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Breath Of Life

The Unending, Unchanging, Timeless Power Of The Word

However, there are many who recognize you are different and precious in so many ways. They see Me in you and the realization that you are MY Beloved One who will stay with them. When they least expect it and just when they need to be encouraged to have faith, I will bring you and all I have done for you back to their remembrance. The faith they remember in you will be ascribed to Me and in turn they will have faith. Faith is contagious and spreads with great intensity to open and seeking hearts.

All Things Suited To Life And Godliness

from-darkness-to-light-a-message-of-grace-a-loveletter-from-godall things suited to life and godliness

The Joy Of A Ravished Child-Like Heart

I want to relieve you of stress, stifling legalism, and man’s traditions and invite you to come on an eternal vacation with Me starting right now. I am your oasis in the middle of every happening. You can slip away to the Caribbean of My heart in a split second of time. Yes, in a split second. Don’t think you have to complete some set of spiritual exercises or worship for extended times to find Me. Since I already dwell in your heart, I am already as close as close can be. I am not afar off in some distant heaven. I am in your heart, only a breath away.

Honor Your Father And Mother

Words, thoughts and deeds directed at your parents in past days can affect your life today. Just because you have forgotten doesn’t mean they can’t affect you. My principles never change. They are set in motion by what you sow or don’t sow. Either you swim upstream or flow in the river of My life. Choose life (Deuteronomy 30:18-20, Proverbs 18:21). Take time to think on this. I am right beside you.

Behold The Lord And Come Face To Face With Love

Beloved, you have at times thought time with Me an obligation, and have seen it on occasions as drudgery. Sometimes you come because of guilt and feel you will miss out or be penalized if you don’t. There are times you come and right when I am ready to open the windows and doors of Heaven to pour out My goodness, you turn away because of unworthiness or busyness. This must not be. I have so very much to give…so much love to provoke in your heart towards Me, others and yourself.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil And Speak No Evil

Beloved, sometimes obligation and drudgery rule the day because of your own unfulfilled self-expectations about what time with Me is all about…what loving Me is all about. Read an hour, pray an hour, meditate an hour and on and on the story goes. None of the afore-mentioned things are bad, but when done to fill a square they are robbed of life and relationship. I would rather you speak to Me about one Scripture for a month than be caught up in ritualistic or legalistic mindsets and ways.

Come Beyond The Veil Into My Heart

Sometimes you tend to forget to come and rejoice like a child when all is well…when life is bursting forth like in garden like arrays or when the harvest is abundant. And sometimes you stay away because you feel unworthy in the dark times…in the hard times or when you feel you have somehow missed the mark. Maybe you have missed the mark. All do at some time or another. If given to religion and the law you stay at bay. If given to grace, you run into My arms where mercy triumphs over judgment.

Take The Excursion Of A Lifetime And Vacation In God’s Heart

Come and go with Me, my child, into the very depths of glory beyond the veil into My beauty…into My Presence where you will be transformed. You are anxious about much that can’t be changed by worrying; it can only be changed by prayer and abiding in My habitation of worship and the Word (Philippians 4:6).

Breath Of Life And The Eternal Conversations Of Heaven, Part I

How well do I know you? I knew you before time was I knew ever speck of dust and water it would take to make you. When I created Adam from the dust of the earth I was already intimately acquainted with every speck…acquainted with every cell of your physical being and every essence of your spiritual being. To know you is to love you. It is as simple as that.