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From Darkness To Light

Though the world is getting darker and darker as it draws near the end of the age, I change not. In fact, the darker it gets the more you can see the light…the more you can see Me as I infuse the hope of the manifest glory of the coming age into the hearts of men. I have delivered you from darkness and transferred you…translated you…to the Kingdom of My Beloved Son. Do you know what it means to be translated? It means I have carried you…translated you from one condition and place to another. Your dictionaries define it as being translated to Heaven without dying. Selah

Transform The Darkness

Beloved, I am here to tell you many, many words of love in hopes that you won’t worry, fret or struggle so—in hopes you will experience the fullness of My delight as I interact in and through your life. You are indeed a light in the world and shall not be hidden.


It is imperative that you grasp on to My Word and revel in its truth. The truth is this– I have called you to be fruitful and to multiply in every aspect of your life. I sent My son, Jesus, to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). More than souls were lost that day in the garden. My order—My perfect order—My Eden, if you will, was lost and I am going to reclaim it through you…yes, you My king and priest. You are My plan in and on the earth. You are the one I choose to work with…take dominion with. I have no other plan…there is no plan B…you are the plan…you are the one…you are plan A.

You are a Vital Piece of the Puzzle

Like a well formed puzzle piece, I have designed and planned you to fit with Me perfectly. There is a niche in My heart you are meant to fit within—meant to connect to. You are an intricate and much needed part of the puzzle of eternity—the completion of the puzzle of the Kingdom. Have you ever seen a puzzle with one piece missing? Many aspects of the revealed picture are clear but the one missing piece keeps it from being complete and the eye is drawn toward the hole—the missing piece.

Pearls Of Great Price Are Worth Everything To Me

Remember the man who searched for the pearl of great price and sold all He had to get it. Think about it in reverse. I gave the very best I had to find you for you are indeed a pearl of great price to Me. A pearl is a pearl regardless. Once formed and created it is a pearl sweet and simple. It is the same for you My Beloved. Whether you are buried in a field or adorning the crown of a king makes no difference in value. You are still a pearl…still My pearl.

My Kingdom Reigns In You

The Kingdom is within your heart (Luke 17:21). I am giving you a revelatory understanding of this truth—an understanding of who you are in light of many prevalent triumphs to come.

Kingdom Of God

The manifestation of My glory and the Kingdom of God within you will transfigure the kingdoms of your own life and the kingdoms of this world. All transfiguration of the heart is continual and always results in sharing what you been given. It is not a place of permanent altars but a place of commission (Matthew 17:1-5).

Abba Father

Up to this time, Jesus had preformed no miracles, no great deeds and yet, I loved Him. Just as I love and loved Him, I love you with no less love. I love you without you having to perform one deed. I love you, just because you are and for no other reason. I know this is hard to fathom at times especially when you struggle or feel condemned by the enemy. Never the less, it is true. No truer statement has ever been made or said. Simply put, I LOVE YOU!

Separating The Darkness Part Two

The power of God to separate any and all darkness from or in our lives just as He separated the day and night just as He did in Genesis 1. I so loved the world—the—cosmos…so loved the original intended order I set up in the Garden that I gave My Son. I gave My Son in order to possess what the devil took by adverse possession…by squatting on unattended or forgotten land. I so loved the world and all it contains, which includes you and everyone else, for I desire none to perish (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).

Separating The Darkness Part One

Beloved, restoration is your portion from Me. I restore your soul; you’re your heart and every other part of your life (Psalms 23:3). I delight in restoring everything, even down to the cellular level, to the most intrinsic fiber of your being and thinking. There is always a battle to prevent this, a battle between light and darkness. It started at creation. I won then and I am still winning. Transference From Darkness To Light Separating The Darkness, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration