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Occupy Till I Come

Beloved, will you occupy till I come even if you knew there would only be one more day…one more hour or one more minute (Luke 19:13). Victory is not accomplished by having completed the course. It is accomplished by staying on task and not giving up…not growing weary. In other words, the greatest victory is in staying faithful to do as you have been directed even if you do not see the final outcome. Use the gifts I have given you for they are the tools you need to do as you have been called.

Be Perfected In My Perfect Love

The key is to know that I love you and out of My great love you are enabled to love others. Being in this great love of Mine assures you and secures you in a safe place where fear does not abide…secures you and causes you to crave…to desire My beholding gaze…to receive My constant coming…My constant drawing near to you…and to do so with delight and anticipation. This anticipation is not only to experience communion but to relish with excitement the revealing of all hindrances that keep you from being fully perfected in love.

Press On To Your High Calling In Christ Jesus

The best way to walk in hope and confidence in who you are in Me is to remember My mercies are new every morning or should I say every moment. I live in your present. Do not see Me as someone who has come or will come but is come. Come live in the present with Me and be amazed for I am truly the one and only. I am the “Now God.”

Leaving Egypt With A Forever Thankful And Faithful Heart

I gave My children manna in the desert. When the dew fell in the night manna fell with it. It fell ready for the eating…ready to build faith in their hearts on a daily basis. Seasoned with the honey of Heaven and having the appearance of precious stones, it came as the bread I desired for them to eat (Exodus 16:15; Exodus 16:31; Numbers 11:7 AMP).

Jesus, The Living Bread

Beloved, I am the bread of Heaven…the living eternal bread. I am always fresh…always giving life no matter the circumstance or environment. My life giving is not determined by anything other than by the fact that I Am and always will be the eternal bread which came down from Heaven…which causes you, like Me, to live forever…to live forever in the here and now as well as in eternity. Eternity is now.

Abiding, A Many Faceted Wonder

Beloved, abide is a gentle sounding word, yet it is encapsulated with the authoritative, trustworthy backbone of the Cross. It is encased in My shed blood. In light of this let Me share some facets of this all encompassing word as you behold Me in your heart.

My Child, My Friend

Yes it is true that I love all My sons and daughters the same. However, I love them in individual unique ways according to how I fashioned them. It is the same with you who are fearfully and wonderfully made in an exceptional way.

Release The Full Spiritual Stature Of His Life Within You

You can have a million dollars but if you never go to the bank and get it, what good is it. I do not want you to live in poverty of spirit in any area when the fullness of who I am lives in you (Colossians 2:10).

Pleasers of Men or Pleasers of God

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A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

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