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Settle Down In My Presence

Beloved, you are much harder on yourself than I; you forget My goodness, My kindness and mercy. Allow yourself to be washed and cleansed with My Word, which releases My…

Abba Father

I stand ready to pour fresh oil on you and soften the hard places in your life?those places where to simply live has inflicted pain and unworthiness through ungodly acts of men. I take your sacrifices of worship and use them as …

Fear Not, I Am Your Shield And Great Reward

As I was with Abram I am with you. I am working, rearranging, maturing, and building so fear not (Psalms 118:6 Psalms 46:2). Your dreams and desires, My dreams and desires are in the process of coming to pass.

The Heavenly Sphere And Ages To Come

Beloved, I am nigh unto this day and every day after. I am night unto and in your heart to lead you…to guide you into realms beyond your natural thinking where the possibilities are unlimited. Come and go with Me to a place where “if only you believe” all things are possible…to a place where when you truly believe you will receive (Matthew 21:22).

Angel Dance

Beloved, apple of My eye, I am so very aware of your circumstances. I see the raging of generational assertions over your life and your family (Psalms 17:8). Just like I delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, I am able to deliver you no matter what

When You See Eden Blooming

When you see Eden blooming in your life, you must declare its goodness, giving all attribution and praise to My name (Isaiah 51:3). You must declare My goodness and recognize all I have done regardless of circumstance or in times of delay. Praise Me in the hovering. Praise Me during the planting. Praise Me in the…

I Am Whispering, Let Go!

I cannot say no to your request for I have seen and felt the humility of your heart, your life. Certainly, I will allow you to be in the deep waters of My love and caring (John15:9; John 16:27). Savor it, feel it, and bathe in the intensity of My powerful and infinite LOVE.

My Kingdom Reigns In You

The Kingdom is within your heart (Luke 17:21). I am giving you a revelatory understanding of this truth—an understanding of who you are in light of many prevalent triumphs to come.

Therefore, Be Imitators Of God

Beloved, it is your time and you must come into a whole new way of seeing things. Come up here where I am and see from My perspective. Don’t be afraid or feel inadequate in any way. Have I not said that if any two should agree on anything they would have whatever they ask? Try agreeing with Me and see what happens.

Pleasant Words Are As A Honeycomb

I will put a guard over your mouth and anoint your lips with kindness. I will cause pleasant words to flow from you like…