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When You Where A Child

Put away childish things all the while remembering the lessons you learned (I Corn. 13:11). When you were a child playing with toys or dolls you were learning how to love and care for others in your adult years. There was a day however when your toys became passing thoughts relegated to warm memories. You knew instinctively the time had come to lay them aside in favor of something better and more appropriate to your age.

Days Of Adornment

Decree a thing and it shall come to pass, bathing your path with light, light to see ahead for I have gone before you to make a way where there is no way (Job 22:28). And as you go, Heaven drips, filling many honey pots along the path. You see beloved, your desire is Mine and Mine is yours. I will have it no other way.

Times and Seasons Are In God’s Hands

Seeing I have been perfectly capable and trustworthy to hold the times and seasons in place, I am more than able to handle and help you navigate the seasons of your life…more than capable of giving you counsel just as I gave it to David in his night seasons (Psalms 16:7).

When You Have Done All To Stand, Stand

Remember this My cherished one, every Word I have sent to you…every promise I have made is in some stage of fulfillment. From conception to manifestation, you must believe in Me who cannot lie. Every Word I send is full of sound and light capable of framing your world just as My Word framed the worlds (Hebrews 11:13).

Mustard Seed Faith

Remember the mustard seed, the smallest seed of all, and what it can grow into (Mark 4:30-32). If a natural seed can grow into such a marvelous thing, how much more will the eternal seeds from heaven grow in you. Sometimes you think your soil is bad, but I am here to tell you today, “The soil of your salvation is good soil and can grow anything. It is rooted in love, love flowing down from Calvary” (Ephesians 3:17).

The Watchman Has The Keys To Open The Door

Beloved, you are the watchman…the gatekeeper of your own heart…your own personal sheepfold. It is up to you to open the gates of your life and heart in order for Me to have complete access. Yes, I dwell in you; but, I never force you into anything. Sometimes I allow things because I long to have your complete attention and affections; but, the choice is still yours at all times. It is called free will. It doesn’t take much movement on your part to draw Me into the sheepfold of your heart. Just a breath whispering My name is enough.

Sever The Past And Press On

Ask yourself, “What am I most afraid of?” When you get the answer you will find a place where love is not perfected. Be rooted, grounded and perfected in love. And remember I do not give stones when My children ask for bread. Throw out the old bread and receive fresh bread straight from the manna oven of My heart

Study to Show Yourself Approved

Like a baby growing in to a child, a child into a youth and so on, your understanding of Me grew and is growing, causing you to be more aware of Me in every way. How I rejoiced on the day of your natural and spiritual birth. Both were glorious to behold. My very breath brought you life and you knew Me.

Long-suffering And Tender-hearted Mercy

In the deep recesses of your soul, My Word has left an indelible mark. I contain the stamp of those promises. You savor and relish them in the silence of your heart. Always hoping, waiting, anticipating and believing, you are My compassionate, faithful one.

Hide And Seek Verses Face To Face

Beloved, like a small child, who by covering their eyes believes others cannot see them, you sometimes feel as if you are not being seen…that you are hidden even though in the natural you are in plain view (Hebrews 4:13). It can seem at times as if life is behind you, passed you by or covered you up with its demands and circumstances. When this happens, even in small ways, you have a tendency to think I can’t see you or what is happening to you.