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Choosing to Forget The Past One Act At A Time

Beloved, there are more acts to come, so don’t leave the play by walking in doubt and unbelief regardless of what scene is taking place in front of you. Leave the past behind where it belongs, and, don’t leave the play before the curtain opens on the next scene (Philippians 3:11-14).

The Wind, The Rain And Wings To Fly

My transformative and creative abilities have never ceased to flourish. They are in a constant state of being. They are in a constant state of creating something out of nothing even as it was in the beginning. I am the self-existent one who turned the vacuum of space… the nothingness of endless voids into an ever-growing container you call the Universe. I created it all out of nothing to hold all the worlds and the starry host of Heaven…to make a habitation for you.

Lockets, Love And A Ravished Heart

You are My favorite one whom I call a king and priest (Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10). Since when have you ever seen a king or priest riding in the bottom holds of a ship unless they are held captive. Don’t ever think you are a captive. You are an overcomer…one who overcomes evil

Mirrors, Reflections Diamond Rings And Transforming Light

I do this best when you let the reflection of My love for you shine like light bouncing off a mirror held up to the sun. Yes, once you sat in darkness but now the Light has dawned in your heart and is ready to shine forth in new and profound ways (Matthew 4:16).

My Freedom And Fullness Dwell In You

Once again, I know you know this, but I feel compelled to remind you that I saw you before you were ever born—that I saw you before you ever were aware of Me or My love for you. I saw you and said, “You are good.” Nothing has changed and never will, for my fullness dwells in you (Colossians 2:9-10). I loved you before you ever were.

Let Freedom Ring

You are the apple of My eye and I am aware of the long hard road you have traveled at times in your life. Sometimes you traveled roads I did not choose for you. I did not choose the hard roads but I did choose you. The road traveled does not matter, but your heart of trust and obedience to me from this day on is all that matters. Come in close and let Me whisper something in your ear…

Uncharted Waters Of Freedom Await You

And when you were old enough to comprehend, the enemy accused you and fed you lies based on your negative experiences until you began to agree with him according to the negative thoughts not taken captive to the Truth ( 2 Corinthians 10:5)

Storms, Anchors and Rocks

. I am calling you on this very day to come and stand in a whole new way…to stand on a large plane…a large place….to stand on a large rock which never moves even though the rivers of life move and swirl around it…even though the rapids of this day lash against the shores of all you know to be familiar and at one time steady (2 Samuel 22:20; Exodus 33:21).

Phantom Pain

A phantom limb is the sensation that an amputated limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts. Phantom pain sensations are described as perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a limb that is not physically part of the body, as with an amputee. People who have lost an arm or a leg often perceive the limb as though it is still there, and they can literally feel excruciating pain in specific parts of the phantom limb.

Safe Harbors, Uncharted Waters And The Chief Cornerstone

Beloved, you are free to explore without the fear of condemnation for you are hidden in Me (Romans 8:1). Come be a pioneer and discover lands as the unmoving Rock of My heart takes you on a journey; yet, keeps you safe and secure in My immovable love. After all, you are already perfect in Me.