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I Set Before You an Open Gate

I have set before you this day an open gate into an enclosed garden. Its walls are strong and sturdy having heights unable to be scaled by outside forces. Its gate, like intricately wrought iron work, is inscribed with My Word of Truth. The land where you stand is barren compared to what awaits you inside the gate—compared to what awaits you inside My heart. The threshold is a thin line called choice and I am at the door. I am the door, swung wide open before you.

You Are My Rose Of Sharon, My Lily Of The Valley

In the natural some Roses of Sharon are trained to grow in what is called an “espalier” style which means it grows on a single plane along a wall or a fence. In doing this, the Rose of Sharon is not allowed to deviate from the given path set for it by the master gardener so that a trellis of great beauty is formed. They are prized because of their ability to withstand heat and bloom when nothing else is in bloom all the while being quite drought-tolerant. The gardener is told not to give up on a Rose of Sharon thinking it might be dead just because it hasn’t leafed out in early summer because it often leafs out and blooms late.

Beware Of Little Foxes

My precious branch, subtle little foxes come into your life with the intent of robbing our abiding relationship. You must be on constant guard and the best way to do this is to abide in Me moment by moment. It isn’t hard. Just to think on My name or speak it is enough. After all, My name is above all names. My name is above all things. Therefore, when you struggle with the necessities of life and long to be with Me, just cry out or even whisper My name and see what I will do

Walk With Me In The Garden Of My Heart

Block out all other distractions and relax in the comfortable quietness of My Presence. Speak my name. Softly call on me saying, “My Father.” Allow repetition of My name to create a place of warmth in the depth of your heart. As you do this, know I am aware of your every need and desire…know I have forgiven your every sin. I am here with you right now as deep calls to deep, connecting our hearts in a place of communion too deep for words.

Seeds, Weeds And Gardens

My precious child, at times you have allowed the enemy to sow seeds (weeds) of pain and lies in your garden. Because of the lies, you have built fences around these weeds as if they were cherished. This should not be so! Clinging to weeds brings death! If you let Me, I will pull down those fences and pull up all the weeds based on lies, deceptions, hurt and wrong mindsets. After all, I am the Master Gardner and am well able to pull up the weeds root and all, leaving nothing to spring up again.

Oak Trees, Streams Of Water And The Oil Of Joy

I am granting consolation and the oil of joy to the mournful places of your heart. I am draping you with beauty. I am calling forth expressive praise which has the power to transform. You are lofty, strong and magnificent to Me. O’ that should know how much I love you. I have written so many words of love that if spoken in a continuous stream they would have the power to transform deserts into oceans. You are distinguished and stand with uprightness…with right standing in Me…completely accepted in the Beloved (Isaiah 61:3).

Pearls Of Great Price Are Worth Everything To Me

Remember the man who searched for the pearl of great price and sold all He had to get it. Think about it in reverse. I gave the very best I had to find you for you are indeed a pearl of great price to Me. A pearl is a pearl regardless. Once formed and created it is a pearl sweet and simple. It is the same for you My Beloved. Whether you are buried in a field or adorning the crown of a king makes no difference in value. You are still a pearl…still My pearl.

The Perennial Way Of Looking At Things

Beloved, there are many soils of time. There are many seeds to be planted and many seasons of life to navigate. Each one is equally important and in need of specific revelation or manna in order to move on. Each field which needs to be cleared in preparation, each soil in need of sanctification, each season in need of understanding are meant to be habitations to many varieties of plants. From the seasonal, which we discussed, to the perennial, the evergreen, the clinging vine and so many more. Natural things I have created are the bearers of eternal truths. Natural things have knowledge and great truths to share if only they are allowed to do so (Jeremiah 8:7 Amplified).

Garden of My Love

I will see to it that you are well-watered, enabling you to grow robust and mighty as an oak tree. Your branches will be home for many searching souls as you grant to those who mourn in Zion consolation for their souls (Isaiah 61:3).

Walk With Me In The Cool Of The Day And Believe No Lies

Yes, I knew where he was, but he didn’t. And, just like a natural father whose child has gone astray cries out to know where the child he once knew loved him and valued relationship with him has gone…wonders who in the world has taken the place of the one he once knew in such intimate ways, I too cried out. I cried out to Adam, for I knew what was to come. I cried out because I knew things would not be the same. I cried out because I loved him.