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Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory

Take confidence in who that you are in Me for I chose you…picked you out for My very own before the foundations of the world to be blameless, above reproach before Me in love. How I do love you…ahh…how I adore you this very moment. Receive My Beloved…just receive (Ephesians 1:4).

Who Do You Say That I Am

Am I am love longing to be poured out? Am I am love longing to walk in the heat of your life to bring the breath of My cool garden to you regardless (regardless of what?)? Or am I someone you find it necessary to hide from in fear I might see your nakedness? Beloved, I do not see your nakedness. I see Jesus. I know you know this in some ways; but, I want you to have a complete revelation of Christ in you as being all I see. Knowing Christ in you is the hope of glory.

Winds Of Wisdom and Revelation

Vision rides on the wings of My wind. You shall not perish nor falter in the days ahead. I am taking My fingertips and inserting them into the recesses of your heart in order to open the eyes of your understanding. With each sharp as steel, yet brush-like movement I am cutting away, all …

I Will Show You Uncharted Expressions Of My Heart

Draw aside today and listen carefully for I have indeed given you the very thoughts of My heart (1 Corinthians 2:15-16). Have you ever had the occasion to listen to a bubbling stream…a fountain pouring into a quiet pool? Do you remember the peaceful sound? If you will listen carefully for My still small voice you will hear it beginning to bubble as it makes its way from the deep places within you to the surface of your thoughts.

Prison Doors Open And Eternal Life In Christ Is Revealed

When I move…when I speak…when I determine…when I arrange, you will be entangled in a divine entanglement of My will and purpose for your life. You will be consumed with my fire and zeal. When the world looks at you, what will they see? They will see you reflecting My Kingdom. What they see will appeal to them. What they see will draw them into Me.

I Am The Lord Of Your Past Present And Future

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning…the end and all in between (Revelation 22:13; Revelation1:8). I was there before you ever were and knew you. I knew your past, present and future before there was a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. I am your future.

Fashioned And Equipped For His Manifest Glory

Come into a time…come to a time of residing in green pastures as David did. Come and see what it is I do in this day and hour. Come and be with Me. When you do the dreams and desires of your heart will become vivid and they will pull you like a magnet to fulfill all I have planned. Revel in the beauty of who I say you are. People are not attracted to sour grapes but they are attracted to sweet honey

You Are Tattooed In The Palm Of My Hand

Beloved you have been born and placed where you are for such a time as this. This is your day and hour. Do not be dissuaded by past failures or the antics of other men and women. O’ how I want you to disassociate yourself from any wrong, deceptive, or negative behaviors of others in this day and hour.

The Potter, The Clay And The Dreamer

Yes, I am the potter and you are the clay. However, your vessel is made to be contained by Me and hold dreams and aspects of My person. These aspects will be made visible and manifest through the dreams of your heart. After all you originated in My heart, for all things begin and end in Me (Romans 11:36).

My Wisdom and Revelation Are Blowing In the Wind

Beloved, I am granting you increased wisdom—increased revelation and you shall not perish nor falter in the days ahead. I am taking My fingertips and inserting them into the recesses of your heart in order to open the eyes of your understanding.