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I Am Your Shepherd

I Am your Shepherd. Whose Shepherd? Your Shepherd! And because you are Mine I know you (John 10:14). I have marked you as My own. You have been circumcised in your heart by the Spirit (Romans 2: 28-29, Colossians 2:11).

Traveling A Different Road

Sorrows have been in your nights in the past but joy has now come. It is morning. Your rags are royal robes and your feet are shod with the gospel of peace. Revelation knowledge is yours. Many will come to hear overflowing abundance of your heart. Surely you will impart abundance into lives of lack.

The Preparation Of The Lord

I do not send you ahead of Me and I never will. I loved first, gave first, suffered first, sacrificed first, died first, rose first and ascended first in order to prepare your way. The Father sent Me and I willingly came to scout out and to make a way to bring you to the high plains of relationship once again.

A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

Not only do reckless words plant a destructive crop of weeds, they will cause you to drift back into old habit patterns, opening doors to …

Be Anxious For Nothing

Beholding your circumstances more than Me gives them My place. When you behold Me you receive life. When you behold your circumstances, struggles and disappointments they give you …

You Are My Continual Spring Welling Up Unto Eternal Life

Beloved you are My courageous and forgiven one. You are indeed MY fountain with the ability to bring forth watered gardens in your own life and the lives of other. Arise and Come! Arise and bubble forth My presence. Arise and gush forth My life. Come and thirst no more.

Resting In The Perfect Timing Of The Lord

Timing as a green pasture laced with still waters, is a place of protection within the Good Shepherd’s fold where one is able to rest in the sovereign goodness and mercy of My heart while I do as I have promised. It is a place to rest and eat at My banqueting table…to hear the instructions of My heart as you abide in Me. In doing this, any explosives are dismantled or obverted through careful instruction as I go before you to destroy your enemies. This is how you feast at My table in the presence of your enemies. It is all in the timing…the taking time to eat in My presence and receive. It is here in this field of timing where I direct you…anoint you…protect you and surround you with goodness and mercy.

When You Where A Child

Put away childish things all the while remembering the lessons you learned (I Corn. 13:11). When you were a child playing with toys or dolls you were learning how to love and care for others in your adult years. There was a day however when your toys became passing thoughts relegated to warm memories. You knew instinctively the time had come to lay them aside in favor of something better and more appropriate to your age.

Times Of Refreshing

Taste and see that I am good, yes, good in every way, in every experience of your soul, in every night of the soul (Psalms 34:8 Psalms 119:103). I am refreshing sweetness to weary and dry bones and a delicacy to the satisfied. Eat from the honey of My Word for it is good and sweet to the taste, rejuvenating to a cellular level with revelatory, overcoming strength.

Days Of Adornment

Decree a thing and it shall come to pass, bathing your path with light, light to see ahead for I have gone before you to make a way where there is no way (Job 22:28). And as you go, Heaven drips, filling many honey pots along the path. You see beloved, your desire is Mine and Mine is yours. I will have it no other way.