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Of Shovels And Butterflies, A Resurrection Moment In The Garden

Responding with gentleness, the Lord spoke to my awakened heart, “Yes, just to remind you, though once barren, I took what you had; transforming your life into a watered garden filled with winged abundance. After all, I am Resurrection…I am Truth…and I am Life.

Blackberries, Thorns and Sweet Cream

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Of Shovels And Butterflies

With hands shoved deep into my pockets, I walked with my head down to hide the tears in my eyes. Who I was hiding them from? God! I don’t know. Even if someone drove by they couldn’t see my tear stained face. Warm breezes of early summer drifted through my hair, mocking the chill in […]

God Sends A Cardinal

Written by Jean Dean “When God Sends A Cardinal Tapping at Your Window!” Hello Beloved!May I share something sweet with you? I feel comfortable sharing this with you, for I feel like we relate. The reason for the above title is this. Over the past two weeks, there has been a precious little Cardinal tapping […]