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Fine Tuning And Shoring Up The Foundations Of Your Faith

I know how sometimes hard things come in what seems like wave upon wave and thoughts of Job enter your conscience thinking. When this happens the tendency is to focus on the negative and not on the end result of Job’s suffering which was the manifestation of multiplied blessing…a blessing of more than enough.

Eagle’s Wings And A Ceaseless Supply Of Oil

Problems will appear so much less…so much less threatening and intimidating when you see them from My perspective. When you come up and see as I see, you will understand why the Psalms say I laugh at My enemies…that I laugh at the wicked (Psalms 37:13). They are so small compared to Me and so are your enemies regardless of what or who they may be.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil And Speak No Evil

Beloved, sometimes obligation and drudgery rule the day because of your own unfulfilled self-expectations about what time with Me is all about…what loving Me is all about. Read an hour, pray an hour, meditate an hour and on and on the story goes. None of the afore-mentioned things are bad, but when done to fill a square they are robbed of life and relationship. I would rather you speak to Me about one Scripture for a month than be caught up in ritualistic or legalistic mindsets and ways.

Think On Him Who Did Not Grow Weary

Remember this; gratefulness opens the courts of heaven as you come into My gates with thanksgiving and praise. Never underestimate the power of even a simple thank you. Why don’t you try it right now? Thank me for something…for anything you can think of and encounter a fresh release of My Presence.

Still Waters

I lead you beside these waters because of My great love and take you beyond the time of drought by building faith to see. Holy Spirit, with gentle flowing streams divine of healing and mercy, flow into you.

Sing To The Lord and Enlarge Your Tent

The tides have turned in your favor My beloved king and priest. The devorouer is rebuked for your sake and the sake of the Kingdom. Hold your head up and look to the mountain from whence your help comes from. It comes from Me. Don?t you ever for a moment forget it either. The time has come to let the world know you are mine in every way.

When You Call I Answer

Beloved, I have heard you crying out in prayer to Me; I have heard your desire crying out to hear My tender voice. I know you have need of Me and I am here to answer you. Before one sound left your lips, I came. In fact, I am ever present, ever near and always listening. I am wooed by your need to love and be loved. I am wooed by your heart like one drawn outside into the midst of a sunny spring day. When you call, I answer (Psalm 18).

Christ The Tabernacle Of Honor, Majesty, Glory, Grace, Favor And Truth

Leave behind fear…leave behind pride…leave behind all self-sufficiency. Let Me, Christ in you, be your life. You are a being and not a doing. Doing does not secure place…being does…it requires Me. You do not have to live the life for I am your life. All goodness, favor and loving-kindness…all grace and glory were manifest in Me…tabernacled in Me and are now abiding in You. All that I am is now yours. I lived awhile among you to show you the Father. I tabernacled the fullness of the Father…in the fullness of all He gave me through the sacrifice of Christ: salvation, healing and deliverance in every area of my life. I tabernacled the truth and now it abides in you (John 1:14).

I Know When Each Sparrow Falls

Beloved, I know when each sparrow falls. I have numbered every hair of your head. I even count the very grains of sand where your feet walk. And today, like each and every other day, My gaze and My attention are focused on you like a laser beam.

God’s Irresistible Love

Trust Me to be Lord of the outcome. Dance this dance with Me and if you miss a step or two, like Peter, I will reach down and pick you up (Matt. 14:23-33). Remember, it is the heart I look upon. Let your heart reflect upon My goodness, My attributes and yes even meditate upon what I say about you.