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One Drink, One Breath, One Prayer, One Song

Don’t stop breathing Me in just because you are tired or weary…just because you have been unfaithful or unbelieving…just because of disappointment or the betrayal and rejection of men.

Gratefulness Equals Rest

Beloved, I created you to live in a garden but Adam and Eve forfeited the birthright I desired for all My children. My desires have not changed, therefore I am changing you into a…

Rest In The Grass Of My Presence But Don’t Let It Grow Under Your Feet

I, the Lion of Judah, like a lion in the natural, take guard over you and as you learn to ride with Me…abide in Me…as you learn to rest among the reeds and grasses of My presence without fear or anxiety…as you rest in the good and bad times of your life, your steps will be My steps.

Slow Down And Don’t Stop Believing, I Am In Control

All things…all promises and all people must be allowed to go through proper process in order to be fully developed and have no handicap. Only I know the perfect time and place for those precious things to be revealed and fulfilled! For Me, time is never ending. I have a perfect work in progress which will bring complete fulfillment to your life. Let endurance and patience have their perfect work as I shape and mold you with utmost care (James 1:4).

Patience And Rest Birth Perfect Timing

Beloved, I am releasing to you have discernment capable of seeing as a special ops solider would see with night vision goggles. It may take a bit of time to adjust your focus as you are not used to seeing at such a level. Often the time it takes to discern or see depends on your response to My voice and your willingness to seek and inquire of Me

Resting In The Perfect Timing Of The Lord

Timing as a green pasture laced with still waters, is a place of protection within the Good Shepherd’s fold where one is able to rest in the sovereign goodness and mercy of My heart while I do as I have promised. It is a place to rest and eat at My banqueting table…to hear the instructions of My heart as you abide in Me. In doing this, any explosives are dismantled or obverted through careful instruction as I go before you to destroy your enemies. This is how you feast at My table in the presence of your enemies. It is all in the timing…the taking time to eat in My presence and receive. It is here in this field of timing where I direct you…anoint you…protect you and surround you with goodness and mercy.

Cease and Desist From Striving

Beloved, cease and desist from your striving. There is a better and more effective way to walk out your life. You cannot add one hair to your head by striving. When you struggle to do things your own way, frustrations abound and you do things I have not called you to do.

Your Heart, Your Life – A Place To Rest My Head

Beloved, even as Eve was born out of Adam’s side…Adam’s rib, so are you born out of My pierced side. My side was opened. Water and blood flowed as if from a womb giving birth. Yes, Eve came from Adam’s side and you are born of Mine. I endured the Cross…I endured the piercing…I endured the pain that you might live…that you might live with Me.

The Heart Goes On

My child, slow down and know that I am in control. Stop hurrying around and expecting everything to be done right now! My ways and thoughts are higher than yours (Isaiah55:7). You may not understand for the most part why you must wait but the things…the dreams, visions and destiny I have for you are precious. Like aged wine they take time to become full bodied. Some will come to fullness before others; but, it is as it should be, for they in turn are building blocks for the next dream or vision. To not have the proper time or process will make your house like a house of cards on shifting sands. I know you do not want it to be that way. So, be patient with yourself as I am with you.

Enter My Rest

Remember, you were created by and for Me. Pleasing Me is contrary to the spirit of the world (Galatians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:4). I never pleased all men. I only obeyed the Father’s voice. I knew the Father’s voice because of time I spent with Him and was not dissuaded by the cries of men or the temptations of the enemy. The Father’s heart was and is contrary to the heart of unbelieving men.