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In Pursuit Of Fireflies

Then suddenly…mysteriously a flash of soft yellow light interrupts the black of night. With excited leaps and yells calling, “firefly, firefly,” they all run in its direction only to find it flashing a distance away from them. Undaunted, they continue running here and there with each flash of light. One carries a jar with a loose lid in hopes of capturing the light and holding if only for a few moments. Such joy…such

My Strength And Power Are Perfected In Your Weakness

I see how you fight it out to see the light when all seems dark. I am always with you and even a small flickering light is all you need to create a glow in the darkness. You are My salt and light in this world (Matthew 5:13a). I illumine your darkness and make you …

My Freedom And Fullness Dwell In You

Once again, I know you know this, but I feel compelled to remind you that I saw you before you were ever born—that I saw you before you ever were aware of Me or My love for you. I saw you and said, “You are good.” Nothing has changed and never will, for my fullness dwells in you (Colossians 2:9-10). I loved you before you ever were.

Walking In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

I conquered death Hell and the grave, pronouncing them as only a shadow without power to hold (Revelations 1:17-19). Having eradicated the power of death and diminishing it to only wisp of darkness without power, how much more will I do to vanquish the shadows of your life?

Precious Time and Shadows of Yesterday

Word of the Day My dear precious one, you have been so quiet for such a while. I see many changes in you. I am thrilled at the transformation going on. There is no wasted time in Me, and you have set your priorities right. Your time is spent more on contemplation, and you are […]

Jesus Sweet Whispers Of Love

“My child, My Beloved, come. Come … Yes, come and taste the clear waters of My unfailing love, and you will be refreshed. Forget the troubles of the world. Be drenched with My love now poured out (Romans 5:5).

Taste And See That The Lord Is Good

Beloved, I am here. You haven’t far to look. Just reach out right now and you’ll touch the hem of My garment (Luke 8:44). I can fulfill the impossible. My love for you can and will always conquer the impossible. Do not fret about anything that seems impossible to you for there is no such word in My vocabulary! Rest in Me and I’ll fill you with unimaginable peace and joy. Taste, see and be filled with joy. Breathe and be filled with refreshing peace. Do these things and let Me direct your paths, so I may fulfill your heart’s ever desire! Breathe, taste, and be fulfilled with My glory.

I Listen To You My Well-Pleasing One

Be encouraged My beloved ones. I am right now honoring your confession and obedience to My request. My canopy…My overshadowing of light and love is increasing over you. I am freeing you to walk as one who is created in My image…to walk as one in whom I am well pleased (Matthew 17:5).

He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time Including You

Yes, your actions and attitudes may have been most sinful, and probably were since all have sinned and fallen short of My Glory; but, you are now justified and have been made upright in Me (Romans 3:23).

God Is Not A Respecter Of Persons, All Can Fly

Those who do not believe I show partiality …those who do not believe the freedom to ascend beyond the natural into the supernatural is for everyone else but they will mount up with eagle’s wings (Acts 10:34; Isaiah 40:31; 1 Corinthians 10:4). When the belief is that someone else will do it or is more qualified and so on, there is a perpetual “someone else” and nothing gets done. Do not go there…do not say it is for someone else…do not use any other thing you most commonly use as an excuse that has negative power and does not magnify the who I say you are or who you have already been called to be.