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You Shall Not Lack

O’, that you might know the abundance of this great shepherding heart of Mine. Hear My voice and do not follow another (John 10:27). Should you follow another, I will come after you and carry you back to the pastures of My incredible love and protection. Have I not said, “No one can pluck you out of My hand!” This is so, for I have given you eternal life in Me (Job 10:28-29, Romans 6:23).

The Good Shepherd Comes Through The Front Door

Beloved, I never enter by any other means than the front door. I am full of righteous character and truth, forgiveness, grace, mercy. Clothed in love is My calling card. I am the one with the authority and power to make change in your life. I have already defeated that old serpent the devil. He only has right of entry as we said before, if there are breaches he can access.

As The Shepherd Leads The Sheep Follow

Know this, I do not drive you…I lead you…I bring you out by the one and only way, through and in Me. I have already gone before you to prepare a way…to prepare a place meant just for you…suited just for you. Do not be compelled to follow the law for it is a hard taskmaster and will drive you to perform. Follow Me…follow grace and you will fulfill all in love.

A Strangers Voice You Shall Not Follow

Beloved, you are the sheep of My hand and the apple of My eye. I am absolutely one-hundred percent in love with you. I gave My very own life and laid it down for My sheep…for you (John 10:19). My heart is a heart moved with compassion at the distresses and ignorance of the heart, for I long for all to know Me as the Good Shepherd…as the door (Mark 6:34).

The Watchman Has The Keys To Open The Door

Beloved, you are the watchman…the gatekeeper of your own heart…your own personal sheepfold. It is up to you to open the gates of your life and heart in order for Me to have complete access. Yes, I dwell in you; but, I never force you into anything. Sometimes I allow things because I long to have your complete attention and affections; but, the choice is still yours at all times. It is called free will. It doesn’t take much movement on your part to draw Me into the sheepfold of your heart. Just a breath whispering My name is enough.

The Preparation Of The Lord

I do not send you ahead of Me and I never will. I loved first, gave first, suffered first, sacrificed first, died first, rose first and ascended first in order to prepare your way. The Father sent Me and I willingly came to scout out and to make a way to bring you to the high plains of relationship once again.

Jesus, The Door To The Sheepfold Of Your Life, Your Heart

Beloved, I am the door to the sheepfold. I am the door by which all men must enter. If one does not enter through Me, “The Door”; then, he is a thief and a liar. He is the enemy of the soul. I want you to see this in a personal way and not just as the whole sheepfold or the whole church. Today I am speaking to you as the sheepfold and I am the door…the entrance to all you are or ever will be.

Walking With Jesus, The Good Shepherd

I will wipe away all guilt, doubt and stains of the past making you as clean and fresh as a white sheet blowing in soft breezes of a spring day. All your resentment, guilt and anger are wiped away. Forgive and it is forgiven. Do this even if you see no difference right away in the one you have forgiven. I did it before I ever saw any change in you. I loved you first. And you changed (Proverbs 22:11), didn’t you? Be the first to love. Be like Me

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