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The Heavenly Sphere And Ages To Come

Beloved, I am nigh unto this day and every day after. I am night unto and in your heart to lead you…to guide you into realms beyond your natural thinking where the possibilities are unlimited. Come and go with Me to a place where “if only you believe” all things are possible…to a place where when you truly believe you will receive (Matthew 21:22).

Holy Spirit Whispers

I placed you within My garden and I have always been with you. I surround you and I have been watching your development with great anticipation as I wait for your complete emergence (Psalms 125:2). I have and am pulling away every hindering strand of your cocoon one filament at a time. I know sometimes it seems almost at a standstill. Have you ever seen slow motion photography as a flower unfolds? It is the same for you. Sometimes it seems very slow and at others it seems as if things suddenly appear. Every filament removed has a progressively larger affect. After all, I am the God of multiplication.

Heed My Call and Be Filled

I made you like a robust tree where people can find shade, shade of hope and a future in Me. The seed of destiny, the seed of My image is producing a magnificent, stately habitation for all around you. I have given you the richest measure of My divine presence, and today I say, “You are one wholly filled and flooded with Me!” Yes, My love, it is so (Ephesians 3:19 AMP)

My Cup Over Flows

I have given you every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm (Ephesians 1:3). I have crowned your years with fatness, made you a little lower than the angels, and given you a love that endures forever (Psalms 65). I have made all things known to you by the Spirit. All things the Father has given to Me, I have already given to you (John 16:12-16).

Ride The Wind

I have chosen you and called you, not as one to be pushed forward, but as one who advances with the knowledge of who they are in Me. The kingdom suffers violence, and violent men take it by force (Matt. 11:12 Amplified).

Come Beyond The Veil Into My Heart

Sometimes you tend to forget to come and rejoice like a child when all is well…when life is bursting forth like in garden like arrays or when the harvest is abundant. And sometimes you stay away because you feel unworthy in the dark times…in the hard times or when you feel you have somehow missed the mark. Maybe you have missed the mark. All do at some time or another. If given to religion and the law you stay at bay. If given to grace, you run into My arms where mercy triumphs over judgment.

Seasons Come, Seasons Go, God Is Faithful

Beloved, your spiritual life holds many seasons. Sometimes, just like in the natural, they seem to defy normal courses of action. There are years in which there seems to be no spring, no summer, no fall or no winter. In the natural there are often years of drought when times of rain seem a distant memory.

Consider Jesus

Beloved, you have been consecrated, set apart for Me. You have been separated forever from the world and its designs for your life and transferred into My Kingdom of Light. I have taken you from the common and ordinary existence to be of use in a sacred and holy way. I have made you venerable and worthy of being treated with reverence, deserving of honor and respect. Simply stated; I have made you all things that I am. You have been set apart and consecrated to Me . . . you have been set apart to worship Me.

Heart Of A Child

Likewise, I remember every moment of your formation as I overshadowed you in the jar of your mother’s womb. My spirit hovered and I penetrated the very depths of your soul with longing for Me. I fashioned you in My image. You twinkle with My essence. You hold My DNA, My heart and My light. So let your light shine before all men and see the darkness transformed…see the darkness flee.

God’s Whispers of Love

Throughout the earth, the wind of My Spirit is moving, rustling, blowing, and whispering many things. It is creating masterpieces destined to last through out eternity. And you are My masterpiece. I have planned every color, every texture, and every nuance contained within your being. Like a coat of many colors, you were knit in your mother’s womb. Like an artist pallet, you hold enough colors to paint the greatest canvas of all time. All things necessary to move and flow within the creative winds of My presence and love are in you.