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Eyes Wide Open

Beloved, take your hands down from your eyes in every area of the heart and soul. Look fully into My wonderful face and you will not forget all things work together for good to those who love Me and are called according to My purpose (Romans 8:28). You will not forget about how I take what the enemy does for evil and use it for good (Genesis 50:20).

Breath Of Life

Old Adam, New Adam And The Manifest Work Of Christ

Beloved, remember this, I was manifest to destroy the works of the evil one and it was done when I proclaimed with a loud voice, “It is finished!” I was made visible to destroy, loosen and dissolve the works the devil has done (1 John 3:8). This does not negate the working out of your salvation, meaning the sanctification or purification of your soul. It is about your focus. Set your face like flint toward Me and My Word and you will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7).

David, Manna And New Mercies

David cried out to Me for a steadfast spirit, one not shaken by every passing circumstance or failure. He understood that failure made way for pruning and cleansing; therefore, he willingly submitted himself to it. Failure did not nullify or cancel his abiding relationship with Me or My dedication to his success. Instead it pressed him closer to the vine—so close he drew strength straight from My heart.

We Do Things Together

I show my tender touch whenever someone who loves you kisses you. I confirm My love for you whenever you are embraced in arms of love. Like a sweet child embracing his mother, I am overjoyed and moved to draw near.

The Word Released In You Is Good Medicine.

Beloved, your spirit once dead in sin, came to life when you were born again and became a beautiful expression of Our image (Colossians 2:12-14). Yes, you were created in Our image; Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:25-28). All that We are is deposited in you. All the potential…all of the infinite possibilities of who We called you to be are contained in the person you are today. Rejoice in this My love and listen closely with an openness to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

Write The Vision And Make It Plain

The time has come for you to walk on water. You are My water walker and this is what you must meditate on above all you see, feel or hear from any other source. Hear Me, believe Me, and proclaim only what I say and your crack in the sky shall become an open heaven.

The Enemy Shall Come One Way But Flee In Seven

Every enemy shall tremble at the sound of My name coming from your lips for you will know Me in a way unknown in all your days. They shall flee as you come into the lives of those I send you to with My Word…a Word in due season…a Word at just the right time.

You Shall Not Lack

O’, that you might know the abundance of this great shepherding heart of Mine. Hear My voice and do not follow another (John 10:27). Should you follow another, I will come after you and carry you back to the pastures of My incredible love and protection. Have I not said, “No one can pluck you out of My hand!” This is so, for I have given you eternal life in Me (Job 10:28-29, Romans 6:23).

Leaving Egypt With A Forever Thankful And Faithful Heart

I gave My children manna in the desert. When the dew fell in the night manna fell with it. It fell ready for the eating…ready to build faith in their hearts on a daily basis. Seasoned with the honey of Heaven and having the appearance of precious stones, it came as the bread I desired for them to eat (Exodus 16:15; Exodus 16:31; Numbers 11:7 AMP).