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Rest In The Grass Of My Presence But Don’t Let It Grow Under Your Feet

I, the Lion of Judah, like a lion in the natural, take guard over you and as you learn to ride with Me…abide in Me…as you learn to rest among the reeds and grasses of My presence without fear or anxiety…as you rest in the good and bad times of your life, your steps will be My steps.

Patience And Rest Birth Perfect Timing

Beloved, I am releasing to you have discernment capable of seeing as a special ops solider would see with night vision goggles. It may take a bit of time to adjust your focus as you are not used to seeing at such a level. Often the time it takes to discern or see depends on your response to My voice and your willingness to seek and inquire of Me

Years Of Preparation

It is like the farmer who takes a completely wooded area, overgrown and uncared for, and transforms it step by step into a rich and profitable piece of farmland-a beautiful garden. He understands the necessary steps and doesn’t require his land to produce before it is ready. Land forced into production before its time results in immature, disease-prone fruit. Therefore, the farmer gardens with patience, content to pursue the vision while valuing the process.

When The Rain Comes

Therefore, My child, don’t look with an anxious heart nor judge yourself harshly. Embrace your process with determination, for out of it comes the answer, the next stage of growth. The land was created by My word and your life was formed in the secret depths of your m

Let Patience Have Its Perfect Work

The steps of a righteous man are ordered by Me (Proverbs 20:24). I know your coming and going before ever a breath is taken at each dawning of a new day. I know what every seed will be before it ever responds to the rain and sun. I see the apple, not the seed. And you are the Apple of My Eye; therefore, like the seed, I see what you truly are.

Let Patience Have Its Perfect Work

Beloved, thankfulness of heart and a grateful attitude has much power to combat the lulling of prosperity and success. Being thankful keeps you from taking credit for your own accomplishments and brings a heart of contentment and peace in the troughs of trying and sometime debilitating circumstances or situations. Not only does thankfulness keep you afloat in stormy weather but it also keeps you from being full of your own self. It enables you to know which side your bread is buttered on.

The Lion Judah And The Fresh Bread Of Heaven

I am the Lion of Judah and I am inviting you to ride with Me…for only in riding with Me will you be safe. There are many things ahead you cannot see or even begin to contemplate. There are caves and open fields. There are deserts and lush gardens. All landscapes…all circumstances, regardless of how lush or barren they may be have predators that look for unattended ones to come by their way.

Will You Wait On The Lord

Sometimes I am in places within you, working—working diligently before you ever come to recognize My presence. However, this is about to change. As you become more surrendered to My will you’ll be more aware of My ways. This is a progression that will always be in effect all the days of your life as you move from glory to glory. Anticipate the days to come, for you will experience My presence healing all wrong…

The Time Has Come

The time has come for you, My beloved one, to make some choices and let go of things that are lawful but not profitable (1 Corn. 6:12). There is a time and season for everything. A new season is here and you cannot hold on to those things any longer. They are not sin in and of their selves. It is the effect they have on your life I am concerned about. I know the plans I have for you and I also know the plans the enemy has.