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Eternal Tools Of Promise

The enemy always tries to defame My character and twist My Word. If it is written down you can speak it just as it was given with great results. This is called resisting the devil and submitting to Me. And what did I say would happen as you resisted and submitted (James 4:6-8). I said he would flee. Now, it may take more than once…in fact, it takes as long as it takes him for him flee. When do you stop? When he flees.

The Sevenfold Spirit Of The Lord

Have you ever wished you knew then what you know now? Most have. This longing…this wish of many speaks to the value of knowledge and its ability to keep one from perishing. Never fear My revelation for when I reveal a thing it is always redemptive in every way. I never point anything out in order to make you fear

Sever The Past And Press On

Ask yourself, “What am I most afraid of?” When you get the answer you will find a place where love is not perfected. Be rooted, grounded and perfected in love. And remember I do not give stones when My children ask for bread. Throw out the old bread and receive fresh bread straight from the manna oven of My heart

Seasons Of Growth

I never force you into being something that you aren’t, nor do I say bear this or that kind of fruit before it is time. There is always fruit appropriate to the season; appropriate to your stage of growth. You have done well. You matter. You matter to Me.

Walk In Reverent Fear, Obedience And Love

You see, you are made in My image. I am in you and you are in Me. Isaiah prophesied about Me having a spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power and the spirit of knowledge. He also prophesied that I would have the fear of the Lord. If I needed to walk in the fear of the Lord which is reverence, respect and awe, so must you. I did everything first so that you can. I suffered and endured so you can. I overcame sin so you can. I endured temptations and overcame them so you can. I did all so that you can do all in Me who strengthens you.

A Quick And Living Word

My Word is a living word, a quick word, an active word. Every Word was and is breathed by Me, given by Me through Holy Spirit. Each and every verse is like a finely crafted instrument in the hands of a master surgeon. Each verse is designed specifically for a purpose and contains an essence of whom and what I am.

Resting Place of the Lord

Pride has so many disguises with which to fool the unsuspecting. Defeat pride and embrace true humility?a simple understanding and recognition of who I am and who I made you to be by way of Calvary. Come boldly to My throne and receive grace and mercy for your times of need.

Child’s Collectibles

Beloved, I see your heart like a glass jar full of a child’s collectibles. Along with precious treasures it also holds a few stones left over from all the transformation taking place. Even though this is so, there are many, many treasures ready and waiting to be seen and used.

Slow Down And Don’t Stop Believing, I Am In Control

All things…all promises and all people must be allowed to go through proper process in order to be fully developed and have no handicap. Only I know the perfect time and place for those precious things to be revealed and fulfilled! For Me, time is never ending. I have a perfect work in progress which will bring complete fulfillment to your life. Let endurance and patience have their perfect work as I shape and mold you with utmost care (James 1:4).

Look To The Mountain

Beloved, you must look to the mountains from whence your help comes from and remember that I am not like any man. No, I am not like any man no matter how the enemy would like to use your past experiences and circumstances to convince you otherwise. When the past or present actions or words of others try and obscure My true nature, obscure who I am and what I am willing to do on your behalf, you must…