Becoming Joseph’s Coat” by Brenda Craig

She recently spoke at the Sunday morning service at River City House of Prayer in San Antonio, TX

Accompanying, Feed the Seed Challenge Worksheet


Today’s Breathing Room Podcast Interactive Soaking Session With Brenda Craig and Candace House

This session includes instruction on why and how to “Soak” along with a twenty minute soaking time using the song “Good Shepherd” by Heather Clark.Good Shepherd” is used with permission and any downloads of this podcast are for personal use only.


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3 Responses to “Teachings”

  1. I have been a worshipper, even a worship leader, for many years, but I have had difficulty just sitting quietly and hearing the voice of God. Today, as I participated in the Breathing Room Podcast, a new door opened for me – I thank you! Even to the point, that even though I know this was pre-taped, the woman who called in and you ministered to – God ordained this moment, as He, through you, ministered to me and the anxiety I was dealing with. I have written down everything you said to her, will type it and read, declare and proclaim it! Again – thank you for being that “willing vessel” and for this website…. Blessings!

  2. God whispers in my ear many times a day. I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me in all things because my greatest desire is to be part of a family as I was when my parents and sister were alive. Today, He whispered ‘you are part of the greatest family’. Oh yea!

  3. The beautiful revelations our Father gives us as we spend time with Him are priceless because He is priceless. Each puzzle piece is coming together as we walk with Jesus The Faithful One. I’m so thankful for the way Brenda shares what Father entrusts her with; it has furthered me along in my own intimate relationship with my Savior. As I’ve shared the messages from Word of the Day with the women in my weekly prayer group, there have been many times when the messages were confirmations of what Father was speaking to us! Every day holds a new opportunity to be a conduit of God’s amazing love, grace and truth; and that is how I see Brenda – a beautiful vessel of honor that pours out the life-giving water of God’s Spirit!

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