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From Darkness To Light

Though the world is getting darker and darker as it draws near the end of the age, I change not. In fact, the darker it gets the more you can see the light…the more you can see Me as I infuse the hope of the manifest glory of the coming age into the hearts of men. I have delivered you from darkness and transferred you…translated you…to the Kingdom of My Beloved Son. Do you know what it means to be translated? It means I have carried you…translated you from one condition and place to another. Your dictionaries define it as being translated to Heaven without dying. Selah

One Drink, One Breath, One Prayer, One Song

Don’t stop breathing Me in just because you are tired or weary…just because you have been unfaithful or unbelieving…just because of disappointment or the betrayal and rejection of men.

Between The Rock And The Hard Place Into The Secret Place

What am I asking right now? I am asking, “Will you believe in the faithfulness of the Rock and not surrender to the lies the enemy tells you in the hard places when he endeavors to smear My name. Be willing to “Go this way” regardless. The reward is great within the secret place of the Rock.

You Are The Light In The World

Beloved, in light of the life within you…in light of who lives in you, don’t be so eager to speak the negative things you see and feel. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and negative talk, no matter how innocent it seems, can rain on even the greatest Fourth of July parade (Proverbs 18:20-21).

Old Things Have Passed Away

Beloved, old ways of doing things ended when I came. You are in Me and I am in you, therefore; you are a new creature. You are a son of the most high God capable of demonstrating and walking all I walked in (2 Corinthians 5:17). You moved from darkness to light—from old covenant to new covenant when I came into your heart…into your life. Now who I am is multiplied in and through you. Every time you release who I am in you I am once again multiplied. How I love multiplication.

Moses Is Dead, So You Must Press On

As My light…as the truth of My Word comes as light, all dark areas will be dispersed and come to no more. As this happens your vision will grow clearer and clearer. Things you could not see before you will see. Like Paul you will arise, have all scales of hindrance removed in order to see clearly and lead many to faith in Me (Acts 26:15-19)

In The Beginning

Prior to knowing Me you were like the earth’s former state before My presence hovered and injected light which made way for the rest of My reformation of the earth. It all began with, “Let there be light!” It is the same for you. Today I reaffirm and say to you, “Let there be Light now and forever more…

Come And See

Beloved as we arise together and ride the lofty heights of change…the lofty heights of freedom, all will change. Yes, My love, you need a resurrection of not only yourself image, but of who I say you are in Me. Come My beloved and journey with Me—journey with Me, the King of Kings, on this path of revelation where all self wrong assessment will fall away in the light of My glory and grace.

Your Heart, Your Life – A Place To Rest My Head

Beloved, even as Eve was born out of Adam’s side…Adam’s rib, so are you born out of My pierced side. My side was opened. Water and blood flowed as if from a womb giving birth. Yes, Eve came from Adam’s side and you are born of Mine. I endured the Cross…I endured the piercing…I endured the pain that you might live…that you might live with Me.

Separating The Darkness Part Two

The power of God to separate any and all darkness from or in our lives just as He separated the day and night just as He did in Genesis 1. I so loved the world—the—cosmos…so loved the original intended order I set up in the Garden that I gave My Son. I gave My Son in order to possess what the devil took by adverse possession…by squatting on unattended or forgotten land. I so loved the world and all it contains, which includes you and everyone else, for I desire none to perish (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).