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Carvings In His Palm Book Reviews

If you have read and loved books like Come Away My Beloved by Frances Roberts, God Calling by A.J. Russell, or Letters From The Father’s Heart by Charles Slagle you are sure to love Brenda’s book.

Though her writings are in the same vein as these great scribes of God’s heart, she takes things a few steps further providing thought provoking reflections and prayers which have the capability to increase faith through the power of intercession and declaration. Her book is like Come Away My Beloved on steroids.

Carvings In His Palm Book Review By Pam Kumpe

It was as though, I’d personally taken those letters from my own mailbox, and opened them. Like God was sending me special notes of encouragement by way of Brenda’s book.

Brenda set out to teach truths about how God truly feels about His children. About how much He loves us. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book with the dialog set in this tone. Thus my surprise, especially since I felt like God spoke to me in a new way.

Come Away My Beloved (Book Review)

  Some twenty years ago, while rummaging through Goodwill, I stumbled upon an interesting book. As I leafed through its pages my heart began to stir. Soft, refreshing breezes awakened deep longings. Every word seemed to jump right off the page into the depths of my spirit. I had to have this book and who […]