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Take Your Thoughts Captive for Disappointment and Discontentment Are Insidious Foes

Discontentment is an open door, leading to frustration, assumption and finally supposition. When you encounter situations and attitudes outside the sphere or scope of your influence, allow a time of communion between us. Without it, you tend to follow the dictates of the flesh (Romans 8:13).

Set Your Focus Like Flint

An undisturbed contemplation in what I want you to do is vital, even crucial and a prerequisite to what is to be accomplished for My Kingdom. I am sending special people to work hand in hand with you. They will come and stand…

Don’t You Dare Give Up, Hope (Help) Is On The Way

Clothe yourself in My armor, speak the Word and watch faith arise like a mighty flood against the enemy. The time has come to deal a death blow to destructive assaults and the results of unmet expectations, hopes and dreams.

Courageous Heart, Brave Heart

Because of your great courage, I am sending breakthrough angels to prepare the way, to make a way. In your times of silent meditation, many Jericho walls of opposition will fall because your heart and mind are fixed on Me.

More Than a Conqueror, Part Two

Comparing oneself to another in any way—good or bad—is detrimental. Comparison will always lead to a critical spirit which stops everyone concerned in their tracks. Don’t even compare your present state with your past…

More Than a Conqueror, Part One

The time has come for you to walk on water. You are My water walker and this is what you must meditate on above all you see, feel or hear from any other source. Hear Me, believe Me, and proclaim only what I say and your crack in the sky shall become an open heaven.

The Pointed Finger And The Pointed Tongue Verses Grace

We look at others and wonder why they can’t seem to overcome areas of struggle in their lives while at the same time we are fraught with our own inability to achieve victory in our own areas of weakness. We wonder why others can’t seem to see what we see or be as righteous as we are and yet we need glasses of our own. To put it in a nutshell, we forsake grace and set ourselves up as a judge who has the ability to somehow discern and evaluate the motives of another man’s heart which only the Lord can truly see. Sure we can see outward manifestations or what we call symptoms; but, are they the full indicator? Not necessarily. I know the Word says we shall know them by their fruit. Notice the word is know them, not judge or speak evil of them. Knowing should lead to prayer and intercession, not judgment least we be judged.

A New Wind Of God Is Blowing

Beloved, there is a new wind blowing across the land in this day and hour—a wind destined to bring change and challenge the hearts of many to grow in profound ways. Winds shape, shift and bring strength to both the natural and spiritual environment. My wind is not only moving across the hearts of many, but is coming to you, My Beloved, in a personal and vital way. Even as a physical landscape is transformed and rearranged by natural winds so shall you be changed as I blow across every facet of your life.

The Tide Has Turned, Part One

Yes, the tide has turned in your life enabling you to be blessed and to be a blessing in a whole new way. All things tying you down are now broken. Everything meant to trip you, to keep you bound and keep you from My blessings I break and remove. You are in a new day, a new time. The things of old have passed away forever and new life has already come (2 Corinthians 5:17). I am here to adorn you with a beauty of life and purpose more lovely than the lilies of the field. How beautiful and strong you are My beloved.

Little Foxes, Big Impact

However, you must as always be on guard at all times for your enemy roams like a lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove, and walk in the authority I have given you (Matt 10:16). I am revealing all hidden doors the enemy has access to and together with your cooperation, diligence and trust in Me, all will be closed. Come; let us do this thing together, for it is time for your light to shine in a whole new way.