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Abundant Life, The Drumbeat Of A Communing Heart

Therefore, do not wonder about the value of your life or wonder what point it might serve. Take My Word for granted. Put My Word in the bank of your heart and expect a return on your investment…expect it to multiply. And when you are in need, make as many withdrawals as necessary. There will always be enough, for My Word grows with great interest (Colossians 1:6). The more you deposit, the more you have and life abundant will be the drum beat of everything you do. Know the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come to you with abundant life (John 10:10).

Springs, Living Water And The Thirst Quencher

I am like a cold glass of water on a hot day or the freshness of the rain when it comes to nourish the earth and all things on it! My blessings…all of them have already been given to you and are waiting for you to acknowledge that fact and receive them. They are waiting in Heaven as a gift already given (Ephesians 1:3). They are ready to be poured out upon you…ready to flow up out of the springs of living waters inside of you (John 7:38). Can you smell them? Can you taste them?…

You Are a Significant Representation of My Heart

Though life sometimes seems so very far from the many declarations of love which flow from My heart, I want you to know I still feel the same—still feel the same as I did from the beginning of all time. Nothing has changed and it never will. What you have done or failed to do matters not in reference to My great love for you. You are still the same joy of My heart and always will be. Though circumstances of suffering and travail may have afflicted your soul causing you to act in ways grievous to your heart, I am still very much in love with you.

A Heart of Purpose

Beloved, you must remember the enemy will use any opportunity he can to rob your future and your hope (John 10:10).

Removing Veils of Obstruction

Beloved, I am taking you to a new level in Me—taking you to places in the Spirit at this time unknown to you. I am upgrading your status in heaven and on the earth through signs and wonders . . . and with great favor.

Little Love Notes For You My Love

Let My Peace mount garrison over your heart and stand guard throughout your day (Philippians 4:7). Read My love notes with the eyes of your heart. “But where are they?” you ask.

From Dust To Glory

Likewise, My Spirit…My wind comes to blow through both the natural and spiritual aspects of your life to reshape and position you for My purposes. You are in a time of great shifting as all of Creation longs for the revealing of the sons of men. My wind…My Presence is indeed shifting and sifting in both subtle and recognizable ways.

Lockets, Love And A Ravished Heart

You are My favorite one whom I call a king and priest (Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10). Since when have you ever seen a king or priest riding in the bottom holds of a ship unless they are held captive. Don’t ever think you are a captive. You are an overcomer…one who overcomes evil

Visions Ride on the Wings of My Wind

Intricately I wove you with many colors. Carefully I designed you to hold unique and highly valued gifting. You have heard the saying, “They broke the mold after you were made!” This is truer than you know. For surely there is none like you in all that has been or ever will be. Fearfully and wonderfully made is what you are—a heavenly treasure in an earthen vessel. Such beauty . . . who can compare to your beauty, My beloved one? The answer is, “No one.”

Walk In Conformity To The Will, Revelation And Righteousness Of The Lord

No matter how you feel or what you do I have given you all I have…all I am and will not hold back on releasing it to you. I have also given you all you need pertaining to life and godliness…all you need for correction and reproof (2 Peter 1:3; 2 Timothy 3:16). In the midst of correction and reproof you are showered with mercy and grace for mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13). I have not judged you, and I do not condemn you.