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Arise And Fly

Beloved, as you rise and fly in the current of My mighty wings, you will have sight into My realm of goodness and glory—into My realm of thinking and doing. For I have called you to collect pollen and take it from place to place. The deposits you share will make it possible for gardens to bloom in the lives of others. What you have, they need.

All Things Suited To Life And Godliness

from-darkness-to-light-a-message-of-grace-a-loveletter-from-godall things suited to life and godliness

Sticks and Stones

I formed and framed the worlds with My Words (Hebrews 11:3). I used words to create fashion and to equip. Well-chosen words have the power to equip, to…

Along The Way Of The Lord

Beloved, I have gathered the winds of My spirit today within the breath of My mouth. I have gathered them and given them voice—voice to whisper words and impressions of love to the deepest places of your heart. I move through the chambers of…

In the Presence of My Enemies

I was manifest to destroy the works of the evil one and so are you. In order to do this, you must walk in the spirit and use My Word(1 John 3:8). Focus on Me and don?t for a second take your eyes of Me or the Word.

If God Be For You Who Can Be Against You

How the enemy loves to use your past. He so tries to convince you that I still hold you responsible for things you have confessed. In fact, he loves to…

The Joy Of A Ravished Child-Like Heart

I want to relieve you of stress, stifling legalism, and man’s traditions and invite you to come on an eternal vacation with Me starting right now. I am your oasis in the middle of every happening. You can slip away to the Caribbean of My heart in a split second of time. Yes, in a split second. Don’t think you have to complete some set of spiritual exercises or worship for extended times to find Me. Since I already dwell in your heart, I am already as close as close can be. I am not afar off in some distant heaven. I am in your heart, only a breath away.

Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places

My heart yearns for you to receive the riches of heaven I have already given you. Time to appropriate has come. Time to receive in the here and now has come. It is not meant for you to wait for heaven My beloved. All is already given. Surrender all doubt, unbelief and fear. Embrace the Word and hide it your heart and you will be enabled to stand up and receive. Let Me remind you, I have given you every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3-6).

Crescendos Of Heavenly Grace

I could speak to you in such romantic terms all the daylong but I know you wonder how this works out in the practical. You think, “How can I learn to do such a thing? After all I have been doing things another way for so long. How do I shift? How do I dance in the midst of life immersed in grace…infused by grace?”

Revelation And The Tearing Of Veils

In the blink of an eye and with just one moment in the presence of My light and glory all things are accomplished. One moment is more than enough and can fill a lifetime with desire for more. Son…daughter…I am ever present with hands outstretched and heart extended toward you. My words are ever increasing and without partiality. I am giving Myself to you in a whole new way today