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From Dust To Glory

Likewise, My Spirit…My wind comes to blow through both the natural and spiritual aspects of your life to reshape and position you for My purposes. You are in a time of great shifting as all of Creation longs for the revealing of the sons of men. My wind…My Presence is indeed shifting and sifting in both subtle and recognizable ways.

He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time Including You

Yes, your actions and attitudes may have been most sinful, and probably were since all have sinned and fallen short of My Glory; but, you are now justified and have been made upright in Me (Romans 3:23).

I Have Raised You From Among The Dead While You Are Yet Living

All the pain and rejection of this life…all you have suffered and endured will be worth it all. For the nails driven deep into My flesh prepared the way for your salvation and for your call. Who you are and the dreams of your heart are non-negotiable as far as I am concerned. They are written on the walls of destiny with My blood.
The enemy has been after what is within you. Why? He still longs to bring defeat to Me and counts it a joy to use you in the process. This is nothing new. One thing He seems to forget. I have already won and so have you. Cling to Me…hide in Me and be resurrected from the dead while you are yet living. I am here to make it so.

Prison Doors Open And Eternal Life In Christ Is Revealed

When I move…when I speak…when I determine…when I arrange, you will be entangled in a divine entanglement of My will and purpose for your life. You will be consumed with my fire and zeal. When the world looks at you, what will they see? They will see you reflecting My Kingdom. What they see will appeal to them. What they see will draw them into Me.

I Do Not Call You Servant, I Call You Friend

Beloved, I, Christ in you the hope of glory, am flooding precept upon precept into every portion of your life. Like a bubbling fountain and an ever-flowing stream I rise up through the annals and hallways of your life to flood you with My life…to flood you with Christ-Life in the midst of life itself.

I Am Walking Among The Chambers Of Your Heart

Beloved, I do indeed walk among the days and hallways of your life to be your God. I am your God and you are my great love (Leviticus 26:12).I do not limit My walks…My journeys to only pleasant places, though I do see you as pleasant place even when you don’t. It all goes back to the words, “Christ in you the Hope of Glory.”

Fashioned And Equipped For His Manifest Glory

Come into a time…come to a time of residing in green pastures as David did. Come and see what it is I do in this day and hour. Come and be with Me. When you do the dreams and desires of your heart will become vivid and they will pull you like a magnet to fulfill all I have planned. Revel in the beauty of who I say you are. People are not attracted to sour grapes but they are attracted to sweet honey

The Enemy Shall Come One Way But Flee In Seven

Every enemy shall tremble at the sound of My name coming from your lips for you will know Me in a way unknown in all your days. They shall flee as you come into the lives of those I send you to with My Word…a Word in due season…a Word at just the right time.

Walk With Me In The Cool Of The Day And Believe No Lies

Yes, I knew where he was, but he didn’t. And, just like a natural father whose child has gone astray cries out to know where the child he once knew loved him and valued relationship with him has gone…wonders who in the world has taken the place of the one he once knew in such intimate ways, I too cried out. I cried out to Adam, for I knew what was to come. I cried out because I knew things would not be the same. I cried out because I loved him.

Christ The Tabernacle Of Honor, Majesty, Glory, Grace, Favor And Truth

Leave behind fear…leave behind pride…leave behind all self-sufficiency. Let Me, Christ in you, be your life. You are a being and not a doing. Doing does not secure place…being does…it requires Me. You do not have to live the life for I am your life. All goodness, favor and loving-kindness…all grace and glory were manifest in Me…tabernacled in Me and are now abiding in You. All that I am is now yours. I lived awhile among you to show you the Father. I tabernacled the fullness of the Father…in the fullness of all He gave me through the sacrifice of Christ: salvation, healing and deliverance in every area of my life. I tabernacled the truth and now it abides in you (John 1:14).