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Sense, Believe and Engage

The seed of My Word will settle down in your heart and bubble to the surface. When it does you must take the next step and not only agree but speak. Imitate Me and speak, “Let there be light!” There are many Words I wish to speak to you from the releasing of light to those which impart peace and so much more. Let the seed fall into the ground of your heart and produce through death of self a transformation of character and incorruptible life eternal.

The Goodness of God

Beloved I am opening your heart today enabling you to understand My goodness, to experience it, to revel in it as it flows from the wellspring of My very being. There is no way you can ever exhaust the bountiful treasure contained in Me. I keep on giving and giving until complete perfection and sanctification is manifest in you—until you set at My table on that day arrayed in My glory.

Abiding Is The Only Choice Of Mutual Love

To abide in Me doesn’t mean you will never fail. Don’t be afraid of failing. The motive of your heart to rest in Me—to abide in Me—brings such utter delight to the very depths of My heart.

Don’t You Dare Give Up, Hope (Help) Is On The Way

Clothe yourself in My armor, speak the Word and watch faith arise like a mighty flood against the enemy. The time has come to deal a death blow to destructive assaults and the results of unmet expectations, hopes and dreams.

Set The Captives Free

Like Moses you must now arise and go! Go to the captives; go to your neighbor, your friends. Don’t look back. Don’t delay. Fear not for I am with you, My beloved. You are the perfect one for the job ahead.

The Rod Of The Lord Protects Me

My rod is for your protection and I use it with great skill to defending those I love (Psalms 35:1). And I love you; therefore I defend at all cost, even the ultimate cost. I paid it all to have this honor. It gives Me great pleasure to contend on your behalf.

I Do Not Call You Servant, I Call You Friend

Beloved, I, Christ in you the hope of glory, am flooding precept upon precept into every portion of your life. Like a bubbling fountain and an ever-flowing stream I rise up through the annals and hallways of your life to flood you with My life…to flood you with Christ-Life in the midst of life itself.

A New Heart of Flesh

The hard ground of your heart left behind by words and actions perpetrated by men who damaged trust and love has been healed in many ways. All the little bits left unhealed are now in the process of a great restoration. You see, I look on the heart and in the midst of all these things I saw and knew the portion of your heart not…

Manifest To Destroy The Works Of The Evil One

In fact, the earth is full of My loving-kindness whenever you choose to look for it. Justice demands that I be honest and full of integrity in all My doings…it requires demonstrating impartiality, truthfulness, and righteousness in all My actions. And this includes my actions toward you. It is what you must also do to others.

Think On Jesus

A renewed mind thinks like I think, loves like I love and is what I am. I lead by the example I set and I am the complete source of all your faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Beloved, faith COMES. It comes to you in response to the hearing of the Word. Speak My Word out loud and let your own speaking bring this truth to pass in your own life. Speak! Hear! And faith will come.