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Three-Stranded Cord

Your soft heart full of compassion and genuine care for others is very pleasing to my eyes. I can’t help smiling at the very thought you have for the needy, the lonely, the broken. Yes, you love and long for restoration of all things in the lives of the downcast. This is My heart and yours as well (Isaiah 61).

IngramSpark February Newsletter

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You Shall Flourish In The Days Of My Favor

I declare to you My Beloved, “You shall flourish in the days of My favor and spring up…you shall grow up in a stately, upright, useful and fruitful way.” You are growing and shall continue to grow in majestic, stable, durable and incorruptible ways.

Kingdom Of God

The manifestation of My glory and the Kingdom of God within you will transfigure the kingdoms of your own life and the kingdoms of this world. All transfiguration of the heart is continual and always results in sharing what you been given. It is not a place of permanent altars but a place of commission (Matthew 17:1-5).

Resting In The Perfect Timing Of The Lord

Timing as a green pasture laced with still waters, is a place of protection within the Good Shepherd’s fold where one is able to rest in the sovereign goodness and mercy of My heart while I do as I have promised. It is a place to rest and eat at My banqueting table…to hear the instructions of My heart as you abide in Me. In doing this, any explosives are dismantled or obverted through careful instruction as I go before you to destroy your enemies. This is how you feast at My table in the presence of your enemies. It is all in the timing…the taking time to eat in My presence and receive. It is here in this field of timing where I direct you…anoint you…protect you and surround you with goodness and mercy.

Holy Spirit Whispers

I placed you within My garden and I have always been with you. I surround you and I have been watching your development with great anticipation as I wait for your complete emergence (Psalms 125:2). I have and am pulling away every hindering strand of your cocoon one filament at a time. I know sometimes it seems almost at a standstill. Have you ever seen slow motion photography as a flower unfolds? It is the same for you. Sometimes it seems very slow and at others it seems as if things suddenly appear. Every filament removed has a progressively larger affect. After all, I am the God of multiplication.

Payment received from

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Let The Words Of Your Mouth Be Life And Not Death

Let the words of your mouth be life and not death and you will not grow weary. You will indeed reap in due season (Proverbs 18:21; Hebrews 12:3). You will be lifted up to soar with freedom above all doubt and unbelief. You will mount up with eagle’s wings, to ride the currents of heaven, in the power of My Spirit (Isaiah 40:31). Mourning will be turned to dancing (Psalms 30:11). Dancing turns the valley of bones into a watered garden and will envelope you with a garland of beauty instead of ashes.

Acting Nobly, Doing Right & Appointed Seasons Of Reaping

Beloved, I see how tired you sometimes get and how everything can seem too much for you; but, I have you covered. In fact, I have strength to spare, for I do not grow weary. I do indeed have enough strength to go around. Come, you need to learn to rest in Me in a whole new way. It doesn’t mean you have to sit still and not do anything. It doesn’t mean feeling weak equals being weak. It just means you need to be like David and encourage yourself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6). Encourage yourself in Me and rest by letting Me work through you. Sometimes you equate waiting with weakness or inability to do. This should not be. Waiting is a gift which in the long run protects you from unseen dangers and prepares you with wisdom in the meantime.

Look To The Mountain

Beloved, you must look to the mountains from whence your help comes from and remember that I am not like any man. No, I am not like any man no matter how the enemy would like to use your past experiences and circumstances to convince you otherwise. When the past or present actions or words of others try and obscure My true nature, obscure who I am and what I am willing to do on your behalf, you must…