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Walk In Reverent Fear, Obedience And Love

You see, you are made in My image. I am in you and you are in Me. Isaiah prophesied about Me having a spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power and the spirit of knowledge. He also prophesied that I would have the fear of the Lord. If I needed to walk in the fear of the Lord which is reverence, respect and awe, so must you. I did everything first so that you can. I suffered and endured so you can. I overcame sin so you can. I endured temptations and overcame them so you can. I did all so that you can do all in Me who strengthens you.

Be Perfected In My Perfect Love

The key is to know that I love you and out of My great love you are enabled to love others. Being in this great love of Mine assures you and secures you in a safe place where fear does not abide…secures you and causes you to crave…to desire My beholding gaze…to receive My constant coming…My constant drawing near to you…and to do so with delight and anticipation. This anticipation is not only to experience communion but to relish with excitement the revealing of all hindrances that keep you from being fully perfected in love.

You Are a Significant Representation of My Heart

Though life sometimes seems so very far from the many declarations of love which flow from My heart, I want you to know I still feel the same—still feel the same as I did from the beginning of all time. Nothing has changed and it never will. What you have done or failed to do matters not in reference to My great love for you. You are still the same joy of My heart and always will be. Though circumstances of suffering and travail may have afflicted your soul causing you to act in ways grievous to your heart, I am still very much in love with you.

Choosing to Forget The Past One Act At A Time

Beloved, there are more acts to come, so don’t leave the play by walking in doubt and unbelief regardless of what scene is taking place in front of you. Leave the past behind where it belongs, and, don’t leave the play before the curtain opens on the next scene (Philippians 3:11-14).

Abiding Is The Only Choice Of Mutual Love

To abide in Me doesn’t mean you will never fail. Don’t be afraid of failing. The motive of your heart to rest in Me—to abide in Me—brings such utter delight to the very depths of My heart.

A Fresh Awareness

As I hold your heart like a beautiful instrument under My covering I feel it come to new life. Yes, your heart is like a supple peace of clay in My potter’s hand and I turn it, forming it in to what I already know it to be (Isaiah 64:8, Proverbs 21:1). I see so far ahead of you. The only thing able to stop this process is your unwillingness, your fear of somehow not measuring up.

You are a Vital Piece of the Puzzle

Like a well formed puzzle piece, I have designed and planned you to fit with Me perfectly. There is a niche in My heart you are meant to fit within—meant to connect to. You are an intricate and much needed part of the puzzle of eternity—the completion of the puzzle of the Kingdom. Have you ever seen a puzzle with one piece missing? Many aspects of the revealed picture are clear but the one missing piece keeps it from being complete and the eye is drawn toward the hole—the missing piece.

Arise My Beloved

Therefore, arise, My Beloved, and move freely under the breeze of My presence for I am present (Acts 17:28). I will never let you go nor shall I ever remove My banner of love (Deuteronomy 31:8, Hebrews 13:5). Rest, love, worship, sing, dance, mourn, rejoice and pray from this secure place, knowing I will always respond with truth, wisdom and declarations of love. I will respond and give you whatever you need for the moment and for the days to come.

I Am Delighted In You Says The Lord

I am delighted in you, with you and for you. I never want you to feel far away from me. It simply isn’t true and cannot be true. You are hidden in Me. Lay your misgivings down and lay your ear against the beating of My heart. Find a soft chair…soft music and crawl up in My lap…My embrace. Hear My heart beat words of encouragement and praise.

As The Shepherd Leads The Sheep Follow

Know this, I do not drive you…I lead you…I bring you out by the one and only way, through and in Me. I have already gone before you to prepare a way…to prepare a place meant just for you…suited just for you. Do not be compelled to follow the law for it is a hard taskmaster and will drive you to perform. Follow Me…follow grace and you will fulfill all in love.