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Thank you Brenda, I love your website and I am visiting there more often now! The soaking music is awesome and I appreciate that you have the downloads available. I have very limited finances and every free download is a real blessing to me!

Thank you so very much Brenda, and may the lord bless you with every good and perfect gift as you minister to so many women who are in much need of the love and support you have made available to them (me) through your beautiful ministry and writings! God Bless you my friend! You are truly an awesome woman of God and I appreciate you so very much! Lots of love In Him ~ Eva

Dear Brenda, Three months ago, I came across your website. I fell in love with the title and the format. At that time I felt I was in the desert. I was looking for something. I know in my heart, it is in God’s plan for me that I was led to your site. Since then, everything has been different. From desert to clear spring, from darkness to light, from confusion to hope, and a thousand more changes in my life. To sum up, it is entering into a new season of life. A season of hope, of love, and of restoration. With your encouraging emails, I was able to write and tell the world without fear what is in my heart.

I am flying high powered by the strong wind of God’s love. My consciousness of Him has engulfed my entire being. There are still many areas to be healed in my life.Slowly but surely, with the patience of a farmer, I will be God’s beautiful garden. Yes, in the fullness of His time. Thank you for your gift of writing. Blessings upon blessings are manifesting in my life. Reading your love letters is like being transformed into another place. A taste of heaven as thou God is very near. My dear precious friend, you are God’s gift to the world. Indeed, the journey is on… ~Tess, Philippines

Dear Brenda: I want to thank you for “Journals of the Heart. You and this site were a gift from God after my heart wrenching cry to please send me a mentor to help me through this journey of trials. I felt as if I was on a long dusty road all alone, panicking from my own fears. God heard my cries and led me to you, and your site which was like an oasis in the desert for me. A place of rest where the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. My circumstances have not yet changed in the natural, but I have that peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for being faithful to travel your own journey so that God could use you to bring Journals of the Heart to the world. ~ Veryl, New York

Dear Servant of the Most High God, what a special place this is, God’s presence is here, I feel His love all in this place…God bless you and all that you are doing! May your ministry lead many to the light of this world Jesus Christ and may those that are asleep, find their way to this site and awake from their slumber….I have truly been blessed and thank You for the powerful message that I have received this evening. Peace & Blessings! Stacy

Brenda I have enjoyed reading your journal entries! I’ve been soaking in His love and presence and He has spoken to me so intimately. Thank you for sharing with me! I look forward to coming again soon to these pools of refreshing ~Deborah

Journals of the Heart has inspired me at times when I feel I can’t handle anymore. God led me to this website at the right time. Thank you for your prayers and for the inspiring word I find @Journals of the Heart ~Benita

Hello,this website is so wonderful. Its like the Father It is actually communicating directly to me. A sister in the lord recommended this wonderful website to me and I thank God she did. I also passed this on to my goddaughter. Thank you so much for this anointed website. I was going to say anointed devotional but its not even that in my opinion like I said earlier, “God speaking directly to you.” ~Marlene

Journals of the Heart has been an inspiration for me. I have truly enjoyed the website. When I get to work reading a journal is the first thing I do.

I was raised in a very strict church and have always known God to be vengeful and someone to fear. Through your website I am knowing Him in such a new way. I have a new love and passion for my Lord as Savior. Thank you for letting the Lord use you in such a wonderful way. ~Benita

Brenda, Once again, you touch my heart. He is already a light in my life but through your words He is like a living voice that we can hear. Giving us scriptures that come alive and bring meaning to the Bible that we sometimes cannot seem to understand. Through these journals you allow us to think and open up to Him and go to Him as we allow the darkness to flee. At times it is not just a snap of the finger. Dark to Light. It seems to filter thru the different stages of blackness to deep grays to light grays to clouds to partly cloudy skies to puffy billowy clouds, to partly sunny days to the bright sunshine of the day where the lilies sway to the music that angels are dancing to and the zinnias are so much brighter with the petunias perking up after the heavy rains.

Yes, He lights up my life with Song and Love and Purpose. I fill so right in the arms of my bridegroom, a place where I am just me and I don’t have to pretend or compete or even feel left out. You make these words permeate into my every cell and being making it hard to leave this website because through these thoughts and words it has become a safe haven for me that I can come back to when I feel beaten up or things have been not so positive from a printer ink cartridge exploding in the printer or to a son leaving to go on to ministry work, to waiting and resting in Him not knowing where you are going to from here but knowing He leads the way.

This website has become a cozy place I crawl up in my Lord’s lap and He gives me added strength as He talks to me or just allows for me to cry to Him as He holds me and rocks me. Your website has become a place where we can always go and have a meltdown and come out like those dancing petunias swaying in the winds with chimes of different tunes and melodies. And yet this time as we hop down off of His lap, we are filled with the reassurance His love is so great and we know we can always crawl back up there when we need to.

The darkness is no fun. It sometimes is brutal but because I know He lives in me it seems to make it alright because I know and see His face before me. Even in darkness there is a fire burning in me that makes me not want to turn back but to only move forward and to be more like Him leaving the flesh behind. I shed my flesh one layer at a time and then the next time the darkness does not seem to be so dark because I know the Light that is on the other side. Blessings and Love Niki, Texas

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