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Jesus, The Living Bread

Beloved, I am the bread of Heaven…the living eternal bread. I am always fresh…always giving life no matter the circumstance or environment. My life giving is not determined by anything other than by the fact that I Am and always will be the eternal bread which came down from Heaven…which causes you, like Me, to live forever…to live forever in the here and now as well as in eternity. Eternity is now.

Abiding, A Many Faceted Wonder

Beloved, abide is a gentle sounding word, yet it is encapsulated with the authoritative, trustworthy backbone of the Cross. It is encased in My shed blood. In light of this let Me share some facets of this all encompassing word as you behold Me in your heart.

My Child, My Friend

Yes it is true that I love all My sons and daughters the same. However, I love them in individual unique ways according to how I fashioned them. It is the same with you who are fearfully and wonderfully made in an exceptional way.

Release The Full Spiritual Stature Of His Life Within You

You can have a million dollars but if you never go to the bank and get it, what good is it. I do not want you to live in poverty of spirit in any area when the fullness of who I am lives in you (Colossians 2:10).

Pleasers of Men or Pleasers of God

There is no other way, no other path you can walk and be successful. There is no other avenue to take that will lead to the peace and happiness you are searching for. I am sending angels of war to…

A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

Not only do reckless words plant a destructive crop of weeds, they will cause you to drift back into old habit patterns, opening doors to …

Ambassador Of The Kingdom

I am working by all possible means beyond your wildest imagination in order to bring things to pass for the good of your own life and the Kingdom. Always be aware of how your life affects the Kingdom at large. Each ambassador of the Kingdom has the power to…

Think On Jesus

A renewed mind thinks like I think, loves like I love and is what I am. I lead by the example I set and I am the complete source of all your faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Beloved, faith COMES. It comes to you in response to the hearing of the Word. Speak My Word out loud and let your own speaking bring this truth to pass in your own life. Speak! Hear! And faith will come.

Beautiful One Full Of Heaven-Born Possibilities

Beloved, beautiful one, help has come…help has arrived; therefore’ watch what you say. Do not nullify the victory by confessing negative words or thoughts. Do not listen to the distracting thoughts of the enemy. Do not let him form overshadowing clouds of doubt and unbelief in response to all I have

Worship Me In Spirit and Truth

Come into My presence and worship Me in Spirit and Truth?come into My presence first and then you will have something to…