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Time Has Come

My clouds are releasing rain over you, enabling many seeds planted in the soil of your heart, to respond and grow. There are many seed lying dormant, forgotten about by you but not by Me. As a matter of fact, some things will spring up in your life causing you to wonder where they came from.

Come Journey With Me

What you so often struggle with are mere reflections of what you believe about yourself and what you believe about Me. I want to take you on a journey of intimate pursuit. I want to speak ever so kindly to you and bring you to a greater place of intimacy with Me. Come for you are indeed My passionate quest. I am reaching down. Take My hand and come up here…

Graveyard Of Resurrection

Are there dry bones in your marriage, in relationships with your children, or career? Are there dry bones in your emotions, causing you to shut them off because of hurt and response to offenses? Are there dry bones caused by unwillingness to forgive your own self the way I already have? What dry bones do you have in your life? Remember, they are things that robe the moisture of faith and hope from your present or future.

I Have Raised You From Among The Dead While You Are Yet Living

All the pain and rejection of this life…all you have suffered and endured will be worth it all. For the nails driven deep into My flesh prepared the way for your salvation and for your call. Who you are and the dreams of your heart are non-negotiable as far as I am concerned. They are written on the walls of destiny with My blood.
The enemy has been after what is within you. Why? He still longs to bring defeat to Me and counts it a joy to use you in the process. This is nothing new. One thing He seems to forget. I have already won and so have you. Cling to Me…hide in Me and be resurrected from the dead while you are yet living. I am here to make it so.

Seeds, Weeds And Gardens

My precious child, at times you have allowed the enemy to sow seeds (weeds) of pain and lies in your garden. Because of the lies, you have built fences around these weeds as if they were cherished. This should not be so! Clinging to weeds brings death! If you let Me, I will pull down those fences and pull up all the weeds based on lies, deceptions, hurt and wrong mindsets. After all, I am the Master Gardner and am well able to pull up the weeds root and all, leaving nothing to spring up again.

I Have Come As Light

Beloved, I have come as light that you may not continue in darkness as to how I see and feel about you. There will not be even the smallest fraction of doubt when all is said and done. It is necessary to know in detail how I feel so you can do likewise for others… so that you will have a Word in due season for the unlovely and unloved.

Of Shovels And Butterflies, A Resurrection Moment In The Garden

Responding with gentleness, the Lord spoke to my awakened heart, “Yes, just to remind you, though once barren, I took what you had; transforming your life into a watered garden filled with winged abundance. After all, I am Resurrection…I am Truth…and I am Life.

From Death To Resurrection, Part Two

Yes, many are living somewhere between death and resurrection. We may overcome in one area to find we need resurrection in another. This process renews our mind and causes us to have the mind of Christ line upon line and precept upon precept to take us from glory to glory…taking us to the place where we can say, “It is truly finished!”

From Death To Resurrection, Part One

As we hang on the tree, faced with the pain and reality of being caught at the crossroad of decision, we must learn to cry out as Jesus did, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!” Forgiveness for the offenders was granted even before His death. We are included in those offenders. Our forgiveness was granted at the same time. Now we need to avail ourselves of said forgiveness.

Have you forgiven your offenders as you hang on your cross of hurtful memories and slanderous words…your cross where the nails of betrayal and rejection hold you while they inflict pain which allows the very life of who are to be drained out through a tumult of lies, innuendos and half truths?

Is it getting hard to breathe as your lungs fill up with the fluids of adversity? Is the blood of the battle running down your face? Is it having success in its sole