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Somewhere on Another Shore

I bowed low in my place of utter need ‚Äú but in a split second”, found myself upright and striding on other shores. Essence of renewed life filled the atmosphere, floating cloud-like through my heart. Heart prints of bygone journeys entreated me, enticed me, “Follow us. We know the way.”¬Ě Tattered, weather-beaten cords of another […]

Keeper of the Key

Sheer panic grips her. Wiles have been perpetrated. Subtle breezes lift strands of her hair. They wrap around her neck, as if attempting to choke out any sound, any melody. Her lips part only to find silence. Velvet eyes set within a pale, soft face, like deep pools were known to flash green and blue […]

Dark But Lovely

Can this be? Tall grasses move in the breeze, whispering His name, brushing like kisses across my hands. Water-brooks murmur with every ripple, every bubble, effervescing wonders of His countenance. Wafting in dream-like essence across corridors of my heart, visions dance a dance of wooing love, enticing me. Does He not know? My face darkened […]