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More Than A Lily

Just as the lily is capable of adapting and growing in many different environments, so are you capable of walking out the promise, purpose, destiny and dreams of your life. Lilies grow in valleys and fields. They grow in cultivated gardens and at times, they even grow among thorns. I, the Lily of the Valleys was once crowned with thorns and we all know how that worked out (Song of Songs 2:1). I am now seated at the right hand of Father and no thorn or plan of man could stop Me from being seated there.

Traveling A Different Road

Sorrows have been in your nights in the past but joy has now come. It is morning. Your rags are royal robes and your feet are shod with the gospel of peace. Revelation knowledge is yours. Many will come to hear overflowing abundance of your heart. Surely you will impart abundance into lives of lack.

Grains Of Sand, Hour Glasses And The Illusion Of Time Verses Eternity

What you do with and in the time given you is eternal and goes on forever. You could say the true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time. This illusion can tell you there will be no consequences for speaking words of death. This illusion can tell you there will be no long range eternal effects released when you speak as I tell you to in agreement with My Word. Whatever the enemy can tell you in relation to the value of your time and words in order to render you ineffective he will.

One Drink, One Breath, One Prayer, One Song

Don’t stop breathing Me in just because you are tired or weary…just because you have been unfaithful or unbelieving…just because of disappointment or the betrayal and rejection of men.

It Is Finished

I know it is the tendency of human nature to focus on the negative and not the positive…to forget the good things I have accomplished in and for you. When you forget it is most important to remember that I have accomplished all things necessary and now sit at the right hand of the Father to ever intercede on your behalf (Romans 8:34). I am your great intercessor and even now as you read this I am interceding on your behalf. Selah.

Choosing to Forget The Past One Act At A Time

Beloved, there are more acts to come, so don’t leave the play by walking in doubt and unbelief regardless of what scene is taking place in front of you. Leave the past behind where it belongs, and, don’t leave the play before the curtain opens on the next scene (Philippians 3:11-14).

Eagle’s Wings And A Ceaseless Supply Of Oil

Problems will appear so much less…so much less threatening and intimidating when you see them from My perspective. When you come up and see as I see, you will understand why the Psalms say I laugh at My enemies…that I laugh at the wicked (Psalms 37:13). They are so small compared to Me and so are your enemies regardless of what or who they may be.

I Am Delighted In You Says The Lord

I am delighted in you, with you and for you. I never want you to feel far away from me. It simply isn’t true and cannot be true. You are hidden in Me. Lay your misgivings down and lay your ear against the beating of My heart. Find a soft chair…soft music and crawl up in My lap…My embrace. Hear My heart beat words of encouragement and praise.

Times and Seasons Are In God’s Hands

Seeing I have been perfectly capable and trustworthy to hold the times and seasons in place, I am more than able to handle and help you navigate the seasons of your life…more than capable of giving you counsel just as I gave it to David in his night seasons (Psalms 16:7).

Occupy Till I Come

Beloved, will you occupy till I come even if you knew there would only be one more day…one more hour or one more minute (Luke 19:13). Victory is not accomplished by having completed the course. It is accomplished by staying on task and not giving up…not growing weary. In other words, the greatest victory is in staying faithful to do as you have been directed even if you do not see the final outcome. Use the gifts I have given you for they are the tools you need to do as you have been called.