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A Love Note From Jesus On Mother’s Day

You are the apple of My eye…the most beautiful piece of pottery on My wheel…the loveliest garden I walk in…the most fragrant lily of the valley…the most perfect rose of Sharon..the most amazing butterfly I have ever crafted.

Of Shovels And Butterflies, A Resurrection Moment In The Garden

Responding with gentleness, the Lord spoke to my awakened heart, “Yes, just to remind you, though once barren, I took what you had; transforming your life into a watered garden filled with winged abundance. After all, I am Resurrection…I am Truth…and I am Life.

How Great Thou Art “Store Gud” A Poetic Tribute

Carl Boberg, a young Swedish minister, wrote this hymn in poetic phrase while walking home from a church service in a thunder storm, nearly a hundred years ago. Imagine his surprise when he heard his poem sung to an old Swedish tune. Some forty years later a Russian pastor named Stuart Hine caught in a similar thunder-storm added to this magnificent hymn. Both men, lovers of God, opened their ordinary lives to leave a great heritage for the upcoming generations.

Water Walker

At first glance one might automatically say, “Oh, this is just the story of when Peter walked on water with Jesus.” However, if we but take a much closer look we see there is so much more that God is saying here. First Jesus sends his disciples out on the boat while he dismisses the others. Now I believe Jesus wanted some quite time with his father. It was something He was fond of doing on a regular basis…something we could learn from. This is how He could say and do only what He heard and saw Him doing.

Christ In You, The Ever-Present, Unchanging & Overcoming God, Part One

Be not afraid or concerned, for regardless of whether you feel or experience My Presence I am still abiding in You. I do not come and make My home in the ones I love only to leave or forsake them and this includes you. All of My sons feel disconnected or afraid some time or another. When this happens, it is important to renew your mind in me…to take your thoughts captive to My Word and to listen for the whispers of My heart to you. In doing this the enemy…the father of all lies will flee as My Word takes root to spring upward in you.

Lily Band

The Lily Band’s Latest DVD All glory and honor to our Holy Father and Jesus the Lily of the valley. Come… taste and see that He is Good as He pours His new wine and oil in and over you. See ,feel, and know you are so very loved.” in Jesus love an peace, Gary […]

Rest In Me Soaking Session

“Rest in Me, Psalm 23” is a tender time in the presence of the Lord designed to draw His beloved out of busyness into a place of rest among green pastures and still waters…

Butterflies and God Whispers

Photos By Brenda Craig, All Rights Reserved Poised to Drink Before the rains came my flowers were far and few in between. While strolling through my garden with camera in hand, I noticed one flowering plant had a few blooms among many spent ones. Disappointed and not expecting to see much excitement, I was surprised […]