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A New Heart of Flesh

The hard ground of your heart left behind by words and actions perpetrated by men who damaged trust and love has been healed in many ways. All the little bits left unhealed are now in the process of a great restoration. You see, I look on the heart and in the midst of all these things I saw and knew the portion of your heart not…

Set Your Focus Like Flint

An undisturbed contemplation in what I want you to do is vital, even crucial and a prerequisite to what is to be accomplished for My Kingdom. I am sending special people to work hand in hand with you. They will come and stand…

I Behold The Sons Of Men With An Intensity And Love

Know this, to behold you is to approve of you…to love you regardless…to cause My love to come to you in such a way that you are transformed right before your very own eyes. Beloved, My eyes are indeed on you and My presence is ever near to scan the deep places of your heart and look intently on you with great pleasure (Psalms 33:13).

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Springs, Living Water And The Thirst Quencher

I am like a cold glass of water on a hot day or the freshness of the rain when it comes to nourish the earth and all things on it! My blessings…all of them have already been given to you and are waiting for you to acknowledge that fact and receive them. They are waiting in Heaven as a gift already given (Ephesians 1:3). They are ready to be poured out upon you…ready to flow up out of the springs of living waters inside of you (John 7:38). Can you smell them? Can you taste them?…

Fear Not, I Am The Lord Your God

Be encouraged; I am in the process of revealing Myself to you in a new and fresh way and will uncover the root of all wrong conceptions about who I am hidden within the depths of your heart. I want you close, so very close. So, open your heart to its fullest capacity, without reservation or adherence to the traditions of men and you will be amazed. All you ever need or want to know about Me was and is made flesh in Jesus.

All Things New

Yes, I turn evil for good and take the mistakes you make and turn them into lessons. I use them to polish your life to reflect My beauty. I am the Master of restoration and working all things together for good (Romans 8:27-29). Therefore, do not walk in deliberate and willful sin and make the enemy’s job easier.

Victory Is Born From Burning Bushes

Out of the fires of life come My directives. Out of the fire of refinement comes the word GO! He has anointed you to set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1). The anointing is in you—it is on you for this purpose. Have faith in Me. Have faith and know I will back up anything and everything I have promised you. I would never ask you to do something just to watch you try, all the while withholding MY power as you fail. How foolish this would be.

Power In The Blood Of Jesus

Speak My name. Whisper My name. Close your eyes, and see your family, your concerns, held within the shelter of My name. Speak My name. Speak My name. There is power in the blood, power in My Name. Though you were far off, you are now brought near (Ephesians 2:12-13)

I Will Not Fear No Evil For You Are With Me

Change is on the way beloved. I am building a steadfast spirit within you, cloaking you, clothing you with the armor of a king (Psalms 51:10). Arise now my fearless one. Yes, this is how I see you; fearless and awesome to behold. Arise My fearless one and draw near for I am indeed very