding on, we pray that you are touched by the Spirit of God as He stirs deep within you in order to “let Hope arise.” Amen.

The Pointed Finger And The Pointed Tongue Verses Grace

We look at others and wonder why they can’t seem to overcome areas of struggle in their lives while at the same time we are fraught with our own inability to achieve victory in our own areas of weakness. We wonder why others can’t seem to see what we see or be as righteous as we are and yet we need glasses of our own. To put it in a nutshell, we forsake grace and set ourselves up as a judge who has the ability to somehow discern and evaluate the motives of another man’s heart which only the Lord can truly see. Sure we can see outward manifestations or what we call symptoms; but, are they the full indicator? Not necessarily. I know the Word says we shall know them by their fruit. Notice the word is know them, not judge or speak evil of them. Knowing should lead to prayer and intercession, not judgment least we be judged.

SWAP Newsletter

However, in the meantime I wanted you to know we have updated SWAP with a lot of new features. You may now listen via the SWAP PLAYER, by GENRE, by CD or by using our preselected FAVORITES. We will be adding new artist and new favorites in the weeks to come.

Declaration of Strength and the Power to Bloom

I declare the strength of the Lord to all who read this…I declare you will not grow faint or weary in doing good…I speak to your spirit man and tell it to arise and shine over your soul man…over your mind…over and above all your thinking…over your will and give you great resolve to stand…over […]

A Love Note From Jesus On Mother’s Day

You are the apple of My eye…the most beautiful piece of pottery on My wheel…the loveliest garden I walk in…the most fragrant lily of the valley…the most perfect rose of Sharon..the most amazing butterfly I have ever crafted.