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When You See Eden Blooming

When you see Eden blooming in your life, you must declare its goodness, giving all attribution and praise to My name (Isaiah 51:3). You must declare My goodness and recognize all I have done regardless of circumstance or in times of delay. Praise Me in the hovering. Praise Me during the planting. Praise Me in the…

I Am Whispering, Let Go!

I cannot say no to your request for I have seen and felt the humility of your heart, your life. Certainly, I will allow you to be in the deep waters of My love and caring (John15:9; John 16:27). Savor it, feel it, and bathe in the intensity of My powerful and infinite LOVE.

My Kingdom Reigns In You

The Kingdom is within your heart (Luke 17:21). I am giving you a revelatory understanding of this truth‚ÄĒan understanding of who you are in light of many prevalent triumphs to come.

Therefore, Be Imitators Of God

Beloved, it is your time and you must come into a whole new way of seeing things. Come up here where I am and see from My perspective. Don’t be afraid or feel inadequate in any way. Have I not said that if any two should agree on anything they would have whatever they ask? Try agreeing with Me and see what happens.

Pleasant Words Are As A Honeycomb

I will put a guard over your mouth and anoint your lips with kindness. I will cause pleasant words to flow from you like…

Embrace The Words Of My Singing Heart

Arise, My Beloved, and dance with Me as I guide your every step and teach you many new things throughout your life. The more you hear, listen and respond, the greater impact there will be on your faith. Increased faith makes it easier to glide across the dance floor of life; thereby, flowing in an intimate relationship of purpose and destiny.

I m A Leaning God, I Am A Beholding God

The word ‚Äúsaw‚ÄĚ to Me means to stretch out to see all I can see‚Ķto lean in and behold what I am looking at…and on the day when I proclaimed all things good it, included you. I was even then leaning into you to behold you. I was beholding you and called you suitable and pleasant. I approved of you completely.

Fashioned And Equipped For His Manifest Glory

Come into a time…come to a time of residing in green pastures as David did. Come and see what it is I do in this day and hour. Come and be with Me. When you do the dreams and desires of your heart will become vivid and they will pull you like a magnet to fulfill all I have planned. Revel in the beauty of who I say you are. People are not attracted to sour grapes but they are attracted to sweet honey

Put Aside Every Encumbrance

Yes, come My beloved one and throw off all encumbrances, all useless burdens you were never meant to bear, all distractions, and all failures of days and seasons past (Hebrews 12:1). Distractions cause confusion as a multiplicity of anxieties crowd your mind and cause you to act with folly and disorder. Confusion is a brutal robber of peace. Its desire is to overthrow and defeat a peaceful contented heart to the point your trust in Me and My goodness is eroded. Look away from all things distracting you no matter how little or insignificant they may seem (Hebrews 12:2). Even a small thing, when fixated on, has great power.

Oaks Of Righteousness

My eyes have scanned the horizon, viewing all the beauty of the heavens and earth only to find nothing to compare with you. I know I know I am proclaiming My adorations of love over and over, yet I must. Not just because you need to hear them, but because I love to say them.