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Look To The Mountain

Beloved, you must look to the mountains from whence your help comes from and remember that I am not like any man. No, I am not like any man no matter how the enemy would like to use your past experiences and circumstances to convince you otherwise. When the past or present actions or words of others try and obscure My true nature, obscure who I am and what I am willing to do on your behalf, you must…

Your Heart, Your Life – A Place To Rest My Head

Beloved, even as Eve was born out of Adam’s side…Adam’s rib, so are you born out of My pierced side. My side was opened. Water and blood flowed as if from a womb giving birth. Yes, Eve came from Adam’s side and you are born of Mine. I endured the Cross…I endured the piercing…I endured the pain that you might live…that you might live with Me.

The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

To fear Me is to worship Me because I am good and My love…My mercy and My kindness endure forever. When you fear Me you hope in My loving-kindness and you are not afraid to be held within My beholding gaze. Instead, you welcome it knowing there is only one way to freedom…one way to liberty…one way to walking according to the Spirit—Me.

I Am Going To Show You New Things

Have hope, My glorious one, and believe all I say. Let Me create new things in you and for you. Dare to look beyond what you see. Close your eyes and I will…

Bestowing Gifts Of Grace

All I made you to be is never hidden from Me (Mark 4:22). Even if you can’t see everything right now, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I will guide you and will lead you to springs of refreshing water (Isaiah 49:10). I will send My angels to draw you near to people who will work in harmony with you, who will be in agreement with you, whose love will be pure as My love for you.

I Am He Who Establishes And Ratifies My Covenant With You

Beloved, establish means to securely and permanently position someone or something…to enable them to be planted and grow successfully in a new place. I did this for you. I delivered you out of the control and dominion of darkness and placed you in the Kingdom of My son, Jesus (Colossians 1:13). I made covenant with you when you called upon the name of My son to receive all He gave His life for. At the moment you received Him you were given all you will ever need to be accepted…to be called My son as was Jesus, the first born among the brethren (Matthew 5:9; Romans 8:29).

I Am the Lifter of Your Head

There will soon come a time—a day in which I lift your head, lift your eyes to see—that you might observe the good repercussions of our union within the enclosed garden of My being. And behold, all things will have been made new while you were lost in Me. You will be amazed that you have doing yet there was no realization of doing for there was no struggle, no strife. (rewrite sentence. Unclear) You will find to your great delight that your focus changed when you dared to cross the line of choice, when you dared to heed the Voice of Promise. The heavy yoke having disappeared while beholding Me will no longer have power to weigh you down. You can carry out vision and purpose in a relaxed state while reclining at My table.

You Shall Flourish In The Days Of My Favor

I declare to you My Beloved, “You shall flourish in the days of My favor and spring up…you shall grow up in a stately, upright, useful and fruitful way.” You are growing and shall continue to grow in majestic, stable, durable and incorruptible ways.

Out Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks

I have taught you to feed off every Word proceeding from My mouth for I only speak that which gives life. Consider how others feed from the words of your…

Come In All Humility

Beloved, bare yourself and hide nothing, ask nothing. Your heart beats out every need you have in sonnets of prayer. In this way, you flow in the Spirit with an abiding faith. How good it feels to forget the world and all concerns that are not heavenly. You must, and will, realize, in the end, only I matter. Keep still, and let Me infill your being. It is and will be a sight to behold. Oh My beloved, the time has come not to ask or do but just to BE.