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Stronghold In The Day Of Trouble

I enable you to stand in any given day or situation. I am your ever-present help in times of trouble whether it is physical, emotional, personal or otherwise (Psalms 37:39). Trouble is trouble no matter the connotation or…

Gratefulness Equals Rest

Beloved, I created you to live in a garden but Adam and Eve forfeited the birthright I desired for all My children. My desires have not changed, therefore I am changing you into a…

Settle Down In My Presence

Beloved, you are much harder on yourself than I; you forget My goodness, My kindness and mercy. Allow yourself to be washed and cleansed with My Word, which releases My…

Hold Nothing Back

Remember one thing most of all. I am your heavenly Father and it is a position that I love and cherish above all, for I delight in you, My precious child. Yes, I delight in you as I delight in My Son. If I didn’t the Cross would be of no consequence. I gave Him that you…

Success Is The Fruit Of Your Wilderness

Beloved, success in your life is the only option. It is the only alternative. There is a path you must follow out of each and every wilderness of life. Each one is unique and specially crafted for you and no one else. The enemy loves to come with lies and deceit to convince you that if I truly loved you I wouldn’t allow such things to take place—that I would banish all wilderness experiences

Grains Of Sand, Hour Glasses And The Illusion Of Time Verses Eternity

What you do with and in the time given you is eternal and goes on forever. You could say the true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time. This illusion can tell you there will be no consequences for speaking words of death. This illusion can tell you there will be no long range eternal effects released when you speak as I tell you to in agreement with My Word. Whatever the enemy can tell you in relation to the value of your time and words in order to render you ineffective he will.

I Am Delighted In You Says The Lord

I am delighted in you, with you and for you. I never want you to feel far away from me. It simply isn’t true and cannot be true. You are hidden in Me. Lay your misgivings down and lay your ear against the beating of My heart. Find a soft chair…soft music and crawl up in My lap…My embrace. Hear My heart beat words of encouragement and praise.

Fashioned And Equipped For His Manifest Glory

Come into a time…come to a time of residing in green pastures as David did. Come and see what it is I do in this day and hour. Come and be with Me. When you do the dreams and desires of your heart will become vivid and they will pull you like a magnet to fulfill all I have planned. Revel in the beauty of who I say you are. People are not attracted to sour grapes but they are attracted to sweet honey

Seeds, Weeds And Gardens

My precious child, at times you have allowed the enemy to sow seeds (weeds) of pain and lies in your garden. Because of the lies, you have built fences around these weeds as if they were cherished. This should not be so! Clinging to weeds brings death! If you let Me, I will pull down those fences and pull up all the weeds based on lies, deceptions, hurt and wrong mindsets. After all, I am the Master Gardner and am well able to pull up the weeds root and all, leaving nothing to spring up again.

Let Dreams Birthed In Darkness Bring Light To The Path Ahead

How many dreams do you think David had while tending his sheep? I will let you in on a little secret. He had more dreams than you can count and they all were birthed out of his worship and intimacy with Me. He didn’t wait till he became a king to dream. Dreaming gave way to being a king. He allowed destiny and purpose to unfold a bear and a lion until finally Goliath fell (1 Samuel 17:34-37).