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Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory

Take confidence in who that you are in Me for I chose you…picked you out for My very own before the foundations of the world to be blameless, above reproach before Me in love. How I do love you…ahh…how I adore you this very moment. Receive My Beloved…just receive (Ephesians 1:4).

Renew Your Mind

Let these words sink deep into you conscious mind through meditation and declaration. Through this process they will make their way to the deepest recesses of your subconscious thoughts and perceptions. Let My words of love reprogram your thinking about who and what you are to Me, who and what you were created to be. Today is a day of growth, beginning a whole new season of increase in your life. Today is a day to be renewed in your mind (Romans 12:2)

See, Marvel, and Fear Not

Come into a place of quiet rest in My presence and I will deposit My very essence into the empty places of your heart, into the empty places of lost desire and hope. My hope will never disappoint and I will give you My very self in a real and tangible way.

Times and Seasons Are In God’s Hands

Seeing I have been perfectly capable and trustworthy to hold the times and seasons in place, I am more than able to handle and help you navigate the seasons of your life…more than capable of giving you counsel just as I gave it to David in his night seasons (Psalms 16:7).

Occupy Till I Come

Beloved, will you occupy till I come even if you knew there would only be one more day…one more hour or one more minute (Luke 19:13). Victory is not accomplished by having completed the course. It is accomplished by staying on task and not giving up…not growing weary. In other words, the greatest victory is in staying faithful to do as you have been directed even if you do not see the final outcome. Use the gifts I have given you for they are the tools you need to do as you have been called.

Greater Is He Who Is In You

Beloved, you are never separated from Me. In order for separation to happen, I would have to leave…to come and go depending on your actions or attitudes. I would have to be only a fair-weather friend. That would not be much to die for now would it? Where would your security be if I were only a fair-weather friend? How could I set you in a large place or be your strong tower (2 Samuel 22:20)? I am unchanging, immovable and invincible to the very end (Isaiah 41:4).

Who Do You Say That I Am

Am I am love longing to be poured out? Am I am love longing to walk in the heat of your life to bring the breath of My cool garden to you regardless (regardless of what?)? Or am I someone you find it necessary to hide from in fear I might see your nakedness? Beloved, I do not see your nakedness. I see Jesus. I know you know this in some ways; but, I want you to have a complete revelation of Christ in you as being all I see. Knowing Christ in you is the hope of glory.

The Unending, Unchanging, Timeless Power Of The Word

However, there are many who recognize you are different and precious in so many ways. They see Me in you and the realization that you are MY Beloved One who will stay with them. When they least expect it and just when they need to be encouraged to have faith, I will bring you and all I have done for you back to their remembrance. The faith they remember in you will be ascribed to Me and in turn they will have faith. Faith is contagious and spreads with great intensity to open and seeking hearts.

God, The One And Only True Promise Keeper

Therefore, seize the day and the beauty it holds (Hebrews 10:23). Cling to and hold fast the Word of Truth you have received with joy and confidence. Acknowledge with your voice and shout from mountaintops of insurmountable odds that I who promised am reliable and faithful to My Word…that I who established the earth from its foundations and framed it with My words am capable, willing and ready to establish your life as I proclaimed it to be before the worlds were formed.

When You Have Done All To Stand, Stand

Remember this My cherished one, every Word I have sent to you…every promise I have made is in some stage of fulfillment. From conception to manifestation, you must believe in Me who cannot lie. Every Word I send is full of sound and light capable of framing your world just as My Word framed the worlds (Hebrews 11:13).